She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Powerful Yu Huang

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Deng Weidong lowered his head to look at the young man. The moment their eyes met, Deng Weidong suddenly felt a chill down his spine. The young man seemed to be accusing him of being lucky enough to escape a calamity, yet he had become a scapegoat.

Deng Weidong’s legs went weak from the young man’s gaze. He grabbed Da Jun’s arm and said, “Let’s go!”

Da Jun thought about what Deng Weidong had said earlier. He did not bother to say anything and dragged Deng Weidong away. They walked to a flower bed and Deng Weidong pulled Da Jun to sit beside it. He pinched himself and took a deep breath after he felt the pain.

“What the hell!”

The two of them looked at each other. Da Jun swallowed hard and muttered, “Weidong, you met your savior today!” A mysterious, powerful, and divination expert!

Deng Weidong had yet to recover from his shock. He reacted slowly and nodded. He grabbed Da Jun’s hand and said, “I want to find her! I want to thank her in person!”

Yu Huang did not know that her words had changed the fate of a youth. She followed Yu Donghai and walked into a dilapidated and noisy ghetto in the middle of the city. The houses here were crowded together, and the walls of some dangerous buildings were on the verge of collapse. Underneath them, there was a “danger” sign.

The people who lived here were all waiting for the government to come and demolish the place. But after so many years, the nearby high-rise buildings had been built one after another, and they had never waited for that day.

Yu Donghai told her, “Back then, after you were taken away, I moved out.” Yu Donghai didn’t dare to live in the original house, because it was filled with traces of Yu Huang. When Yu Donghai saw it, he felt sad.

Yu Huang held onto her father’s arm and followed him slowly.

Yu Donghai led Yu Huang into an alley. Pointing ahead, he said, “Our house is in this alley. Remember, it’s Lane 9.”


The sunlight was blocked by the houses and the narrow alley was dim.

Yu Huang looked up and saw a messy network of electrical wires above her head. They were densely packed, like an airtight net that covered these poor people. They could see the bustling activity outside the electric net, but they could not walk out of here.

If there were people who lived in heaven, there were people who died in hell.

“We’re here.” Yu Donghai stopped in front of a metal door. Yu Donghai told Yu Huang, “The room is rented. It’s on the second floor. It’s a little small, so you might not be used to it.”

“I’m fine.” Yu Huang could even sleep in a broken sack. She was not picky about food or lodging.

Yu Donghai opened the door to the courtyard, and Yu Huang followed him in. She saw a small courtyard on the first floor. In the courtyard, there was a row of electric scooters charging, and there was also a tricycle beside it. Yu Huang stared at the electric scooters, and realized that there was a serious safety hazard here.

She wanted to give Yu Donghai a new place.

The corridor leading to the second floor was a little narrow. Yu Huang wanted to help Yu Donghai, but was rejected by Yu Donghai. “I can do it.” Yu Donghai skillfully climbed to the second floor and took out the key from his pocket to open the door before inviting Yu Huang in.

The moment Yu Huang entered, she was shocked by the cramped house in front of her.

The house was really small. On the left side of the door was the kitchen and dining room. There was no living room or balcony, only a windowsill. On the right side was the bathroom, and the bedroom’s entrance was next to the dining room.

This house was so small that one could smell a fart even from the kitchen.

Yu Huang was truly frightened by this environment. She had guessed that Yu Donghai’s living conditions were bad, but she never expected that it would be this bad.

Seeing Yu Huang sizing up the house, Yu Donghai was somewhat embarrassed. He was afraid that he would see an expression of disdain and disgust on Yu Huang’s face.

Fortunately, Yu Huang didn’t reveal any displeasure on her face.

Yu Donghai let out a sigh of relief and told Yu Huang, “There’s only one room in the house. Later on, I’ll bring the things out. At night, I’ll sleep in the bay window while you sleep in the room.” The bay window was actually a drying platform. If Yu Donghai wanted to sleep on it, he would have to curl up his legs.

“You aren’t in good health. You sleep in the room while I sleep there.”

“No, you’re a girl. A girl has to have her own room. I’m a tough person. I can sleep anywhere! Besides, you have to go back to school to study. It’s quieter to do your homework in your room. Listen to me. You sleep in my room. I’ll sleep in the living room!”

Seeing that Yu Donghai had made up his mind, Yu Huang could only compromise.

The sky gradually darkened. Yu Donghai was afraid that Yu Huang would be hungry, so he planned to make some food for her before tidying up the room. Yu Huang wanted to help, but was rejected by Yu Donghai. “You can’t get oil or smoke on your face. Go and stay in the room.”

“… Okay.”

Yu Huang wanted to take a shower and only realized that she had not changed her clothes after entering the bathroom. She walked to the kitchen door and asked Yu Donghai, “Father, is there a mall nearby? I’ll go buy a few sets of clothes.”

Yu Donghai replied, “Yes, I’ll bring you there after dinner.”

Yu Huang saw Yu Donghai leaning against the kitchen counter, chopping vegetables, and even using his walking stick to move while washing the vegetables. She really couldn’t bear to see him like this. Yu Huang walked into the kitchen and snatched away the knife in Yu Donghai’s hand. She said, “Today is the day of our reunion. Father, let me bring you out to eat.”

Considering Yu Donghai’s usual frugal style, Yu Huang continued, “Isn’t there an Imperial Cuisine Restaurant nearby? I’m a member of that restaurant, and I have a chance to eat for free every month. It would be a waste not to go.”

Yu Huang said this only for the sake of easing Yu Donghai’s psychological burden.

As soon as Yu Donghai heard about the free complimentary dining opportunity, he was immediately tempted. “Imperial Cuisine Restaurant? That’s a famous restaurant, and the fish skin of that restaurant is Young Master’s favorite….” When he spoke up to here, Yu Donghai suddenly went silent.

Young Master?

Yu Huang raised her eyebrows and asked him, “Did you work in a big family when you were young?”

Yu Donghai looked at her sadly. After a long while, he shook his head and sighed. “That was many years ago. I can’t even remember clearly.” Yu Donghai refused to reveal anything, and Yu Huang also couldn’t force him to talk.

“My clothes are all dirty. I’m going to change my clothes.” Yu Donghai returned to his room and changed into a light grey shirt and black suit pants. The clothes still didn’t fit, but they were clean.

The restaurant was about 20 minutes away from the village. Yu Huang was prepared to take a taxi, but Yu Donghai said that he had a tricycle.

“I usually drive a tricycle out to sell alms bowl chickens. We can drive a tricycle over.” After saying that, Yu Donghai realized that something was wrong. “Forget it, let’s take a taxi.” Yu Huang was a big star. If news of her taking a tricycle was caught, she would be mocked.

Yu Huang stared at the only tricycle in the courtyard and smiled. She said, “The tricycle is quite good. It can block the wind and rain. Let’s sit on this.”

After living in the Doomsday Era for two hundred years, Yuhuang knew how to drive all sorts of cars.

A mere tricycle wasn’t difficult for her.

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