She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Heartless Man

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After she heard the whole story, Yu Huang’s heart was so heavy that she was speechless.

This was the first time she had heard about her biological father, Yin Mingjue. Yin Mingjue was completely different from what she had imagined. He wasn’t a scumbag father who abandoned his child. He was an indomitable hero.

So she was not an abandoned baby that her parents did not love. She was her father’s treasure.

Yu Donghai drank some wine and cried again. His eyes and cheeks were flushed.

He grabbed Yu Huang’s hands and gazed at her with tears in his eyes. He said to her, “You really should enter the Divine Realm Academy and take a look at the square of the Hall of Fame at the Divine Realm Academy.”

“Hall of Fame?” In the eyes of ordinary people, the Divine Realm Academy was mysterious. There had never been any information about the Divine Realm Academy on the Internet.

No one knew where the Divine Realm Academy was or what it looked like.

“That’s right.” Yu Donghai told Yu Huang, “The Hall of Fame is one of the most famous buildings in the Divine Realm Academy. There are many statues of great people placed there. The young master’s statue is placed in the center of the hall of fame. Everyone calls him ‘Selfless Prime Master’.”

“He was handsome and heroic. If you can enter the Divine Realm Academy, you must personally go to the Hall of Fame to pay respects to your father.”

Upon learning that her father’s statue had been placed in the Hall of Fame, Yu Huang’s desire to enter the Divine Realm Academy intensified.

“I must go to the Divine Realm Academy. Even if I can’t be accepted into the Divine Realm Academy as a Beast Tamer, even if I become the top scorer, I still have to enter the Divine Realm Academy.”

When Yu Donghai heard her words, he felt extremely gratified.

He looked at the stubborn look on his face and thought about how his young master would never be able to see her grow up into an adult. He couldn’t help but feel sad.

“Do you understand now?” Yu Donghai stared at the little black mole in Yu Huang’s eyes and sighed. “Just because you’re Yin Mingjue’s daughter, it’s worth it for them to plot against you!”

Yin Mingjue possessed such terrifying cultivation talent, so how could his only daughter, Yu Huang, be mediocre?!

Yu Huang asked, “Who would harm me?”

Yu Donghai recalled some enemies, and his gaze couldn’t help but become gloomy. “If I’m not mistaken, then it’s probably done by that heartless Yin Mingchong!”

“Yin Mingchong?” This was another name that was completely unfamiliar to Yu Huang.

“Who is he?”

“Yin Mingchong is your uncle, Young Master’s cousin, and the current Patriarch of the Yin Clan. He’s the most hypocritica personl!” As soon as Yin Mingchong was mentioned, Yu Donghai gnashed his teeth with hatred.

He grabbed the pendant on the wine pot tightly and said in a gloomy tone, “When Young Master was still alive, he pretended to obey Young Master’s orders. Before Young Master even died, he already couldn’t wait to take over the Yin family and colluded with others. He acted as if a bandit who broke into the Yin family and stole you away!”

Yu Huang frowned and said, “Father, you mean that you suspect Yin Mingchong has joined forces with outsiders to steal me away and abandon me in an extremely dangerous abyss for me to die?”

“Yes! You’re the Young Master of the Yin Clan, so how could you have been abandoned in such a dangerous place like the abyss for no reason!?”

Yu Donghai was still unable to let go of the memories that had been sealed away. He said, “At that time, even though Yin Mingchong was in charge of the Yin Clan and became the Patriarch, the elders only saw him as a temporary Patriarch. They placed their hopes on you, Young Master.”

“Because you’re the young master’s child, it’s very likely that you’ll inherit the young master’s heaven-defying cultivation talent. The elders originally intended to use the entire clan’s strength to nurture you into the Yin Clan’s next Prime Master. When Yin Mingchong sensed the threat you posed to him, the ruthless him secretly collaborated with outsiders to direct a scene where the young master of the Yin Clan was stolen and your whereabouts were unknown!”

So in this world, the person that was most afraid of Yu Huang awakening her beast form and becoming a Beast Tamer was none other than Yin Mingchong!

Yu Huang had lived for over 200 years, and she was deeply aware of how capricious human nature was, and how evil human nature was. It wasn’t strange that Yin Mingchong would do such an unforgivable thing for the sake of his status and power.


“Father, how can you be sure that my disappearance is related to Yin Mingchong?”

“This is only a guess…” Yu Donghai was aware that Yin Mingchong was extremely likely to be the mastermind, but he was unable to find any evidence that could let him testify against Yin Mingchong.

Yu Donghai still remembered the details of Yu Huang’s disappearance eighteen years ago.

As he recalled, he said, “Back then, ever since Young Master passed away, I’ve always been by Young Master’s side to protect him. But not long after, a rumor suddenly spread. It was said that a Beast Tamer discovered a forbidden technique that could revive a person’s soul in an ancient ruin. I desired to revive the Young Master. After hearing this news, I left the Yin Clan to search for the source of the rumor. And the tragedy happened on the second night after I left the Yin Clan. Right after I left the Yin Clan, the grievous news of you being stolen and missing came.”

It was also Yu Donghai’s fault for being too anxious to save his master. When he heard the news, he recklessly went to investigate the truth.

rumorNow that he thought about it, the timing of the rumor being spread was too coincidental. It could be seen that someone intentionally spread the rumors, with the goal of luring Yu Donghai away from Yu Huang’s side!

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