Seventeen Again: The Sweet Life with My Family

Chapter 542 - Chapter 542: No Harem

Chapter 542: No Harem

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It wasn’t until they reached the restaurant that Wen Nian vaguely remembered that the last time Shen Jun gathered in the capital, there seemed to be that girl too. However, she couldn’t remember her name at all.

“Why are you in a daze?” Shen Jun tapped her forehead lightly. “Sister Juan said that you have to control your weight. Don’t be too indulgent for the next two days. This Sichuan cuisine is not bad. You like spicy food, but control yourself.” Wen Nian looked at the eight dishes in front of her and was a little speechless. She had to eat eight dishes at a time when she had to control her diet. If she didn’t control herself, would she have to eat a Manchu Han Imperial Feast?

However, looking at the bright red Sichuan cuisine, she drooled. She picked up a piece of Mapo Tofu. It was indeed authentic Sichuan cuisine. It was spicy, fragrant and delicious.

Wen Nian poured some water into the cup and rinsed some tofu. “You can’t eat too spicy food. I know that you are taking consideration of me, but you can’t eat it.”

Shen Jun was speechless and sweet as he ate the tofu in one bite. However, it was still so spicy. It was indeed a sweet burden. However, he was quite happy to see Wen Nian eating happily.


As they ate, the two of them chatted about the first day of the report. Shen Jun didn’t stay in the dormitory, and the Shen family wanted him to take over the company. His software company had also become official, so it was indeed inconvenient to stay in the dormitory.

Wen Nian only stayed on campus occasionally. After all, she had to practice many subjects in the acting faculty. It was not convenient to stay in the apartment, so she could only stay at both places for the time being. Moreover, she might have to go to the production team in the early stages.

However, at the mention of her roommates, Wen Nian continued, “Do you know? The young lady who helped me clarify during the art exam was called Zhang Jin. She’s in the same dormitory as me. Also, do you know the food tycoon Guo family in N Province? His daughter is also in the same dormitory as me. I think my luck is off the charts.”

“The Guo family? You mean the one who started out selling beef jerky? Why would she go to the Film Academy?” Shen Jun naturally knew about the Guo family, especially since they had made achievements in the country in the past few years. The Shen family even used his family’s marketing methods to do a case analysis.

Wen Nian ate a piece of spicy cod and said, “She didn’t even want to come after the art exam. But she made a mistake when she applied for the college entrance examination. She even said that I was holding a pig’s head in the production team and must know how to read fortunes. She even asked me to read her palm. Hahaha!”

Seeing her smile happily, Shen Jun’s mood improved a lot. He took out a napkin to wipe her mouth.

At this moment, Wen Nian asked sneakily, “The Guo family also has an online shop. Moreover, she told me a lot about her family’s marketing methods. Do you think we should take a look at our online shop and hire her as a consultant?”

“Our family?” Shen Jun laughed.

Wen Nian nodded vigorously. “Of course it’s ours. You made the website and got someone to take photos. Besides, my parents don’t treat you as an outsider.”

What she didn’t say was that Zhou Mei had followed Shen Jun’s photographer to shoot the braised food for an entire day. Then, she called Wen Nian and praised Shen Jun for more than ten minutes, saying that he was trustworthy, reliable, a peerless good man… Wen Nian’s head hurt from listening.

When Shen Jun heard her say that, his heart warmed. “The Guo family is indeed very capable and has always been in a family business. It’s very difficult to achieve such a big business. If your classmate is willing, let’s have lunch tomorrow? My treat.”

Wen Nian quickly rubbed her head against his hand ingratiatingly. “My boyfriend is too good. Long live the Emperor!”

Shen Jun shook his head helplessly, but he could feel that ever since Wen Nian entered the Capital Film Academy and started filming again, she had become much happier and the psychological pressure had indeed lessened.

However, Wen Nian immediately held his hand and began to touch it from time to time. Then, she narrowed her eyes and asked, “But Your Majesty, don’t you have too many women around you? One is Jiang Chun, the other is Jiang Ning, and the one today. Sigh, you are really attracting bees and butterflies!”

Shen Jun took the opportunity to pull her over and then bit her lips. “You talk too much! You saw me talking to them?”

“Can I see what you are saying? I have to listen. I was so far away. How can I hear you?” Wen Nian was not to be outdone and bit him again.

Shen Jun rubbed her face affectionately with his nose, then hugged her in his arms. “I only dote on you. I don’t have a harem..”

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