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Chapter 831 - Duo Ju’s Thoughts

Chapter 831: Duo Ju’s Thoughts

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The colosseum looked like a hollow cylinder from outside with four entrances from all four directions.

Half of the lowest layer was the resting and waiting area of the combatants, while the other side was where the beasts were kept. Each cage had a sliding iron door which opened directly into the fighting arena.

The first level of the hollow cylinder was the same, but the second and third levels were for the spectators. The common people who wanted to see battles in the arena would enter the second level to find a seat, while the majority of direct disciples of the four great clans sat in the third level and had a high raised platform. It provided them with the most clear sight of the fighting arena.

Some seats were especially reserved for the young masters and clan patriarchs as well as elders of the four great clans. Even if the other direct descendants wanted to sit there, they did not have the guts to do so.

At that moment a middle-aged man wearing luxurious clothes was walking up the platform. Two thick and solid arms sprouted out from his shoulders, and his arms were filled densely-packed eyes.

He was the manager of the colosseum, Duo Ju.

The colosseum was the business that belonged to the four great clans, and its manager changed every five years. The person for manager position was chosen by the four great clans in rotation. Duo Ju was assigned as a subordinate of Doro Clan.

After taking the post, he had planned to use the opportunity to serve the four young masters and make himself familiar with them, so that he could obtain the chance to achieve meteoric success in the future.

But before a long time had passed since he took office, god father descended into the mortal world to rest and recuperate and issued his two mission. After the four young masters obtained them, they gathered subordinates in the city and left toward Lakshmi City.

Duo Ju had been hoping that once the young masters returned, they would visit the colosseum, so he had been preparing for their visit. Yet once the battle concluded, the three young masters who had sat on the high platform were nowhere to be seen.

Duo Ju looked all around but didn’t discover any traces of the three young masters, so he waved his hand at a maid standing on the high platform and asked, “Where are the young masters?”

“The three young masters left, lord manager,” the maid replied honestly.

Already left?

Duo Ju waved his hand again, indicating for the maid to withdraw. While standing on the high platform, he looked at the excited and lively crowd underneath and mumbled to himself, “Could the three young masters have grown tired of watching this program?

“Or have they left to attend to some matters? I can’t understand. It hasn’t been long since they came, but they have already left.”

The three young masters had made a trip after a long time, so he wanted to use the great opportunity to get acquainted with them and properly serve upon them so that after his term as the manager of the colosseum concluded, he could become a subordinate of young master Domingle.

But what a pity… Duo Ju sighed and looked at the battle underneath with his thoughts wandering all around.

Li Yunmu arrived at the lowest level of the colosseum, which was the rest and recuperation lounge for combatants, with Brunhilda expressionlessly following behind him. The two young masters floated after them in mid-air.

In the lounge, the combatants were laughing and playing with each other. Only some of the newcomer combatants were sitting in the corner, with nervousness clear on their faces. Those who became combatants in the colosseum weren’t from the four great clans, but had all come from the lower city region. In order to survive, they could only mentally ready themselves to lose their lives and become combatants.

Some of the powerful victors were also present there. They had come with the extra aim of obtaining the recognition of the direct descendants of the clans, besides just earning money. If the direct descendants looked upon them favourably, they could shed the status of lower city region’s poor and would become the servants of the four great clans.

When Li Yunmu and Brunhilda entered, the entire lounge turned silent. All the combatants began to carefully size up the two of them. The powerful combatants sitting in the front row straightened their waists while staring at Li Yunmu. Everyone thought that the two of them were direct descendants of the four great clans who had come to pick servants.

After a moment of silence, a muscular man sitting in the first row stood up and respectfully said to Li Yunmu, “Lord, have you come to choose servants? I have fought in tens of matches and have always won. Perhaps you can…”

The moment he finished speaking, a lean youth stood up from the first row with countless cracks on his arms which were apparently eyes which did not open.

“Old bastard, step down. Regardless of how many you win, everything is because of brute strength. Those beasts are comparable to you in strength, so you naturally won. But in terms of strength, can you compare to the branch family descendants of the four great clans? Lord is definitely here to choose someone intelligent.”

When the muscular man looked at the youth, he grew indignant and loudly said, “My great strength is naturally an ability. Unlike you rat, who doesn’t have strength and can only rely on some schemes again and again.”

The rat laughed but did not retort. He turned to look at Li Yunmu and said to curry favor, “What sort of character is lord? If he lacks powerful people, he could easily find them. It’s easy to find a fighter but hard to find a strategist, do you understand?”

Li Yunmu looked at the old bastard and rat throwing barbs at each other with interest. Both of them were soon tired of quarreling, however, and turned toward him, apparently waiting for him to say something.

“You both seem to misunderstand. I am not here to select servants, but rather to bring people to participate in the colosseum competition. You two are quite interesting though. It looks like the bloodline of the four great clans in your blood didn’t awaken and so you were thrown into the lower city,” Li Yunmu said with a smile.

Once the old bastard and rat heard those words, their expressions darkened and they nodded indicating agreement.

“Since this is the case, then you both want to return to the four great clans, right?” Li Yunmu enquire.

The four great clans were like nobility in Asura City. Every poor person wanted to shed the identity of the resident of lower city and enter the four great clans as branch family descendants or perhaps as a servant.

The two men nodded, revealing a hint of zealotry in their eyes. Why were they staking their lives in the colosseum? Wasn’t it to attract the attention of the descendants of the four great clans sitting on the platform?

“That’s good. I have a task for you two. If you complete it successfully, I will recruit you as my subordinates.”

After saying that, Li Yunmu waved his hand, which slowly pulled Jasmine and Domingle hovering the air in front of everyone. When the people present at the scene saw Jasmine and Domingle’s appearances, they were startled, especially the old bastard and rat who had nodded moments earlier. They froze in place.

As long as any combatant wanted to become the servant of the four great clans, they would definitely remember the appearance of the majority of direct descendants as well as the young masters. And the two people floating in front of the crowd were certainly two of the young masters.

The entire lounge turned silent. None of the combatants sitting in the lounge made any sound, and some of them even lowered their heads, pretending that they saw nothing.

Rat’s body shuddered and he stammered out, “Lord, the task you said is?”

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