She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Shocking Everyone!

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Yu Huang felt her forehead burning from Sheng Xiao’s touch. “I’ll borrow your luck then.”

Sheng Xiao continued, “Later, you will see what you are most afraid of. But you must remember that it is all an illusion. Activate your beast nature and defeat the illusion. Then, you will awaken your beast form.”

“I understand. Thank you.” Only then did Yu Huang turn to face the crystal ball.

After witnessing Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao’s interaction, there was another commotion.

“Yu Huang knows the overseer of the Divine Realm Academy?”

“Could they be having an affair?”

Sheng Xiao cast a cold glance at the audience below the stage. Everyone immediately shut up and kept quiet out of fear.

The moment Yu Huang stretched out her finger, her fingernails were wrapped by the tentacles that emerged from the crystal ball.

A sharp tentacle pierced through Yu Huang’s finger and entered her body, reaching straight to her heart. In the next instant, Yu Huang felt an overwhelming and terrifying aura attacking her head.

Yu Huang’s body trembled and she immediately closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she found herself tied to a chair by a translucent rope. In the distance, there was a sea of boiling lava. It was a horrifying scene.

This was a scene Yu Huang had never seen before. She didn’t even understand why her fear was this.


A giant black dragon emerged from the lava and struggled in the void. Its scales and flesh fell into the lava, revealing its white bones.

Yu Huang was instantly stunned when she saw this scene.

What was that?!

She clearly did not recognize that creature, but she could feel the heart-wrenching pain and sorrow coming from her heart. Yu Huang instantly forgot that she was undergoing the Awakening test. She really thought that she was in an illusion.

“Did you see that?” A male voice sounded beside Yu Huang’s ear. “In order to save you, he willingly agreed to become my alchemy bone. You gave him consciousness, gave him life, and gave him a name. He was born for you, and he will die for you.”

“Look, this is the price he has to pay for loving you—”

The little Black Dragon was in so much pain that it lost all rationality. It turned into a real wild beast, and its hoarse dragon roar reverberated in the sealed space, causing Yu Huang’s heart to skip a beat.

The person mercilessly lashed a purple whip onto the little Black Dragon’s body, causing its massive body to fall into the lava.

When he was picked up by the long whip again, the little Black Dragon had lost a few pieces of flesh, leaving only a massive dragon bone!

Yu Huang’s tears fell uncontrollably. She could not help but beg, “Please, let it go! You can’t hurt it!”

That voice, deliberately provoking her, sounded again. “Then kill me! If you kill me, that beast will be able to survive! Heh, look at you, you don’t even have the strength to fight back, what can you use to kill me?!”

“You’re useless!”

You are trash!

In front of the crystal ball, Yu Huang suddenly opened her eyes and roared angrily, “I said, you’re not allowed to hurt it!” Yu Huang grabbed the crystal ball’s tentacles with her backhand and used her boundless spiritual energy to attack the crystal ball!

At the same time, the crystal ball suddenly emitted a dazzling red light! The red light blotted out the sky and spread out in all directions with the Purifying Spirit Academy as the center and enveloped the entire downtown area of the Prosperous Capital.

Apart from Sheng Xiao, everyone, not daring to look at it directly, closed their eyes at once.

The slumbering tiger in Yu Huang’s heart was finally awakened!

Sheng Xiao looked at the glaring red light above him in shock.

As everyone knew, the brighter and deeper the light released by the crystal ball, the stronger the beast tamer’s beast form would be and the higher their cultivation talent.

The energy released by Yu Huang’s beast form directly snatched away the radiance of the sun, enveloping half of the Prosperous Capital within. Just how powerful was its beast form to release such a majestic and brazen beast nature?!

Dean Lin stood up in shock while exclaiming, “What a powerful beast!”

The beastly red light released by Yu Huang dyed the white clouds in the sky red. Those clouds converged in the same direction while gradually transforming into a strange giant bird!

“Swish !”A strange bird cry similar to the sound of a flute rang out from the horizon. The sound contained an endless amount of terrifying energy that specialized in attacking one’s spiritual force.

Dean Lin was caught off guard. His soul was attacked by the bird cries, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth!

He was a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master! His mental strength was as vast as the ocean. He would not be attacked by a soul that easily!

Sheng Xiao quickly helped Dean Lin up when he saw that he had lost his composure. He asked in concern, “Mr. Lin, what happened to you?” Sheng Xiao noticed that all the Purifying Spirit Masters were injured.

Dean Lin’s condition was the mildest. His disciples were injured by the bird’s cry and knelt on the ground with pained expressions.

On the other hand, the students below the stage were safe and sound, completely unaffected by the bird’s cry. They all raised their heads and stared at the phenomenon in the sky in shock. The same thought surfaced in their minds—

Yu Huang’s beast form was extremely powerful!

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