She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1539 - 1539 Out of Seclusion, Great Increase in Strength

1539 Out of Seclusion, Great Increase in Strength

Seeing that Song Ji’s ears were red, Mo Xiao found it funny and suddenly said, “I heard that some time ago, the Cang Lang Continent held a weapon refinement competition. At this year’s competition, Master Duan Fen surpassed Prime Emperor Yin Bing and obtained the title of the number one weapon refiner in the Cang Lang Continent.”

It was unknown which one of Mo Xiao’s words had touched Song Ji’s sensitive spot, but Song Ji’s face turned even redder.

Seeing this, Mo Xiao knew the answer.

It was really Prime Emperor Yin Bing.

From the looks of it, his mentor had lived for more than 10,000 years, but he was very inexperienced in the love department. Prime Emperor Yin Bing had been secretly in love with him for more than 2,000 years, but he didn’t notice her feelings at all.

His EQ…

Served him right for being bachelor.

At this moment, the butler suddenly walked over quickly from behind the rockery. When he saw Mo Xiao and Prime Emperor Divine Miracle from afar, he said excitedly, “Patriarch, Prime Emperor Divine Miracle, I just received a call saying that the meteorite above the Divination Star Tower suddenly lost its golden light. I suspect that Miss Yu Huang is about to come out of seclusion!”

Upon hearing this, Song Ji immediately threw romance to the back of his mind and said to Mo Xiao, “Let’s go and take a look!”


* *

It had been half a year since Yu Huang entered the Divination Star Tower.

In the first few days, there were many clairvoyants guarding the surroundings of the Divination Star Tower and watching the commotion. However, as time slowly passed and seeing that Yu Huang wasn’t about to come out of seclusion any time soon, everyone dispersed. Later on, every major family sent one or two spies to monitor the situation.

At about nine o’clock in the morning, the meteorite that was originally emitting a scorching golden light in the sky above the Divination Star Tower seemed to have been instantly devoured by something. It suddenly lost its golden energy and turned into a gray rock.

Immediately after, the divination power surrounding the Divination Star Tower disappeared.

Noticing this scene, the spies waiting nearby hurriedly sent this news back to their respective families. The big shots of the various families rushed over after hearing the news. Old Madam Jing and her son, Jing Ruge, also arrived at the scene.

When the big shots of the various families rushed over, Song Ji and Mo Xiao had already arrived.

As the mentor and disciple stood in front of the empty space at the entrance of the Divination Star Tower and looked up at the meteorite with dim starlight above their heads, Mo Xiao said, “There doesn’t seem to be any divination power in that meteorite.”

Song Ji nodded and told him, “Ah Huang might have already absorbed all the energy inside.”

“Then why hasn’t she come out yet?”

It had been half an hour since the two of them received the news and arrived at the scene. The gray meteorite had been floating on the top of the Divination Star Tower, but it didn’t fall or disappear, as if it was waiting for something.

Song Ji couldn’t explain it either.

“Why hasn’t Yu Huang come out yet?” Gradually, more and more people gathered around. Everyone hoped that Yu Huang would come out of seclusion quickly. They wanted to see what level Yu Huang’s current divination skills had reached.

“Who knows? She might still have to continue her seclusion.”

Upon hearing this, Song Ji and the other big shots raised their heads at the same time to look at the meteorite. As expected, a crack appeared on the surface of the meteorite, and the crack split into new cracks in all directions. As the cracks became deeper and deeper, they suddenly began to expand.

Seeing this, Jing Ruge shouted, “Everyone, be careful. The meteorite is about to shatter!” With that, Jing Ruge suddenly flew up and quickly spread his spiritual energy into the entire sky. Seeing him do this, Mo Xiao and the other Beast Tamer big shots also released their spiritual energy and formed a defensive net in the sky.

Accompanied by a loud crack, the meteorite that had been pressing down on the capital for half a year with the Divination Star Tower as the center suddenly exploded.

In an instant, meteorite fragments splattered and fell towards the ground below.

Fortunately, there was a spiritual energy defense net in the sky and it caught all the meteorite fragments in time to prevent them from smashing into the city and injuring civilians. Everyone worked together to throw the meteorite fragments towards the uninhabited deep mountains in the distance. When they turned around, they saw a fiery red spiritual energy light being released from the Divination Star Tower.

That spiritual energy light was filled with a powerful destructive aura that quickly spread out and instantly surrounded the entire capital, but then it quickly retracted.

It was fleeting, as if it was just an illusion.

Jing Ruge and the others stared at the Divination Star Tower quietly without blinking.


Suddenly, a pair of dark golden eyes appeared in the void above the Divination Star Tower and a blue light quickly flew out of the right eye. The figure’s feet floated quietly on the top of the Divination Star Tower. Then, the golden eyes turned into two golden lights that quickly entered the woman’s eyes and fused with her eyes.

In the next second, the face of the woman standing on the top of the tower was completely revealed in front of everyone.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and her slender phoenix eyes were filled with charm. Her long black hair, which was tied up into a high ponytail, fluttered gently with the breeze. A red longbow was stuck to her back, as if it had fused with her.

The woman’s abdomen bulged, and it was even more obvious than before she went into seclusion.

If it wasn’t Yu Huang, who else could it be?

Song Ji looked at the woman standing on the high ground with a gratified expression and marveled sincerely, “Ah Huang, you really did it!”

Yu Huang blinked. After she had completely adapted to the lighting outside, she lowered her eyes slightly and looked at Song Ji and Mo Xiao below. Then, Yu Huang smiled brightly and flew down gracefully. After she landed in front of Song Ji and Mo Xiao, she bowed to them.

“Mentor, Godfather, sorry to keep you guys waiting.”

The two of them acutely sensed that the divination power in Yu Huang’s body had become unprecedentedly powerful. Song Ji hurriedly asked, “What’s your cultivation level now?”

However, Yu Huang said, “I don’t know, but…” Yu Huang suddenly stared into Mo Xiao’s eyes before saying, “I only need one look to see your past.” In order to prove that what she said was true, Yu Huang said in a low voice, “The first time you transformed into a human was in front of a lake. At that time, you were naked and were seen by Godmother. You were so bashful that you jumped into the lake. Godmother was guarding the shore of the lake. You soaked in the water for the entire night before coming ashore with a flushed face. ”

Upon hearing this, Mo Xiao suddenly scolded, “Shut up!” How could she reveal such an embarrassing thing in public?

Yu Huang chuckled.

Song Ji asked Mo Xiao, “Is what she said true?”

Mo Xiao nodded with a complicated expression. “That’s right.”

Nodding his head, Song Ji said, “To be able to clearly see someone else’s past through one’s eyes, one must be at least a Level 8 Prophet. Ah Huang, look at me again.” After saying that, Song Ji looked straight at Yu Huang’s eyes.

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