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Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: Heaven’s Great Palm Imprint; Lives on the Line (2)

Chapter 135: Heaven’s Great Palm Imprint; Lives on the Line (2)

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The mana itself also had a healing effect. Otherwise, He Qingge would not have used his own mana to nourish their bodies.

However, their injuries were too severe, and ordinary magic power could not achieve such an effect.

He Qingge quietly sensed his own mana and nourished his body at the same time.

It did not take long for He Qingge to realize that his mana could only stop the injuries in their bodies from worsening.

If he wanted to further treat it, he would probably need to increase his own strength.

Her heart sank.

Xia Ke controlled the flying ship and quickly flew toward the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

Others might not have the ability to save these two people, but the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace might have a way.

Very soon, they returned to the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

“How is it, Elder? Is there any way?” He Qingge asked anxiously.

“Let’s go find the sect master or ancestors!” Yuan Dao sighed.

He Qingge’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly pleaded, “Elder Yuan Dao, please bring us there quickly.”

Yuan Dao nodded and brought them to Tai Qing Palace.

“Their injuries are very serious,” the sect master said. “They’ve even injured their origin and foundation. There’s no way to treat them for the time being. However, we can freeze them first to prevent their injuries from worsening.” “Is there any way to cure them, Sect Master?” He Qingge’s lips trembled.

The sect master sighed. “The inheritance of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace is good at attacks, but not in other aspects. However, I can help you summon someone.”

After saying that, he took out a special token. Usually, they would not wake the ancestors up from their deep sleep unless something major happened. However, 1–1e Qingge was the disciple of Third and Sixth Ancestors.

Naturally, it was different.

He passed the matter to Sixth Ancestor.

Not long after, a refined man holding a fan appeared.

“Master,” He Qingge said respectfully.

“Hehe… You didn’t call me master in the past, but you’re so respectful now. It seems that these two women are your favorites!” Sixth Ancestor was interested.

“Master, they saved my life.” He Qingge hurriedly explained.

Sixth Ancestor sighed. “Their injuries are very serious. They’ve hurt their roots. This white-haired man burned his origin at the end. “This blonde woman has also injured her foundation.

“If it’s just to wake them up, I can do it.

“But if that’s the case, their talent might be crippled. This outcome might be worse than killing them.”

He Qingge was silent for a moment, then asked, “Is there no other way?

Heavens Supreme Purity Palace isn’t an exclusive alchemy sect. No one here can refine level-seven medicinal pills.”

“Level-seven medicinal pills?” He Qingge could not believe it.

Level one corresponded to Qi Refinement, level two corresponded to Foundation Establishment, and level three corresponded to Golden Core… Level seven was Dharma.

Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Divine Treasure, Dharma.

This realm was completely unimaginable for a small Foundation

Establishment Realm cultivator. It was really too ethereal and far away.

Sixth Ancestor said, “Yes, the Pill Cauldron Sect might have this kind of pill, but it’s also their sect treasure. They definitely can’t give it to outsiders.


“The 10,000 Buddha Sect of West Earth has a supreme divine medicine that should be able to save them.

“It’s said that there’s a peerless divine medicine in the forbidden land of West Earth, the Coiling Dragon Sea.”

He Qingge felt suffocated.

“Master, does the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace have the recipe for this pill?”

He was an alchemist himself. With the support of the Great Wisdom Scripture, as long as he continued to cultivate, he still had a chance to refine such a pill.

“Unfortunately, we don’t.”

He Qingge lowered his head, feeling a little dispirited.

“Sigh, go ahead. Go to West Earth and have a try. Your talent in alchemy is not bad. You might be able to enter the core of the Pill Cauldron Sect.” Sixth Ancestor was helpless.

He Qingge bowed. “Please seal them up, Master, to prevent their injuries from worsening.”

Sixth Ancestor nodded and threw out countless spirit crystals, sealing the two of them bit by bit.

This was also how the ancestors slept. They used spirit crystals to seal themselves, effectively preventing the loss of their lifespan during their sleep.

The value of these crystals was immeasurable.

In an instant, two exquisite crystal coffins were formed.

The two people were sealed inside.

“Let’s put them on the roof of the pavilion in Tai Qing Palace!

“No one will disturb them here,” the sect master said seriously.

He Qingge smiled and shook his head. “I’ll take them away!”

The sect master did not dissuade him. He could not put them into the storage space in this state unless there was a special storage space.

It was similar to a Beast Taming Bag.

He looked deeply at He Qingge.

He Qingge took out Jiang Qingyan’s Beast Taming Bag. “Master, can you open this? There’s an injured spirit pet inside.”

Sixth Ancestor released the Sleeping Whale effortlessly.

Its huge body was placed horizontally in the pavilion of Tai Qing Palace.

Sixth Ancestor’s eyes focused. “Its injuries are very serious, but they’re much lighter than the two of them. It didn’t hurt its foundation, nor did it leave any Dao injuries.

“I have an Eternal Creation Pill here that can save it.”

A pill the size of a ping pong ball appeared in Sixth Ancestor’s hand. It was dark green and had many patterns on it.

A smile appeared on He Qingge’s pale face. “Thank you, Master.”

After the Sleeping Whale consumed it, the injuries on its body began to heal.

In just two days, it had completely recovered.

He Qingge looked at the Sleeping Whale.

He Qingge was quite familiar with the Sleeping Whale.

When he was in the mortal realm, he had thought about having a second spirit beast. At that time, he was wondering if his master’s Sleeping Whale had babies.

Unexpectedly, when he asked, the Sleeping Whale gave him a head-on beating.

In addition, the Sleeping Whale liked music, and He Qingge was quite suitable for sound spells. Lil Butterfly would sing the special tune of He Qingge’s hometown every day.

After a while, they became quite familiar with each other.

Jiang Qingyan had once said that the Sleeping Whale was her family. The Sleeping Whale looked at Jiang Qingyan in front of it, tears rolling down its face.

He Qingge patted it and comforted it.

“I want to go with you to find a way to rescue Master,” the Sleeping Whale said.


Therefore, he used the Imperial Beast Art he cultivated to connect with the Sleeping Whale.

During a battle, he could use the power of the Imperial Beast Art to strengthen the Sleeping Whale.

He Qingge took a pill to recover from the injuries he had suffered.

Previously, when he mobilized his Dao foundation, the power of life and death in the Great Dao Green Lotus had hurt him.

After he recovered, he prepared everything.

He Qingge prepared to leave the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

Xia Ke stood at the door with a complicated expression.

“Senior, have you been waiting for me here?” He Qingge was surprised. “Are you leaving Tai Qing Palace for West Earth now?”

He Qingge shook his head. “No, I still have to go to the Tian Xuan Sect first.”

Xia Ke took out a sparkling ring. “I can’t accompany you to West Earth, but these are all my collections. I hope you can ensure your safety.”

A storage ring!

He Qingge instantly understood.

He Qingge smiled. “I’ll keep your kindness in mind. Don’t worry too much. I’ll definitely be able to cure them and bring them back.”

“Since you have other matters to attend to, I won’t say much. You must tell me when you leave the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.”

The distance between Eastern Wasteland and West Earth was enough to make one despair.

Especially for He Qingge, who was in the Foundation Establishment Realm, it was too far.

If he wanted to go over, he had to borrow the teleportation array of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

He Qingge smiled and nodded. He took out a flying ship that Sixth Ancestor had given him and left with Jiang Qingyan and Wen Qinglian.

Before he left, he needed to visit Su Zimei and the others at the Tian Xuan Sect.

Also, now that he was in the Foundation Establishment realm, the second level of Black Mountain’s assessment should also be open.

Thinking of the three rewards on the first level, he looked forward to the second level of Black Mountain..

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