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Extra: Fireworks of the world

Extra: Fireworks of the world

Extra 5 from JJWXC

After going through a challenging year, Great Liang was stable. The military reform was pushed forward smoothly with the help of Gu Yun's transparent attitude. Shen Yi finally summoned the courage to request the emperor for his retirement.

Chang Geng didn't make a statement after hearing about it, only keeping his request of resignation and did not sign it, telling Shen Yi to go home and think about it carefully.

General Shen's plea was full of grandiose nonsense. There was only one reason for him to resign - He wanted to marry a wife.

The background of his wife's family was complicated; they did not want to get involved with the government, therefore, he planned to hang up his seal and go home, gather what he had to build a stable business, then take his family's possession to her family to live as a son-in-law.

Chang Geng went home and asked, "Zi Xi, do you think Old Master Shen knows about this?"

Gu Yun: "I'm not sure. But even if his father knows, he can't control him."

Shen Ji Ping seemed to be gentle, flexible, docile, and was easy to bully. However, when we looked at his behavior, whenever he decided on something, people around him were always appalled by his deviant behavior that challenges a person's morality for half a lifetime, yet we still have the illusion that he was a 'dependable man', setting a clear example of 'a biting dog doesn't bark'.

This man's ambition became more and more strange, which had gone through a series of unprepared transitions from 'Han Lin' to 'Mechanic' to 'soldier' to 'general' and then to a 'stay at home son-inlaw!

With a son like this, it's no wonder that old man Shen retired early to learn cultivation.

Gu Yun sighed: "Forget it. I'll find Shen Ji Ping to have a chat in a few days."

Chang Geng's face turned black as soon as he heard it – he wanted to talk again!

As soon as these two men started to talk, it's not sure how far back they could talk. At that time, the soldiers would get together, making it into a big table, drinking wine and eating. Although Chang Geng knew that Gu Yun was only boasting to his face and would not indulge himself in eating and drinking without restraint, he was sure that Gu Yun would have to stay at the Northern Camp throughout the night without coming home again, which was very annoying.

Although the emperor didn't say anything in person, he wrote a letter to Chen Qing Xu to inform her of this right away.

In the letter, he sincerely said to her, "The country is a mess waiting to be rebuilt. Just at this time, when we lack people, such a capable minister as Master Shen had taken his leave, whether it is on a personal or a business level, it is a pity..." so on and so forth...

Shen Yi never mentioned to Chen Qing Xu about the matter of leaving office. It was his own decision.

After receiving the letter from Chang Geng, Miss Chen went back to her home in Shanxi in silence that day, smoothly leveling out the Chen family. Then she took advantage of the Large Eagle that had been put into trial operation between the northwest and the capital to fly back to the capital. She found Shen Yi and asked him frankly," am the head of the Chen family. If you have any trouble with my family, why didn't you come to find me to resolve it?"

Shen Yi: "..."

After Gu Yun heard about this, he took it home and laughed about it for half a year. After half a year, the generals of the garrisons all over the country sent congratulatory letters to General Shen on how he had finally found a prominent family to marry himself to. They also strongly 'demanded' that the Marquis of Order should cause great troubles at the newlywed chamber on behalf of all the brothers who were unable to come in person.

Gu Yun, who was afraid that there was not enough chaos in the world, readily agreed. Several days in advance, while coming to help the Shen Manor, he also thought of more than ten ways to torment Shen Yi.

Through his long experience of fighting in wisdom and bravery with that Gu, Shen Yi had reached the point where he only needed to see his evil smile to know what kind of stinking scheme he had in mind. To protect his life, he found a backup for himself in advance – he went to see the emperor in private.

Shen Yi said to Chang Geng in a business-like manner: "Your Majesty, I have been sorting out the old things for a while. Suddenly, I remembered that Marshal Gu had given me four letters in the Jiangnan battlefield. Two of them were personal letters to you. One of them had been sent right away at the time by order; but there had not been a chance to give you the other, I do not know what was written in it. Does Your Majesty need me to submit it?"

Chang Geng could guess what was going on as soon as he heard it - Gu Yun had prepared a stack of letters before the battle to stabilize people's hearts everywhere, and the remaining one hadn't been issued so far, he could guess that it was Gu Yun's farewell note.

He hesitated for a moment: "Then thank you for your trouble, Subject Shen."

"I dare not," Shen Yi rubbed his hands. "Your Majesty, I have one more thing to ask..."

It's very simple to deal with Gu Yun. It's just that Shen Yi hadn't realized this trick for so many years, but Chang Geng was very familiar with it.

He just had to go back and say to Gu Yun, "Miss Chen has exerted herself for all these years, now she only wishes to marry in peace."

Gu Yun did not say a word; he immediately tossed his brothers' request out of the sky.

Not only did he not make trouble, but he also used his connection to order a batch of newly created fireworks from the civilian-oriented branch of Ling Shu Institute with his own money. As soon as the right time came, Shen Manor in the Capital and the Northern Camp in the far suburb will lit them up at the same time, the bright fireworks made the night sky appear as if it was daytime.

Although no one made trouble, Shen Yi's tolerance of liquor was very poor. After a round of guests, the bridegroom still had too much. He brought two cups to Gu Yun with his tongue twisted and a full stomach of what he wanted to say.

After a hiccup, he suddenly remembered that he was in the full view of everyone. Many words were difficult to speak aloud; he stood there with his eyes wide, stunned, and silly.

Gu Yun sighed, "Future blessings for you, brother Ji Ping."

He took over both cups of wine, clinked them with each other, then drank his as well as Shen Yi's portion.

Since he started to prepare this wedding in Shen Yi's stead, Gu Yun felt inexplicably happy. It was not the sudden substantive happiness of 'earning the Zhang Yuan title' or 'winning the war'. He didn't have any specific joy when he carefully thought about it; it's just that he felt pleased wherever he looked.

Shen Yi grabbed his shoulder and hugged him tightly, wanting to laugh and cry at the same time, as if he didn't know what to express.

Gu Yun said in a low voice, "Are you happy this time?"

Shen Yi didn't know what to say, so he nodded.

In the early days of riding into the battlefield, who would have thought there would be today?

Gu Yun: "Live well in the future, don't talk so much nonsense bullshit to your wife."

Shen Yi was half smiling and half crying; he clenched his fist and patted Gu Yun twice on the back.

"Come on, don't wipe your snot on me, and don't let your bride wait for long," Gu Yun pushed him. "T'll stop the enemy' for you here.


Shen Yi moved forward two steps then looked back, it's true that with Gu Yun standing there like a pillar, no one dared to pester him anymore.

Suddenly, he felt sentimental again. General Gu has guarded the gate of the country, the gate of the city, and the gate of the palace all his life. This time, he used his grand ability for the meager task of guarding the wedding chamber for him - yet he seemed to be very happy about it.

Shen Yi felt his nose sour, with thousands of regrets in his heart, he hurried back and quickly confessed in Gu Yun's ear: "Zi Xi, the letter you wrote in Jiangnan that hasn't been opened yet, I have given it to His Majesty, you... cough... Anyway... I'll go first."

Gu Yun: "..."

He had bullied Shen Yi since they were young until they grew up. As he finally treated this person well with much difficulty, unexpectedly, he was met with this kind of betrayal, swallowing the word 'karma' whole.

At the end of the lively wedding banquet, Gu Yun stiffly went back to the Marquis's manor - Chang Geng only drank a cup of wedding wine and left after giving his present. The emperor coming personally was enough to show honor and blessing, staying for too long will make the people around uncomfortable. Thus, he had been waiting for Gu Yun at home for a long time, the light in the room was still on.

Gu Yun came up with a bad idea on the way. He asked people to take a pot of strong liquor, sprinkle it on the front sleeve, and made himself smell like a human-shaped wine pot. At this time, he pretended to “stagger' and pushed open the door with a strong force.

Chang Geng was looking at something under the light. He was shocked by the wind outside the door and the strong odor of wine. He frowned slightly. When he looked up, he saw Gu Yun stumble over the threshold and fall straight in.

Chang Geng hurriedly pushed the thing in his hand away and quickly came to catch him, shivering at the touch of Gu Yun's ice-cold hands.

Although Gu Yun usually frolicked around with overflowing energy, his hands and feet were always cold regardless of summer or winter. Whether it was taking medicine or acupuncture, they all harmed his body. But the man himself had never voiced his complaints, and Chang Geng didn't dare to show too much concern on regular days; thus, he could only look after him carefully.

At the same time, Gu Yun no longer insisted on the habit of wearing only a layer of clothing to float around in the cold winter in his older years. The two of them each adjust a little of themself to fit with the other, a quiet understanding emerged between the two people, with no need to express them by words.

Chang Geng wanted to put his hands into his arms, but the drunkard didn't cooperate, his martial arts were outstanding, leaving him helpless.

Chang Geng: "Zi Xi! God... How much did you drink? Have you lifted your ban today?"

Gu Yun groaned, placing the weight of his whole body on Chang Geng, his hands caressing his waist disorderly. While Chang Geng was busy dealing with him, he pushed him to the desk. At the same time, he secretly opened his eyes and swept his gaze across Chang Geng's shoulder – the letter that he had forgotten about was there and had not been opened yet!

Gu Yun's heart was filled with great joy of luck. He pretended to be drunk, stumbling, and hit the desk on his side, knocking it over. With a bang, the paper and pen on the desk hit the ground. Chang Geng was almost brought down by him.

Chang Geng hurriedly supported him. He even half dragged and half hugged the troublesome man to bed. He was tossing around until sweat gathered on his forehead.

The drunkard still refused to lie down obediently, vaguely pulling him and shouting: "Beauty...don't go."

Chang Geng asked abruptly, "Who are you calling?"

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Gu Yun: "...Darling Chang Geng."

His voice was low and hoarse, and was a little mumbly, making Chang Geng's scalp numb.

Gu Yun spread his arms: "Lie down for a moment with yifu... yifu loves you to death..."

Chang Geng: "..."

He was used to tidiness. In fact, he wanted to turn around and gather the collapsed table and the fallen items. However, with Gu Yun clinging so tightly to him, he was in a dilemma between cleanliness' and 'lust, in the end, His Majesty still succumbed to the latter, he turned over to turn off the lights and pulled down the bed curtains.

When Chang Geng returned to his senses the next day to try to clean up, he discovered that the letter which he could not gather the determination to open was missing from the pile of important and unimportant things on the table. Only then did he know that he had let beauty make his mind faint and was fooled by a certain someone once again.

Gu Yun's power to play coy and divert the topic was unparalleled in the world. His lips were even tighter than the gap on the golden box of the Black Armor. He refuses to admit that there was such a 'letter' in this world. Shen Yi, the only person who knows about it, was feeling guilty with his self-consciousness; he pretends to be dead every day and refuses to show up to testify.

Chang Geng kept this matter in mind for half a year, but he never found out the whereabouts and the contents of the letter. Gradually, he was no longer concerned about it.

Thinking about it, he didn't have the courage to open it at the first time and finally gave Gu Yun a chance to take advantage of it at the last second. Perhaps, he was not destined to read the farewell note.

The real man in the flesh was still right here battling in wits with him, for what reason must he find out about those painful words?

Just this once, Chang Geng felt he could believe Gu Yun's nonsense – that there had never been such a letter in the world.

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