Seventeen Again: The Sweet Life with My Family

Chapter 625 - Chapter 625: Her Boyfriend

Chapter 625: Her Boyfriend

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“I’m your boyfriend. Of course I can sense it.” Shen Jun held her hand back and wrapped her small hand in his palm.

Actually, he only knew that Wen Nian was at the scene after seeing the news. With such a huge incident happening in the capital, he naturally paid attention, especially when he saw Wen Nian on the news. Although it was only for a few seconds, he saw her at a glance.

Shen Jun rushed to the scene almost immediately, but when he arrived, Wen Nian had already been sent to the ambulance.

When he thought about how Zhao Kai’s body was trembling when he held Wen Nian’s hand, he confirmed his previous thoughts.

However, Wen Nian was oblivious to all of this. She even smiled and said, “If only we could really communicate telepathically. In the future, we won’t even use phones anymore. We’ll just communicate via brain waves.”

“It’s not impossible. Wear-type phones will probably be invented in the future.” Shen Jun kissed her hair and hugged her tightly.

He thought for a moment before asking, “Aren’t you filming today? Why are you with Zhao Kai?”

He had never suspected that Wen Nian was interested in Zhao Kai, but it was obvious that the other party did not just treat Wen Nian as an ordinary friend. Shen Jun was a little shocked. He did not even know when Zhao Kai had feelings for Wen Nian.

Wen Nian didn’t think too much about it and told him everything that had happened that day. However, she didn’t tell him about her premonition that the bridge was about to collapse. In fact, Shen Jun had also asked Zhao Kai just now. The two of them had said the same.

“I’m sorry for making you worry.” Wen Nian kissed Shen Jun’s hand ingratiatingly.


She didn’t want to be nosy, but she saw so many people at the scene and felt that she had to do something.

“Silly, why are you apologizing to me?” Shen Jun pulled her into his arms. “Our Sister Nian is so kind-hearted. I’ve really picked up a treasure.”

He kissed Wen Nian’s cheek hard. “It’s just that you have to act within your means next time. You’re the most important to me. If anything happens to you… Forget it, I’ll protect you in the future.”

Hearing his contradictory words, Wen Nian couldn’t help but laugh. She nestled gently in Shen Jun’s arms and said with a smile, “Alright, then I’ll have to trouble Young Master Shen to take care of me, your weak and helpless girlfriend.”

The two of them had just been cuddling for a while when the door was pushed open. Jin Ting ran in crying. “Sister Nian, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault! If you hadn’t sent me back, the two of you wouldn’t have been caught in the accident on the bridge. Boohoo.”

When Jin Ting saw the news, she was dumbfounded. The flashy green car in the news was smashed to pieces. Only the color and license plate could prove that it was Zhao Kai’s car. She called Wen Nian countless times, but Wen Nian didn’t answer at all. If Gu Cheng hadn’t sent her another news video, she would have fainted when she saw Wen Nian.

Jin Ting hugged Wen Nian so tightly that Wen Nian felt suffocated.

Seeing her unnatural expression, Shen Jun grabbed Jin Ting’s collar mercilessly. “Stay away from her.”

“No!” Jin Ting cried, but she couldn’t break free at all. “Nian Nian, you don’t know how worried I was about you. I almost had a heart attack!”

Wen Nian quickly grabbed Shen Jun’s hand. “Alright, alright. She’s just being kind. Be gentle.”

Only then did Jin Ting break free from Shen Jun’s hand. Then, she quickly took out her phone. “You definitely didn’t look at your phone in the hospital, right?

You’re on the news again this time. This time, it’s the news from the Capital TV station!”

Actually, knowing that Wen Nian was fine, Jin Ting was relieved. On the way here, she saw the news and naturally saved it happily.

Wen Nian was quite famous now, especially since she was on the trending searches because of her love rivals from time to time. Basically, everyone who were online knew her, and many people recognized her at the scene.

“It was this little girl who gave me the raincoat. I was at the scene!”

“Is she Wen Nian? I can’t tell that she’s a celebrity at all. She’s working so hard to move big boxes back and forth!”

“I even saw her save a child on the spot. She looks soft and weak, but she’s really good at saving people.”

“I heard that Wen Nian bought all the supplies at the scene with her own money. She’s beautiful and kind! I’ll definitely support her movie next time!”

“No wonder even a director with such a strange temper like Sun Zhi took a fancy to her? She’s really a good girl!”

But suddenly, there was a comment that was out of place. When Shen Jun saw it, his expression immediately turned cold.

“Is her boyfriend commanding on the scene? He’s so handsome and he’s especially gentle to her. I even took a photo!”

The accompanying photo of the comment was Zhao Kai tying Wen Nian’s raincoat. He was still looking at her gently..

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