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Extra: The man behind the new trend of the capital

Extra: The man behind the new trend of the capital

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In the tenth year of Long An, without waiting for his formal ascension to the throne, the new emperor personally saw to the battlefields of Liangjiang. Afterward, the Dong Ying turned their spear to their own ally, Jiangnan achieved great victory.

At this time, the overall situation had been determined. Even if the pope had extraordinary abilities, he could no longer turn things around.

Thus, Gu Yun finally hung his seal.

In fact, when he was in Liangjiang camp, Gu Yun thought he was still very healthy - He did not break his arm or leg, his complexion was not pale, he was still as handsome as ever. Although his entire body was fixed with steel plates, he had been accompanied by 'brother steel plates' for many years, they have long been 'as close as one's own arms and legs! After the defeat of the Western army, he thought that between his condition and being able to ride out on the battlefield was only a short distance.

After handing over all tasks to Shen Yi, Gu Yun finally unloaded the steel armor in his mind and fell asleep in the marshal tent. Living his life in a state of ready from morning until night for many years, this sleep was truly a good one. There was no dream, it was as if he could sleep to death

In a haze, he first detected a faint voice, but he could not hear it clearly. Then someone placed a hand on his face, the fingers were cool, there was the familiar tranquilizer fragrance coming from the sleeve.

"Chang Geng." As he thought so, the tensed strings of consciousness loosened immediately, his mind began to sink again.

"Three days." Chang Geng raised his head, but his complexion was not very good, his lips were dried, he appeared even more tired than when flying to Liangjiang battlefield without resting. He asked Miss Chen in a very quiet voice, "How come he still hasn't woken up yet?"

Chen Qing Xu handed him a bowl of water. Chang Geng took it, but he only tasted it to test the temperature, then used a small spoon and carefully fed it to Gu Yun.

"The Marquis's medicine has sleeping aid ingredients, but it's probably not all about the strength of the medicine. In recent years, he has been too exhausted. Once his mind is relaxed, all his tiredness will be unleashed with it." Miss Chen said, "And Your Majesty's body also carries the scent of tranquilizer..."

Chang Geng had the tranquilizer with him years round, his body had soon soaked with the scent. Hearing this, he immediately took off the sachet of tranquilizer and left it aside. He asked anxiously, "it has something to do with the tranquilizer? By the way, I have been meaning to ask you this long time, he seems to be very sensitive to Miss Chen's tranquilizer. He would sleep heavily after inhaling only a little bit. This medicine should be very mild, logically, there should be no reaction, or was it because..."

Because his condition was already very bad?

Chen Qing Xu said, "Your Majesty, it's not a bad thing to sleep heavily."

"I know, just..."

"In fact, people like the Marquis, who grew up soaking in medicine, are less sensitive than ordinary people. I've heard that some years ago, the Marquis was attacked by assassins in the hot spring villa in the northern suburb. The assassins gave him the type of drug enough to take down two or three strong men, but he was just paralyzed for a moment." Chen Qing Xu said in a slow voice, "Your Majesty, this is still the case with a strong drug, let alone a package of tranquilizing powder? The kind of medicine that can make him sleep deeply without waking up, was probably..."

Probably what?

Chang Geng looked at her in confusion.

Chen Qing Xu was someone from the pugilist world, but she was still a lady that had not married yet, she felt it was not convenient for her to say the latter part, thus she smiled with a bit of embarrassment, paid courtesy to him and turned away to leave.

At the beginning, Chang Geng did not understand what she was embarrassed about. He bowed his head and continued to feed Gu Yun the water. Suddenly, an idea flashed across his heart and halted Chang Geng's hand--

It's not the medicine itself that can make him sleep deeply, then is it the scent?

It is because of the person carrying the scent... It is because of me?

Chang Geng was in a daze for a long time, then put down the water bowl lightly. He felt that there was a small pool of water in his heart, with small waves continuing to roll back and forth. He couldn't help but pick up Gu Yun's hands and gently caressed the callous on the man's fingertips. He sighed and intertwined his fingers with the other's, not wanting to let go...

At this time, the whole space vibrated, followed by a loud echoing noise, as if a giant animal had sighed.

The muffled rumbling sound was so loud, causing even Gu Yun, a half deaf, to wake up. His mind was still not removed from the battlefield, his body had not fully awakened yet his heart was shocked first.

Gu Yun suddenly opened his eyes, the dazzling white light caused them to ache. He subconsciously pulled Chang Geng into his arms by instinct then searched around for his Wind Slasher at the head of the bed - but his hand only found an empty space.

Where is my Wind Slasher?

My armor?

Even if the liuli glass was not there, he could realize that this place did not seem to be the marshal tent of Liangjiang camp. It was void of the scent of cold iron and sweat brought by the generals moving in and out of the tent. There seemed to be an incense burner at the head of the bed, emitting a faint fragrance. The mattress under the body was so soft it could melt human bones, and outside the window...

A vast of white?

In the middle of spring in March, there is snow in Jiangnan?

Or had he become more blind?

At this time, the man who was protected by him gently turned his face, kissed him at the corner of his eye, and placed the liuli glass on the bridge of his nose.

Gu Yun's field of vision became clear. Then, with the buzzing noise, the room shook again. The white fog like a sea of clouds rose outside the window. It surged heavily for a moment, then slowly spread out, revealing the early spring scenery in the north.

On both sides there are two lines of iron puppets and guards, the first one seemed to be the leader of the Imperial Army.

Chang Geng: "The capital is here, Zi Xi, we are home."

Gu Yun clearly remembered that he was in the marshal tent of Liangjiang camp. How come he only closed his eyes for a moment, when he next opened them, he had already arrived at the capital?

He was confused, showing the most confused expression in his life: "Ah?"

Half a month later, the steam rail car running through the north and south was officially put into use.

According to historical records, the earliest steam train burned Ziliujin, thus they were only for military use. Several years after the war, Ling Shu Institute had rebuilt it again and again, reducing energy consumption, and finally began to open the lines for civilian use.

But the history books did not write that the first train trip of Great Liang was used to secretly steal away Marshal to the capital.

Alas, history books always missed the important point.

Later, though Chang Geng was rid of the Bone of Impurity completely, he always prepared several packages of tranquilizer powder. People in and out of the imperial court followed the emperor's step in health care practices. 'Cherishing life' also became a new trend in the court. In their down time, people would sit together and exchange ideas on how to 'replenish qi, nourish blood' and 'calm the mind'. Medicinal diet became an independent cuisine and was very popular in the imperial capital during this era.

Miss Chen once accompanied General Shen back to the capital to see Chang Geng, and sensed the faint herbal scent still lingering around the emperor. Over the years, she had forgotten the talk on the steam rail car. She expressed towards the emperor in confusion, the Bone of Impurity had really been eradicated, Your Majesty no longer have to be so careful any more. It was a bit embarrassing for her.

Chang Geng laughed but did not speak.

Gu Yun no longer stationed in the border areas in his middle-age, except for routine inspection of military affairs in the four borders, he spent most of his time in the capital. After all, life in the capital was easy, there was also someone to take good care of him in his own house. After a long time, it had also given birth to a few mundane problems, such as how once in a while, when he got to a strange new place, he would be unable to sleep for a night or two.

However, as long as a pack of tranquilizer was placed at the head of the bed, he would sleep deeply regardless of what place it was.

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