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Chapter 866 - Making a Move

Chapter 866: Making a Move

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The machine looked to be completely fine. When Li Yunmu saw the small hole in the ground, he became aware that the Ground Clan’s descendants had already used it. Since it could be used, it naturally reached the standard.

Li Yunmu then advanced forward to check whether the machine was still intact. It seemed like the surrounding descendants of the Ground Clan were only watching and observing from the sidelines. They hadn’t actually started using it to practice martial skills like Rat had said. The flux-powered mechanical digger was created from the lowest quality material, iron, so if everyone really used it to fight, it would not last for long.

Rat, who was standing on the side, looked at Li Yunmu’s movements and felt his heart going up his throat. Someone had analyzed that the machine was created to practice martial skills. Furthermore, after Old Bastard obtained a movement type martial skill, he practiced for some time with the machine. Because of that, he broke through the second level, which settled the previous hypothesis about the machine.

But who knew that Rat would end up scolded by the lord, who said that it was supposed to be used for digging the ground. Upon learning that, he became panic-stricken. If the machine was broken while the Ground Clan’s descendants were playing with it, then he as their leader would also be punished. He was not afraid of that, but he feared that it might lose him the important position which he had received just recently. If he disappointed the lord, his rank could easily be taken away from him.

That would be the worst case scenario.

“Not bad, not bad,” Rat softly said while feeling the burden on his heart become lighter.

Since Li Yunmu’s expression had become milder, he knew that there was no big blunder. He walked to the side and stood behind Li Yunmu before saying with a smile, “Lord, the one who worked throughout the whole night to create this machine was him, Jia Lou.”

After hearing his words, the retreating crowd enviously looked at the blacksmith. When Jia Lou, who had an absentminded expression on his face, heard his name, he shuddered a few times and excitedly walked to the front.

“Respectful greetings ancestor,” he said.

With his hands behind him, Li Yunmu looked at Jia Lou and slowly asked, “You worked overtime yesterday night to create this?”

He was quite curious in his heart. Although the people of Asura City had innate advantages in terms of strength, the process of creating a flux-powered mechanical digger was still relatively complex. Even if he had simplified it, for the people of Asura City who had never seen it, it was still not an easy thing to build.

However, Jia Lou had surprisingly managed to fgorge it in one night.

“Yes, ancestor. Lord Rat said that creating this machine was equivalent to one thousand credit points,” Jia Lou stated. He did not hide his thoughts filled with credit points.

One thousand credit points could allow him to exchange for the lowest quality martial skill.

When the surrounding people heard that such a large amount of credit points could be earned as long as they worked overtime for the entire day, they realized that the blacksmith’s job provided great benefits. They all then began to regret that they hadn’t learned the art of forging before.

“One thousand credit points for you. Since you could create this machine in one night, it can be assumed that your skill is pretty good. I will leave the department of forging to you. You can discuss the credit point allocation with Rat,” Li Yunmu said with a smile.

When Jia Lou heard his words, he was startled for a few seconds, then his heart filled with excitement. He bowed a few times toward Li Yunmu. “Many thanks lord, many thanks lord.”

“Alright, now go. You all in the surroundings also heard what was said, as long as your personal value is high, you can earn a large amount of resources in the Ground Clan. We are different from the four clans in that we don’t care about the purity of your bloodline. Regardless of who you are, as long as you offer something, you will naturally be compensated for it,” Li Yunmu indifferently said to the crowd with faces full of envy.

After he finished speaking, excitement appeared on the faces of the surrounding Ground Clan’s descendants. It looked like the next moment they would raise their hands and begin waving. Li Yunmu’s words were exactly what they had hoped to hear. Regardless of the purity of their bloodline, as long as their contribution toward the clan was great, their returns would also be great.

It was a completely fair and impartial system.

Li Yunmu turned around and left, while Rat discussed things with Jia Lou and then used Soaring Snake Strength to catch up with him.

After approaching him, Rat’s tiny eyes focused on Li Yunmu and he said, “Lord, I’ve left the matters regarding forging and creation to Jia Lou. Beginning from today, his daily salary will be three hundred contribution points without including the credit points for the machines created. Do you think this arrangement is alright?”

“Your decision is correct. From the time I saw you, I knew that you were an intelligent person and possessed a scheming mind, so you don’t need to come to me for every matter. Only if you don’t understand something feel free to come and ask me.”

Those words filled Rat with excitement, since lord had increased his authority to the maximum. After a moment of silence, he spoke up once more.

“Lord, since the flux powered mechanical digger has been created, should we start tearing down the abandoned structures in the Ground Clan’s territory? Apart from that, there are still many descendants of the four great clans stationed within our territory who don’t have any intention to move.”

Li Yunmu paused and turned to Rat. “Oh, some descendants of the four great clans still haven’t left our land?”

“Yes. Moreover, their strength is very formidable. The weakest among them is a late stage sage flux expert while the strongest is a half god, so I wanted to ask you how to deal with this matter,” Rat said with his tiny eyes focused on Li Yunmu’s expression.

Li Yunmu smiled. He hadn’t thought that there would be people who wouldn’t obey the four great clans’ command of leaving the middle city and going to the clan residence. But then again, what use was it for them to return to the clan residence? They had separated themselves from the clans and taken roots in the middle city where they could be considered as masters of it. If they returned, they would be under someone and would have to obey the commands of direct descendants.

Li Yunmu thought about the words of the four clan patriarchs, and a smile appeared on his face. If those branch family descendants who didn’t agree to move were to become Ground Clan’s descendants, it could be considered as a fair and square slap on the faces of the four great clans.

“Send people to talk to them. If they want to leave then make sure they do it quickly. If they don’t want to leave, tell them that Ground Clan doesn’t support idlers.”

After saying that, Li Yunmu walked toward his room. Rat stopped midway, trying to guess Li Yunmu’s intentions. Did he want to recruit those branch family descendants of the four great clans or make them go?

“Use peaceful measures before force. That’s right, think about it.”

Rat excitedly rubbed his hands before walking out of the colosseum to find Old Bastard who was cultivating.

“What’s the matter? I start cultivating enthusiastically and you rush to disturb me. It still isn’t the time to begin work, right? All the men I found were good,” Old Bastard complained after stopping.

He had just broken through the second layer and was continuously cultivating to have another breakthrough.

Rat got close to Old Bastard’s ear and uttered a few words. After he finished, a mischievous smile replaced the originally furrowed brow of Old Bastard. The two men looked at each other and grinned.

“Then I will go and call up some people. You go and see whether there are any good clothes lying somewhere in this colosseum. We will go to meet those guys in a grand manner and completely dominate them.”

“Alright, after we finish our respective tasks, let’s meet in the colosseum at the appointed time.”

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