She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1525 - 1525 Yu Huang: Who Is He?

1525 Yu Huang: Who Is He?

Jing Jiaren was still dressed in the same style as before. She was wearing a black wide belt dress with a red camellia tied behind her waist. Her waist, which was tied by a belt, was only as long as an adult man’s hand. Her black hair was still tied up with a golden hairpin, revealing her beautiful neck. Just her back view made her look graceful and difficult to get close to.

The woman standing on Jing Jiaren’s right was slightly taller. She was wearing a long blue dress with a high waist and her black hair was slightly curled on the side of her left shoulder, revealing her beautiful back that looked slender but was filled with strength. There was a teardrop tattoo on her shoulder blade. The unique tattoo highlighted her uniqueness and unruliness.

Song Yuhe was stunned by the back view of the woman in the blue dress for a few seconds before feeling puzzled.

Who was this woman?

Why were she and Jing Jiaren here?

Today was his ‘Face the Divine Masters’ day. Only the holy child had the right to appear in the Divination Star Tower. Why did these two women appear here?

Song Yuhe’s expression instantly became unfathomable.

“Miss Jing.” Song Yuhe asked Jing Jiaren, “Today is Face the Divine Masters Day. Why are you here?”.

Upon hearing Song Yuhe’s question, Jing Jiaren turned around and looked at him coldly.

The woman in the blue dress also turned around.

When Song Yuhe saw the face of the woman in the blue dress clearly, his expression instantly changed. “Yu Huang!” Song Yuhe subconsciously took a step forward, but stopped in his tracks when he thought of something. Song Yuhe subconsciously pinched his fingers, but felt that he was losing his composure by doing this, so he heaved a sigh and let go of his fingers. Then, he looked at Yu Huang judgefully as he asked her in a interrogative tone, “Yu Huang, why are you here too?”

After Yu Huang took the initiative to withdraw from the competition that day, she returned to the Cang Lang Continent with Prime Emperor Divine Miracle.

Song Yuhe could comfort himself with the notion that the Jing family was behind Jing Jiaren’s appearance here. However, Yu Huang’s motive for appearing here made Song Yuhe extremely uneasy.

He had a feeling that today would be a bad day for him.

Yu Huang glanced at Song Yuhe a few times before asking Jing Jiaren with a puzzled expression, “Miss Jing, he is…?”

Jing Jiaren was speechless.

Amusement flashed across Jing Jiaren’s eyes.

When Song Yuhe heard Yu Huang’s question, he blushed on the spot.

He was the holy child of this year!

Yu Huang actually asked Jing Jiaren his name in front of him. Wasn’t she insulting him?

Jing Jiaren replied coldly, “He’s Song Yuhe. He was ranked one or two behind me during the competition. He’s the young master of the Song family.” Jing Jiaren thought that her ability to anger people was impressive enough, but she didn’t expect Yu Huang to be even more ruthless than her.

“Oh!” Yu Huang was enlightened. Only then did she look at Song Yuhe and explain why she was here. “Yesterday, I received a notice from the clairvoyant association inviting me to come to the Divination Star Tower before nine o’clock today. I don’t know what I have to do specifically. Therefore, I can’t answer your question.”

Song Yuhe looked at Yu Huang suspiciously, but he didn’t ask further. He then shifted his gaze to Jing Jiaren. “Could it be that Miss Jing was also invited by the clairvoyant association?”

Jing Jiaren nodded. “Yes.”

Facing this sudden change in events, the expressions of the Song family’s parents turned ugly.

At this moment, Old Madam Jing and the vice presidents of the clairvoyant association were walking towards the Divination Star Tower together.

When Mr. Song saw them, he hurriedly walked over and asked, “Old Madam Jing! My son, Song Yuhe, is the holy child. Only he is qualified to face the Divine Masters. In the past, unrelated people were not qualified to face the Divine Masters. Yu Huang and Jing Jiaren aren’t the Saintesses of this year. Why are they here?! Could it be that they want to face the Divine Masters with him?”

At the thought that Yu Huang and Jing Jiaren might face the Divine Masters with Song Yuhe, Mr. Song felt angry and said sternly, “This is against the rules, right? They can’t enjoy privileges just because one of them has the surname Jing and the other is the disciple of Prime Emperor Divine Miracle!”

Old Madam Jing was fawned over wherever she went.

Who did the Song family’s patriarch think he was to question her?!

Old Madam Jing frowned slightly and stared at Mr. Song coldly. “Patriarch Song, are you questioning the operations of the clairvoyant association? If you feel that it’s unfair, feel free to hold a press conference and publicize the true colors of the clairvoyant association. Why don’t you get people from all over the Divination Continent to dismiss the clairvoyant association?”

When she said this, Old Madam Jing glanced at Yu Huang meaningfully.

Rather than saying that she was mocking Patriarch Song, it was better to say that she was secretly mocking Yu Huang for publicly challenging the clairvoyant association that day and condemning the selfish actions of the upper echelons of the clairvoyant association. It was stupid and reckless.

Seeing the killing intent in Madam Jing’s eyes, Patriarch Song’s heart skipped a beat. Only then did he realize that his words had touched Madam Jing’s sore spot.

Patriarch Song was a slick person.

He immediately smiled and apologized before saying, “Old Madam Jing, I didn’t mean anything by what I said just now. I just want to know why the clairvoyant association invited the two of them over.”

“We have the right to know.”

Old Madam Jing’s expression softened.

Noticing that Prime Emperor Divine Miracle was walking over aloofly, Old Madam Jing said, “We don’t know the details. Mr. Song, why don’t you ask Prime Emperor Divine Miracle?”

Mr. Song froze.

He slowly turned around and saw Prime Emperor Divine Miracle Song Ji standing behind him with an impassive expression.

“Greetings, Prime Emperor Divine Miracle.” Song Chi bowed to Prime Emperor Divine Miracle respectfully.

To clairvoyants, Prime Emperor Divine Miracle was a legend.

Without Prime Emperor Divine Miracle, how could there be divination and clairvoyance?

The Song family was a prominent family of clairvoyants. The status, glory, and power they had today were all thanks to this big shot in front of them. In front of Prime Emperor Divine Miracle, Mr. Song’s attitude was very respectful. Every word and expression had to be carefully thought through.

Song Ji smiled mockingly and asked Mr. Song, “I was the one who wrote ‘The Possibility of the God’s Prophet’. I also created this divination technique. Be it the Song family, the Jing family, or the other divination families, who is the reason why you guys can enjoy wealth and glory on the Divination Continent?”

Old Madam Jing lowered her head and remained silent.

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