Seventeen Again: The Sweet Life with My Family

Chapter 643 - Saving Someone

Saving Someone

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Of course, Shen Jun knew what document she was talking about, but he couldn’t figure out what the document had to do with the auction.

However, he still said expressionlessly, “I’m just accompanying my girlfriend to the auction.”

Jiang Chun smiled mysteriously. “It’s alright, as long as the documents are useful to you. Shall we meet at the auction scene later? You’ll definitely come to me then.”

She raised her eyebrows one last time and smiled provocatively at Wen Nian before turning to leave.

Jin Ting gritted her teeth at the sight of her. She asked fiercely, “Shen Jun, do you really have something on with her? You can’t abandon your wife and son!” Wen Nian held her forehead and said helplessly, “When did he get a wife? When did he get a child? Miss Jin, did you not graduate from primary school?”

“I have graduated. I’m about to graduate from high school!” Jin Ting didn’t care. “Anyway, if he dares to let you down, I’ll…”

“What are you going to do?” Shen Jun lowered his head and looked at her coldly.

Jin Ting shivered and quickly hid behind Gu Cheng. Then, she said timidly, “I’ll introduce a boyfriend to Wen Nian. He will be a hundred times better than you!”

Seeing her like this, they all laughed. Shen Jun gently squeezed Wen Nian’s hand. The two of them looked at each other and saw the smile in each other’s eyes.

When they arrived at the auction venue, Wen Nian started to look around. There were many rich and powerful people at the venue, but she didn’t know everyone from the older generation. Especially in the VIP seats in the front row, Wen Nian didn’t seem to find the person she was looking for.

She was a little disappointed. She really could not remember how she met Huo Feng at that time. She could only try her luck like this. Fortunately, the interval between the few raw stones auctions was not too far apart.

Jin Ting kept winking at Wen Nian, and Gu Cheng also looked at her expectantly. Wen Nian had no choice but to think about which stones were more suitable based on her memory. Fortunately, the outcome was good both times. Only then did Wen Nian heave a sigh of relief.

Thinking that Huo Feng had yet to appear and there seemed to be no one with the surname Huo at the scene, Wen Nian was a little disappointed and took the opportunity to go to the toilet to take a breather.

Just as she reached the corner, she heard a male voice scolding someone evilly. His words were filled with sarcasm.

“Old fart, don’t you have eyes? Do you know how much my shoes cost?”

“You’re dressed so poorly, yet you still dare to attend such an auction? I think you’re crazy about getting rich, right?”

“You’re already so old. You should die. You’re an eyesore here!”

The auction venue was filled with either the rich or noble, but there were also many ordinary people participating. As long as they met the conditions and paid a certain deposit, they could enter the venue. However, they could not enter the VIP venue.

Under normal circumstances, there would definitely be many security guards on every floor. Since the security guards did not care, it meant that they could not afford to offend the person who scolded them.

Wen Nian didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, but for some reason, hearing these ear-piercing scoldings reminded her of everything that had happened in her previous life.

She closed her eyes for a moment, then strode over.

Seeing her walk over, the young men stopped. The man who was scolding her saw her and his eyes lit up. “Miss Wen? We’re really fated to meet here?”

Wen Nian looked at the man in front of her and gritted her teeth. No wonder she found the scolding familiar! This person was actually Li Yu, the man who had given her the most money and tortured her the most in her previous life.

Li Yu looked the same as his name. He looked gentle like jade, but deep down, he was a bad person.

The Li family had been in politics for a few generations and could be considered a well-known family. However, they had a prodigal son like Li Yu. Moreover, if Wen Nian remembered correctly, the collapse of the Capital Suburb Bridge in her previous life was related to this Li family. However, there was a big shot in the Li family who suppressed this matter and found a few small officials to take the blame.

As for Li Yu, he relied on the Li family’s power to commit crimes. When he was in his teens, he molested girls. When he was in his twenties, he was even more incompetent. He liked to fool around with female celebrities and would take photos of them. Moreover, they were all bloody and violent photos.

Wen Nian was introduced to Li Yu by Wei Xiao at the peak of her popularity. At that time, it was just to help Wei Xiao establish connections with the government. She had been with Li Yu for a few years and had been tortured the whole time.

Because Li Yu had played too much in his early years, he had long been hollowed out and could not get an erection at all, let alone do anything. Therefore, when Wen Nian met him in her previous life, he was a complete cripple, a cripple who loved to torture people.

Looking at the lecherous Li Yu in front of her, it seemed that he had not reached that stage yet, but he was still annoying..

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