Sha Po Lang

Chapter 112: Urgent

“I’m running out of time.” Chang Geng thought silently. ____

Chang Geng’s voice was low and ambiguous. Even if it was close to his ear, Gu Yun didn’t hear it clearly. He turned to Chang Geng in confusion and asked, “What did you say?”

Chang Geng’s eyes skimmed over one of his eyes that was covered by the liuli glass. His body was exhausted, but his blood was still boiling so much that his mouth was hot and dry. For a split second, he wanted to hug him in public and get intimate with him in front of everyone. But when he saw the Master Liao Ran’s ‘indifferent to all worldly temptations’ face from afar, he suddenly realized he had overstepped the boundary. With a smile, he silently reflected himself for a moment and let go of Gu Yun’s waist. He took up his hand and calmed himself little by little with the feeble but stable pulse: “Nothing — I saw the messenger going north just now, is it a report to the capital?”

“Yes,” Gu Yun nodded. “This time, I want the imperial court to come forward and send people to contact with the foreigners. We had always been passive before. This time, we should be confident.”

Chang Geng: “You intend to negotiate peace?”

“No,” Gu Yun said faintly, “How can we let the others sleep peacefully by our bedside? Besides, this blood debt is not yet repaid. The fertile land in Jiangnan is occupied by these animals, it is sickening even in a dream.”

Chang Geng immediately responded, “You are going to stall them, nibbling away at them slowly?”

On one hand, they would send out the signals of peace negotiations to let the enemies who have no strength left to harbor hope and leave room for them to fight within themselves.

On the other hand, they would sometimes put forward excessive demands, sometimes create regional disputes within a small range, and slowly push back the enemy’s front. In this way, they could train their soldiers through the war. When the time was right, the north side fully prepared, and the young Jiangbei Navy matured, they would move south again for battle.

Gu Yun made an ‘Mm‘ sound, letting him take him by the hand into the Marshal tent, he wiped Chang Geng’s face with a smile: “Your Highness, your face is dirty.”

Chang Geng felt half of his bones soften by the sudden gentle care of the other, but he was instantly alerted, feeling that such a soft attitude from him would not spell anything good.

Sure enough, Gu Yun sat on one side, holding Chang Geng’s hand and caressed it in his palm for a while and said, “There’s another thing.”

Chang Geng raised his eyebrow and looked at him expressionlessly.

Gu Yun held Chang Geng’s palm in one hand, and covered it with the other. He lowered his head and kissed the tip of the finger with a cut on it: “I was planning to stall them to clean up the North first.”

Chang Geng: “You want to go back to the Northern Frontier?”

Gu Yun nodded.

Chang Geng: “When?”

Gu Yun: “…Very soon. “

Gu Yun’s ‘soon’ basically meant to leave at any time according to the development of the Western enemy and the damage of the Jiangbei naval army. If he felt that the situation of the Jiangbei garrison was alright today, he would leave during the night. If there was anything that still required adjustment and deployment, he would make orders through the night and leave the next morning.

Chang Geng: “What will you do then? Do you run back and forth between both ends?”

Gu Yun was silent, it seemed that he had acknowledged it.

He suddenly felt he was at fault with Chang Geng. On the way to the western regions that year, Gu Yun once vowed to Chen Qing Xu that even if Chang Geng would go mad in the future, he would still take care of him until the end. But recently, he was always secretly worried how one day, he would no longer have enough strength.

Gu Yun was not afraid of sickness, old age, and death. General Zhong’s praying hall was on the side. Thinking about it now, no matter how kind or malicious the elders around him were, those who once taught him, harmed him, were all gone. He knew that even the heroes of the world could not escape such things. People didn’t have to be so aggressive with themselves, he was only afraid that he couldn’t protect this little madman all the time, on the contrary, even making the other feel more tired, more burdened.

Gu Yun’s deep and sincere apology left Chang Geng feeling at a loss for a moment. At first, he was unable to respond to it. For a long time, he realized that someone had carved out a gap in his heart, blood inside was pouring all over, unable to stop.

His heartache was difficult to repress, he could only pretend to smile happily.

“Alright,” Chang Geng said in a light and not excessive tone, “Don’t worry. Have you seen the drawing I put in your clothes? Soon — after you finish cleaning up the Barbarians, maybe all the steam rail trains on my side will be finished building, do you believe it?”

Soon, he would be able to build up a Great Liang with four sides at peace. Perhaps at that time, the three factions of Black Iron Camp only need to guard the entrance of the ancient Silk Road to maintain trade order, or simply open up wasteland in the border collectively. Whether his general wanted to drink grape wine at the border or to return to the capital city to fight with birds, he could take all the time he needed, he would no longer have to rush to be on the road, or be exhausted with so many things.

Gu Yun said helplessly: “How come you’re already cocky after just a small battle? You should think of a way to return to the Grand Council.”

Chang Geng bent down: “If I succeed, how would you reward me?”

Gu Yun said generously, “What do you want?”

Chang Geng thought about it and said something in a low voice near Gu Yun’s ear.

No one knew how shameless His Royal Highness Yan Wang was being in discrete that even Gu Yun, as a half-deaf man, could not listen to him anymore. He laughed and scolded: “Go away!”

This sentence hit Master Yao who came to report the postwar situation head-on. Yao Zhen said in confusion, “Where does the Marshal want me to go?”

Chang Geng, with his hands behind his back, straightened his waist with an unfathomable expression, stood up as a noble and reserved flower.

However, when Gu Yun concentrated on talking with Yao Zhen, he retracted the complacent smile he deliberately feigned, his face became heavier and heavier.

I’m running out of time.” Chang Geng thought silently.

In the end, Gu Yun lingered until the next day, accompanied Chang Geng to lit General Zhong Chan an incense, eating a bowl of hot porridge cooked by Yan Wang himself in the tent. As usual, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the green contents inside and implicitly declared his ambition of ‘not wanting to be a sheep’, that was also ignored as usual. In order not to become a sheep, he had to eat them without chewing.

He set off early the next morning for the Northern Frontier.

When Gu Yun arrived in the Northern Frontier, he was glad to find that Shen Yi was not yet done for, he really was able to hold back the crazy barbarians, protecting the northern area.

The crazier Jia Lai was, the nearer the end of the Eighteen Tribes was. As Gu Yun expected, after four or five days of fierce fighting, the offensive from the Barbarians slowed down significantly. A stronghold was razed to the ground by the over-excited young General Cai on his pursuit. They found that there was only a bit of Ziliujin left inside. The people had retreated.

Cao Chun Hua said with his arms and legs flailing, saliva splattering: “Jia Lai can make a move, which means that the previous rebel forces have been eliminated or at least suppressed by him, but he still needs to fight and employ people, it is impossible for him to kill all the subordinate forces of the other major tribes. At most, he would deal with several leaders and make an example of them. The rebel forces may still be able to revive.”

Shen Yi: “We have to have an opportunity.”

“That’s right,” Cao Chun Hua said, “General Cai told me that day, before, there used to be Barbarians who secretly exchanged Ziliujin for materials. General Cai had kept this in mind, secretly monitored the transaction, recorded every transaction down and even made portraits for the frequent visitors. I took a look at them the other day and actually saw an acquaintance.”

As he spoke, he took out a simple drawing from his sleeve, spreading it out on the small table, pointing at a man in the picture: “This man is a slave in charge of horses under Jia Lai Ying Huo. I know him, he was the chief manager’s man. Normally, he always acts like a tyrant using the name of the chief… I think that as the people have been suffering from many years of war, it is not only the ones with ambitions in the Eighteen Tribes who are dissatisfied with Jia Lai. I feel that there’s something for us to make use of here. “

“How certain are you?” Gu Yun asked.

Cao Chun Hua gave him a flirtatious look and said with his tongue curled: “It depends on how much resources Marshal has prepared for me.”

Gu Yun thought to himself, “If this child had been around me for a long time in his childhood, I would have beaten these bad habits out of him.”

To let him out of sight, out of mind, he waved his hand and let Cao Chun Hua go.

Before Shen Yi could ask about the specific plan of action, the soldiers came to report that Chen Qing Xu had arrived.

Gu Yun clucked his tongue and watched with astonishment how Shen Yi had changed from leaning about to sitting upright. His face tightened as if facing a fearsome enemy. He had never been so serious even when having an audience with the Emperor.

Chen Qing Xu came to inform them that she planned to go with Cao Chun Hua to search for the secret witchcraft of the goddess at Jia Lai Ying Huo’s place.

Shen Yi panicked as he heard this, signaling Gu Yun with his eyes. Gu Yun looked at the sky and the ground, pretending that he didn’t know a thing. After many years of acquaintance, he had understood a little about the personality of Chen’s family. Miss Chen only came to inform them out of politeness, not to ask for their opinion.

As Gu Yun could not be counted on at the critical moment, Shen Yi went to the battle with half of his paralyzed tongue and said: “A miracle doctor like Miss Chen is very valuable. You shouldn’t even come to the front line, let alone sneak into the enemy base, it is too careless — in case something happens… Is that right, Marshal? “

Gu Yun had to dance along, “Mm, yes, Ji Ping is right.”

Chen Qing Xu said: “I’m going north this time to sneak into the tent of Jia Lai Ying Huo to find their lost witchcraft. Wouldn’t it be better if I could also help a little bit? I understand my own limit in this matter. Thank you, generals, for your concern.”

Gu Yun sighed, “I’m really sorry to have troubled you running around.”

At this point, Chen Qing Xu remembered that Chang Geng’s interrogative letter was still on her desk, her face paled: “Marshal does not need to feel that way, just mention my difficulties in front of His Royal Highness Yan Wang occasionally.”

Shen Yi: “…”

That Gu just agreed he was being reasonable, how come it had turned to ‘troubled you for running around’?

The bastard could never keep to his opinion from start to end!

Shen Yi tried to search for all kinds of reasons — danger in the enemy line?

With Miss Chen’s skill and bravery of breaking into the prison under the guard of the Northern Camp, this reason was a little unspeakable.

Then… the wounded soldiers need you?

Her willingness to stay to help was a matter of sentiment, and if she was unwilling to, it was also within reason. The wounded camp had its own military doctors, most of which are simple works of bandaging, which also insulted Doctor Chen’s skills.

Chen Qing Xu was not a talkative person either. With Shen Yi’s words being stuck this way, she felt that she had finished speaking, turning around and was ready to leave.

“Miss Chen!” Shen Yi stood up in a panic and nearly crashed the desk in front of him.

Gu Yun covered his face in silence.

Shen Yi’s thousands of words in his chest were already lined up and waiting to come out to express his feelings. Unexpectedly, when the words came to his mouth, the last gate did not want to be opened no matter what, they were all blocked in his throat. Finally, only one bitter and dry sentence came out, “Is Miss Chen doing this for Yan Wang?”

Gu Yun: “…”

Does he think I am dead or something?

As Shen Yi’s words left his mouth, he also wished he could slap himself, these were not a human’s words.

Fortunately, Chen Qing Xu did not think much about it. Hearing this, she only said seriously: “Since Yan Wang holds the Lin Yuan emblem, shouldering heavy responsibility and a high position, it’s also the responsibility of Chen family to remove the Bone of Impurity for him. Moreover, the witchcraft of the Eighteen Tribes has no communication with the Central Plains, many strange poisons do not have antidotes, many methods to cure and save people also lost among the old papers. Since I have this chance, I must try my best. Even if only meager bits can be passed down in the future, it will not be in vain. “

Shen Yi’s chest grew cold as he listened, between the person who only wanted to have his wife and children beside him all day long like himself and Miss Chen who thought about generations to come, the distance truly was as far as the capital to the Northern Frontier.

Between his father, who only knew how to play and retired early passed down his family-style, and the Chen family, who guarded the Lin Yuan wooden emblem for generations and hid away from the world, the distance was as far as Great Liang to the Westerners.

Even the flying Black Eagle forever could not reach!

Shen Yi looked at her plain white face and had nothing to say, so he brought out a small signal bullet and handed it to Chen Qing Xu: “This is the latest one from Ling Shu Institute. It doesn’t need to be lit by an open fire. Just throw it into the air. As long as it is high enough, it will ignite by itself. It can be seen from a hundred miles away. In case anything happens… I… You…”

This incoherent speeches caused Gu Yun to feel his tooth ache.

Chen Qing Xu’s hand was stuffed with the small signal bullet still carrying body temperature. Even if she was any colder, at this time, she also felt something. She looked at Shen Yi with an indescribable gaze.

Shen Yi could no longer bear it, he was about to dig a hole and bury himself. He hurriedly made up an excuse to say goodbye to Gu Yun and ran away.

Chen Qing Xu: “…”

Gu Yun stood up slowly and said to Chen Qing Xu seriously: “If there is any abnormal change with the Barbarians, you don’t have to push it too hard, just release the signal, We will send someone to assist immediately. Pay more attention to safety… When you return victorious, just call Shen Ji Ping over to sing a song for you.”

Chen Qing Xu nodded hearing the first half, but as she heard the last half, she felt that it was strange: “What song?”

Marshal Gu who could not be proper even in death said smilingly: “Song of the Yue.*”

*越人歌, Yue Ren Ge, this folk song was passed on as a song about being secretly in love

That night, Chen Qing Xu and Cao Chun Hua crossed the Northern Barbarian defense line and quietly entered the metropolis of the Eighteen Tribes.

The ‘metropolis’ was actually only a relatively lively tribal settlement compared to other areas. Except for murderous barbarian warriors occasionally walking back and forth, most of the civilians on the roadside were all in ragged clothing.

The corpse of a child died by starvation that no one had buried was lying on the side of the road, coveted by a group of drooling wild dogs. A woman with a dull face lingered around for a moment, then finally accepted her fate, standing up and walked away like a living corpse.

Among the gorgeous noble tents were the Heavy Armors strictly keeping guard. The vultures hovered in the sky with the Eagle Armors. The stench of corpses and blood scattered everywhere… There was also a subtle fragrance of Ziliujin among it.

At a place in the center, under the Wolf King’s banner, a man of medium height walked into the Wolf King’s residence with a bowl of medicine. The guards on both sides greeted respectfully: “Chief manager. “

The chief only made an ‘Mm‘ sound without lifting his eyes and went into the Wolf King’s tent with the medicine.

A gaunt young man came out and took the medicine bowl: “Let me do it.”

The chief looked at him and asked, “Your Highness, how is our King doing today?”

“Same as usual.” The Prince shook his head and joined him in walking inside.

The thick felt separated both sides, letting in the sunlight, there was a wheelchair equipped with a golden box on which sat a tall and large ‘skeleton’. Hearing the movement, the ‘skeleton’ slowly turned the wheelchair to face the visitors, eyes opened in a slit.

His eyes had not yet turned turbid, shining incredibly bright, the spirit of the whole body were concentrated in these fierce and cruel eyes.

It was none other than Jia Lai Ying Huo.

Sometime last year, the Wolf King, Jia Lai Ying Huo, was seriously ill. He suddenly had a stroke and fell into a coma, unable to speak clearly after waking up, he was bedridden for a long time. Several tribal leaders of the Eighteen Tribes Alliance assumed that he was finished and joined hands to launch a coup. They imprisoned the Wolf King’s Crown Prince, pushed the cowardly Second Prince to the top, then busily tried to appease Great Liang and sent people for peace talks.

But who knew that even the Wolf King, whose even bodyguard captain had ‘betrayed’ him, could still turn the table. First, he secretly let the bodyguard captain sneak into the peace negotiation mission to cause the incident of the Northern border of Great Liang. No one knew that he still had a group of vanguard Heavy Armors from the Westerners that year in his hand as the trump card. Using the time when several tribal leaders are dealing with Great Liang’s troubles to secretly scheming, taking the rebel party down with one move, using blood to wash the Wolf King flag of alliance, then suddenly gathering a hundred thousand tons of Ziliujin to fight back against Great Liang.

The chief lowered his head and dared not look at him. He listened respectfully to the conversation between Jia Lai Ying Huo and the Prince. This man was too terrifying, every hair on his body gave off the scent of blood.

Suddenly, Jia Lai threw the medicine bowl in his hand onto the Prince: “Useless!”

The chief shivered.

The prince said carefully: “Father, there is not enough supplies. This year, half of the old people and children in all tribes starved to death. There are bodies everywhere that can’t be cleaned up in time…”

Jia Lai roared: “Useless! If there’s not enough Ziliujin, then go dig for more! If there’s not enough materials, then go rob the Central Plains! If it’s still not enough then make those nobles donate!”

His tongue was still not very fluent, his words sounded stiff when shouting, the prince’s eyes reddened as he said: “Father, we can’t surpass the Black Iron Camp on the border of the Central Plains. The nobles can’t afford to donate anything anymore. They…”

His words were once again interrupted by the angry scolding of Jia Lai Ying Huo. The news that the Western naval army was fighting against Great Liang in the South came. However, there were always methods for news to be hindered, The news about the naval army surprise attack and its defeat were still on the way. Jia Lai Ying Huo firmly believed that after both the North and the South closed in, it was only a matter of time for them to move a thousand miles a day.

He was as fierce as before, but it seemed that his fierceness had bordered on madness.

The chief watched the Wolf King beating and scolding the prince, he himself taking the cup’s lid to the forehead, then silently left and went straight back to his tent, where several aristocrats and the guests from Central Plains were awaiting his news.

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