She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1500 - 1500 Worthy of Bias

1500 Worthy of Bias

“Patriarch Jing, you’re welcome. However, I do have a request.”

When he heard this, Jing Ruge’s smile widened.

“I wonder what we can do to help you?” Jing Ruge asked.

Jing Jiaren was also looking at Yu Huang with concern.

Yu Huang said, “I want an invitation to the Green Sena Auction House.” On the way to the Divination Continent, Yu Huang had asked about the Green Sena Auction House and found out that it wasn’t easy for ordinary Beast Tamers to enter the auction house.

First of all, the Green Sena Auction House was only open to Beast Tamers above the Grand Master level.

Secondly, it only served the experts of the Divination Continent.

As for the Beast Tamers of the other super large worlds, they had to reach the Prime Master Realm and be recommended by the major families of the Divination Continent to qualify.

Yu Huang was a Beast Tamer from the alternate world and was only a Grand Master. If she wanted to obtain the invitation to the Green Sena Auction House, she could only ask the Jing family for help.

Of course, Yu Huang could also use Prime Emperor Divine Miracle’s connections to obtain the invitation.

However, Prime Emperor Divine Miracle was her trump card. How could she use her trump card so easily?

Now that the Jing family owed her a favor, it would be a waste not to use it.

After Jing Ruge heard Yu Huang’s request, he was a little hesitant. “You want an invitation to the Green Sena Auction House?”

“Yes.” Noticing that Jing Ruge looked troubled, Yu Huang asked, “Is there a problem?”

“It’s not difficult.” The Jing family was capable of obtaining an invitation for Yu Huang. Jing Ruge said, “However, the Green Sena Auction House only accepts spirit stones for transactions.” In other words, he was telling Yu Huang that if she wanted to obtain any natural treasures at the Green Sena Auction House, she had to prepare enough spirit stones.

However, Jing Ruge added, “Of course, if there are any natural treasures that you fancy, you can ask us to bid for them. You’ve done the Jing family a great favor, so this is also what we should do.” Jing Ruge was very tactful. Whether he was being sincere or not, his words made Yu Huang feel comfortable.

However, Yu Huang didn’t need the Jing family’s spirit stones to help. She said, “Patriarch Jing, thank you for your generosity, but the things I want to auction shouldn’t cost that many spirit stones.”

With that, Yu Huang stood up and said, “It’s getting late. I promised to accompany my mentor to eat local delicacies, so I won’t stay any longer.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Ruge hurriedly stood up and said, “Then let’s not waste Yu Huang’s time. Jiaren, send Yu Huang back.”


After Jing Jiaren bade farewell to her parents, she left with Yu Huang.

After they left, Jing Ruge sat down again. A hint of fatigue gradually appeared on his handsome face. After he pinched the handkerchief on the table and wiped his mouth, he shook his head and lamented, “They’re so similar.”

Zhang Zhanyi looked at him and asked in amusement, “Like what?”

After Zhang Zhanyi thought about it, she frowned and asked, “You’re referring to her eyes and eyebrows?”

“More than that.” Jing Ruge frowned as he said, “I feel that they look very similar overall.” When he saw Yu Huang standing beside Jing Jiaren earlier, Jing Ruge thought that he had seen his sister.

Upon hearing Jing Rujiu’s name, Zhang Zhanyi revealed a look of worry and said, “Yesterday, I heard Jiaren say that Yin Mingjue has already died. Jiujiu’s whereabouts are still unknown, so I’m afraid she’s also…” Zhang Zhanyi shook her head and said, “Fortunately, her soul lamp is still burning, so we still have something to look forward to. ”

“That’s right,” Jing Ruge said. “Back then, Jiujiu insisted on going to the Holy Spirit Continent with Brother Mingjue. The elders and Mother insisted were so angry that they made her cut ties with the Jing family. In a fit of anger, Mother almost broke the soul lamp. If Jiaren hadn’t snatched the soul lamp away and knelt in front of Mother to swear her loyalty to the Jing family for the rest of her life, we won’t even know if Jiujiu is dead or alive.”

This happened when Jing Jiaren was seven years old.

After that fight, Jing Rujiu disappeared.

Jing Ruge pressed his eyebrows with his hand and pinched them hard as he said bitterly, “Do you think Jiujiu really left and never contacted us again because she was angry with our mother?”

Zhang Zhanyi shook her head and said, “That shouldn’t be the case. Even if she doesn’t contact us, she would at least contact Yin Mingjue.”

“That’s true.”

“Let’s go back and prepare to watch Jiaren’s competition tomorrow.”


* *

Downstairs, Yu Huang hid in the bathroom and eavesdropped on the Jing couple’s conversation clearly through her psychic power.

After confirming that she couldn’t hear any other valuable information, Yu Huang wiped her hands and walked out of the bathroom. When Jing Jiaren saw her come out, her gaze landed on her stomach with concern and she asked, “Is your stomach uncomfortable?” Yu Huang had been gone for a long time.

“No, my stomach hurts a little.” Yu Huang explained, “I might not be used to eating the raw meat here.”

Nodding her head, Jing Jiaren said, “You’ll indeed feel uncomfortable if you’ve never eaten it before. I’ll instruct the hotel to try their best to cook you the cuisine of the Cang Lang Continent.”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

“It’s no trouble. This is their job.”

The two of them chatted as they walked towards the entrance.

The car was already waiting at the entrance.

After the two women got into the car one after another, the car drove steadily on the wide city road. The colorful neon lights flashed across Jing Jiaren’s face.

Yu Huang suddenly asked. “Miss Jing, when were you designated the successor of the Jing family?”

This sudden question stunned Jing Jiaren.

She said, “Seven.”

“How young.” Yu Huang asked again, “Why do you want to be the successor of the Jing family?”

Jing Jiaren was silent for a moment before saying, “Why? As a member of the Jing family, it’s an honor to serve the Jing family.”

Upon hearing Jing Jiaren’s answer, Yu Huang thought of the conversation she had overheard earlier and suddenly felt bitter. Back then, Jing Jiaren, who was only seven years old, gave up her freedom to protect her aunt’s soul lamp. She took the initiative to offer to become the young master of the Jing family and swore to be loyal to the Jing family for the rest of her life.

It could be seen that Jing Jiaren’s aunt, Jing Rujiu, was someone she cared about very much.

She deserved Jing Rujiu’s affection.

Yu Huang’s gaze shifted slightly and landed on the golden hairpin inserted into Jing Rujiu’s coiled hair. Then, she suddenly curled her lips into a smile and praised sincerely, “Miss Jing, gold suits you very well.”

Jing Jiaren was baffled by Yu Huang’s praise.

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