Sha Po Lang

Chapter 110: Bright Sword

This blade that had been tempered must be sharpened with the enemy’s blood.____

Trapped in the infinite nightmare, Gu Yun stepped onto the void, falling in the deep darkness. His muscles suddenly tensed, his whole body twitching violently, then woke up in the dark night.

He sobered up very quickly, and in the instant he opened his eyes, his soul returned to its place. He remembered exactly where he was and the things he had yet to do.

But at that moment, Gu Yun was stunned. Someone had placed a cold cheek on his forehead. Not to mention Jiangbei Camp, even those from the Black Iron Camp would never dare to be this ‘intimate’ towards him. He then caught the scent of tranquilizer and saw a silhouette with his half-blind vision that had adapted to the dark.

Gu Yun’s existing sweat had yet to dry, a layer of cold sweat already came out. He thought, “Why is he here?”

Chang Geng twisted the simple steam lamp on the camp bed, silently pulled out a towel from the nearby basin and wiped away the sweat on Gu Yun’s forehead.

Gu Yun’s whole body was soft, and there seemed to be an invisible wound buried under his chest’s skin and flesh. He could feel a dull pain whenever he exerted a little bit of strength. He fumbled around for a while and found his liuli glass in a bit of panic: “I’ll do it myself…”

Chang Geng bowed his head and ignored him, pushing his wrist down with just a touch.

Gu Yun nervously moistened his lips, feeling a little guilty for no reason and thought, “Did anybody talk nonsense?”

At this time, Chang Geng had cleaned his body thoroughly, tightened his clothes, and pulled the quilt over to wrap Gu Yun tightly. Only then did he finally raised his head and made eye contact with him.

Gu Yun seized the moment and smiled at him.

Chang Geng looked at him expressionlessly.

Gu Yun weakly pulled out a hand, grabbed the back of Chang Geng’s neck, gently kneaded it for two times and caressed his chin with his fingertips: “Why the long face as soon as you see me? Your yifu’s beauty and love had already faded so quickly?”

“…” Chang Geng suddenly wanted to see how well he could pretend, he asked coldly, “What happened to you?”

Gu Yun narrowed his eyes slightly and read his lips. His face did not change, “A cold.”

Chang Geng: “…”

He expected that Gu Yun would cover it up, but he did not expect that he was this half-hearted in his cover up.

Gu Yun wanted this matter to pass by pleasantly, he reached out and patted Chang Geng’s face. “Come, let me see if you have lost weight recently.”

Chang Geng slapped his hand away and said angrily, “Gu Zi Xi!”

Gu Yun immediately adjusted his tactics and frowned, bringing his military authority out of nowhere: “Who had run their mouth again? General Zhong has just passed, has Jiangbei Camp already become this lawless?”

Chang Geng took a deep breath: “In the praying hall, you…”

Gu Yun the wicked accused first and intercepted, “Which kid had guarded the praying hall? Which camp did he come from? Call Yao Chong Ze here for me, this must be punished by military law!”

Chang Geng clenched his teeth silently.

Gu Yun shook his head like telling a true story: “Jiangbei Navy is still short in years, this kind of thing will not happen in the Black Iron Camp…”

“Really,” Chang Geng said with a humorless smile, “I am that kid. What is Marshal going to do to me?”

Gu Yun: “…”

At this moment, the ever-changing and always-scheming General Gu understood what was called ‘be rendered speechless’.

Chang Geng actually had a belly of questions to ask him, but he knew that Gu Yun would not honestly confess. Unable to bear seeing this man exhausts himself trying to deal with him, his words were pressed down several times as it surfaced. As he was in turmoil, there was a sudden strange noise from outside the tent.

A soldier’s voice outside the tent cried out in a hurry, “Your Highness! Your Highness Yan Wang!”

Chang Geng frowned and stood up, “What’s wrong?”

As he finished, a sudden tremor came from the ground. Chang Geng was startled. Only when an explosive falls could such a tremor be created!

Taking another look, the Jiangbei Camp had bright lights lit, the sound of hooves came from near and far, cold iron armors, the tonghou on top rang loudly, carrying with it the unique air of thick vapor in Jiangbei, slowly spreading out like thunder, as if it could awaken the entire northern half of the country. The ready-to-go Sea Dragons along the coast with its steam light lit up one by one, the cold light piercing the dense vapor. The straight light column on the watchtower shot through Jiangbei.

Enemy attack!

Gu Yun couldn’t hear clearly, but he recognized the vibration from the ground and the lights coming from the door. After he arrived in Jiangbei, the first thing he did was to strengthen the defense line. In truth, it was only to stabilize the people’s hearts. He did not expect that the usually patient Western Navy would indeed choose this time to raid Jiangbei Camp.

Sometimes when one did their best, one also had to obey the destiny of the heavens. Although on this side, they had calculated every move, they were not aware that the enemy’s backyard had also caught on fire. Unknown to them, they changed to a commander with an entirely different fighting style.

Gu Yun had no time to think about it. He grabbed his coat and wrapped it around him. When he got up, he staggered as if he had just finished eating five kilos of muscle-softening drug and almost knelt down.

Just then, a Black Eagle flashed across the sky and landed directly at the gate of the Marshal tent. Before he could open his mouth, the red ribbon letter slipped out of his hand and was stepped on by Gu Yun.

Gu Yun struggled to support himself with the head of the bed and bent down to open the letter by the steam light. At the same time, the Black Eagle quickly reported, “Marshal, in the pretext of peace talks to surrender, the Eighteen Tribes brought suicide soldiers and six carts of Ziliujin to our border as bait. After detonating to explode into a path, tens of thousands of elite soldiers poured out, intending to break the net.”

Gu Yun raised his eyes from the red label letter: “What about the situation? How many casualties are there?”

Black Eagle: “Your subordinate left in a hurry, I do not know!”

Gu Yun calmed down then gritted his teeth. Forcing out a bit of strength, he reached for the Wind Slasher hanging on the bed and shouted, “Bring me a Heavy Armor.”

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