She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 355 - Be Her Protector  

Chapter 355: Be Her Protector

Yu Donghai held the umbrella and took a deep breath before saying, “I’m a little nervous.”

The staff members who were in charge of styling Yu Huang were also very nervous. They held their chests and said, “After working in this line for so many years, this is the first time our team has come to the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Academy to work. I was so nervous last night that I couldn’t sleep.”

There were two Level 9 Purifying Spirit Saints living in the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Academy. They were gods respected by many people.

It was rare for them to see Xuan Ye and Lin Jiansheng once in their lives. It was also their greatest honor to be chosen as Yu Huang’s bride styling team.

Hearing this, Yu Donghai complained to Lin Jiansheng, “Look at you. You mobilized so many people and insisted on letting Ah Huang come to the Purifying Spirit Academy to get married. Isn’t it better to buy a villa in the suburbs?”

Lin Jiansheng glared at him. “What do you know? As the personal disciple of a Purifying Spirit Saint, Ah Huang is also a Level 4 Purifying Spirit mentor. It’s perfectly justifiable for her to be married off from the Purifying Spirit Academy. Besides, there are civilians near the villa. On the day of the wedding, won’t there be chaos?”

“Furthermore, after Ah Huang leaves the Purifying Spirit Academy, Saint Xuan Ye will personally perform a wedding blessing ceremony for them. This is such a special treatment. Do you understand?”

After knowing that Saint Xuan Ye would personally pray for Yu Huang and her husband, Yu Donghai immediately shut his mouth.

Originally, Yu Huang was still a little nervous, but when she heard her father and mentor arguing, she suddenly wasn’t nervous anymore.

Yu Huang picked up the straw cup on the table and took a sip of water. She heard someone shouting outside the door, “The Grand State Master is actually here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was opened from the outside. The Grand State Master Mo Xiao had actually put on a suit and a black hat. He walked in from the outside, and everyone lowered their heads at the same time, not daring to look at the Grand State Master’s face.

Only Yu Huang dared to look him in the eye.

Yu Huang smiled and called out, “Godfather.”

The Grand State Master walked over and held Yu Huang’s hand. He said, “Although you don’t have parents, you still have your father, your mentor, and me.” After a pause, he said, “In a while, we’ll send you out of the pavilion.”

Tears welled in Yu Huang’s eyes. “…Okay.”

Seeing that the legendary Grand State Master who wasn’t close to anyone actually held Yu Huang’s hand and even said so much with a loving attitude, everyone was shocked.

Yu Huang’s ‘maternal family’ was probably the most imposing and powerful team in the history of the Holy Spirit Continent.

Someone shouted from the square downstairs, “The groom is here!”

Lin Jiansheng walked to the window and looked into the courtyard. He saw Sheng Lingfeng and the others. “The Sheng family is really here. Let’s get ready and go downstairs.”


The wedding ceremony in the Holy Spirit Continent was completely different from that on Earth. During the wedding, the groom’s parents had to accompany the groom to the bride’s home.

At the same time, the bride’s side would send a witness.

During the bridal escort ceremony, the female witness would hold a three-question questionnaire in her hand and interrogate the groom and his parents on the spot. After the three men passed the test, they had to sign the three-question questionnaire to pick up the bride.

Yu Huang and the others arrived at the main hall on the first floor. The door was closed, and Yu Huang couldn’t see the scene outside.

Xuan Ye, who was dressed in a purple robe and had snow-white hair, stood in front of the door with a three-question questionnaire in his hand. He looked like an immortal standing on the peak of a snowy mountain.

In the square, the main butler of the Sheng family shouted, “The groom, Sheng Xiao, has arrived with his parents. Please welcome the bride out!”

Xuan Ye finally raised his head. His gaze swept across the square and landed on Sheng Xiao and his parents.

Xuan Ye flipped open the three-question questionnaire in his hand elegantly and asked, “Sheng Xiao, are you prepared to live with the bride, Yu Huang, forever?”

Xuan Ye’s voice wasn’t deliberately amplified, but his voice spread throughout the entire Purifying Spirit Academy.

Yu Huang pricked up her ears and listened carefully.

Sheng Xiao, who was wearing a black dragon-patterned wedding suit, walked to the front of the Sheng family team. He bent down and said respectfully, “Sheng Xiao, I am willing to share honor and disgrace with the bride, Yu Huang!”

Xuan Ye asked again, “Elder, are you prepared to treat your daughter-in-law, Yu Huang, as your own from now on?”

Sheng Lingfeng, who was wearing a dark red suit, walked to Sheng Xiao’s left. He bowed and said, “I promise that I will treat my daughter-in-law, Yu Huang, as my own child and treat her sincerely!”

“Madam Sheng, are you prepared to treat your daughter-in-law, Yu Huang, as the apple of your eye and be lenient?”

Mrs Sheng took a step forward with her slender waist and bowed. She replied seriously, “I, Lan Yao, will treat my daughter-in-law, Yu Huang, like a pearl in my palm. I will be tolerant.”

“Alright, please sign it!” Xuan Ye waved his hand, and the three-question questionnaire flew to the front of the Sheng family. It floated in the air quietly and didn’t move.

Sheng Xiao brought his parents to the three-question questionnaire and wrote their names on it.

Xuan Ye put away the three-question questionnaire and lowered his head to scan it. After confirming that there were no problems, he shouted, “Please send the bride out!”

The tightly shut door of the Purifying Spirit Academy building rumbled as it opened on both sides.

Yu Huang saw Sheng Xiao in the middle of the square. Sheng Xiao saw his bride too.

Yu Huang didn’t have parents. When she left the pavilion, Yu Donghai and the Grand State Master substituted for her parents. The two of them held Yu Huang’s hands on both sides and walked out of the Purifying Spirit Academy. Lin Jiansheng raised the golden umbrella and held it above Yu Huang’s head.

This was really the most luxurious and powerful escort team in history!

Yu Huang, who was under the golden umbrella, was wearing a black phoenix-patterned wedding dress. There was a phoenix-shaped piece on her forehead. She was beautiful and enchanting, but she wasn’t intimidating.

Sheng Xiao stared at his bride and became nervous.

Finally, Sheng Xiao came to Yu Huang. “Ah Huang.” Sheng Xiao called Yu Huang’s name and stopped in front of her.

Yu Huang glanced at him and was shocked by Sheng Xiao’s burning gaze. She quickly lowered her head to hide her panic.

Sheng Lingfeng and his wife, Lan Yao, walked to the Grand State Master and Yu Donghai’s side. At the same time, they extended their hands and said, “Grand State Master, in-law, please leave Yu Huang to us.”

The Grand State Master patted the back of Yu Huang’s hand and personally handed her to Sheng Lingfeng.

Yu Donghai shed tears. He handed Yu Huang’s right hand to Lan Yao while sobbing as he said, “Madam, Ah Huang is a good child. If she is insensible, please forgive her.”

Lan Yao smiled gently and nodded. “In-law, don’t worry. From now on, Yu Huang will be my family. I promise you that no matter what, I will treat her as my own and protect her well.”

“That’s good!”

No matter how unwilling Yu Donghai was, he still had to let go.

Sheng Xiao took an umbrella from Lin Jiansheng and stood behind Yu Huang to hold it for her.

Although he knew that Yu Huang was powerful and independent and would not need to be protected by others, Sheng Xiao still protected her.

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