Seeking Happiness

Chapter 234 - Ending Part 2 The happy occasion filled the house

Ending Part 2 The happy occasion filled the house

In an instant, the bridal sedan chair had been carried to the front door of Gu residence. A pair of matron of honor went to lift the curtain of the sedan chair to help the bride out of the sedan chair. The crowd immediately became excited. Shu Huan felt that the people behind her were constantly pushing forward, stepping on her embroidered shoes and almost caused them to get from her feet.

“Second young mistress, be careful.” Someone next to her gave her a hand so that she could bend down and put on her shoes properly.

“Thank you.” Shu Huan brushed her sideburns hair away, looked up and saw the one who just helped her was actually Yun Yan.

It hadn’t been too long since they had last seen each other but that distressful look on Yun Yan’s face from before had dispersed a lot. At this moment, her eyes were lowered, her lips curved in a smile, she looked peaceful and more beautiful.

Gu Xiran who was beside Shu Huan apparently heard the conversation between the two of them. After turning his head, he saw Yun Yan. He wasn’t surprised and just asked her with a smile, “Where is Du Qiu?”

Yun Yan lowered her eyes even more as if she was afraid to look at Gu Xiran but she still replied in a low voice, “He just went to look for second young master and doctor Ji but didn’t expect you all to be here.”

“Damn it!” Shu Huan cursed. She (SH) wasn’t scolding her (YY) but Du Qiu. “He knows you are four months pregnant. How can he leave you here alone?”

“No, I’m not alone.” Yun Yan blushed and hurriedly explained, “My mother is here too. Just now I said I was thirsty so she went to get tea for me but we lost each other in the end.”

“It’s going to be lively for a while here. You’d better go inside and rest.” As Shu Huan said that, she only pushed Gu Xiran. Because he was tall, it would be easy for him to look for someone in the crowd. She immediately called a maid over to protect Yun Yan to the inside of the house.

After seeing Yun Yan gradually disappearing in the crowd, Shu Huan was still emotional. In the past, who had thought that she (YY) and Du Qiu could make a good match? But their brother-sister relationship was false, they weren’t related by blood. Not to mention, they had no relatives that were too gossipy in Jingtian City. Even after marrying, there weren’t any gossips about them.

When Shu Huan turned her head back, the bride had already stepped across the fire pan with the help of the matron of honor and was about to go through the main door to worship the stove. She (SH) followed the crowd and whispered suddenly, “It seems that she hasn’t forgotten you yet. She didn’t dare to even look at you!”

Gu Xiran naturally knew that she was talking to him and smiled, “Can it be that you are still jealous?”

“Don’t flatter yourself! Why should I be jealous of her?!” Shu Huan lightly pinched Gu Xiran and said with a smile, “But that she has a home to return now is a good thing too. Moreover, I think after living with Du Qiu for so many years, she also has some feelings for him. Du Qiu also really cares about her. At that time when he has just learned that she is pregnant, look at his nervousness, he almost abducted doctor Ji to his house.”

Gu Xiran recalled Du Qiu’s face which was always cold and indifferent, unprecedentedly showed joy and a bewildered smile. He (GXR) laughed out and said, “Yeah! I originally thought that he was forced to marry Yun Yan to pay a debt of gratitude and to appease madam Du’s worries but didn’t expect him to truly like her.”

“It’s far more than liking her!” Ji Danqing was beside them. After hearing them whispering to each other, he interrupted them with a smile, “Yun Yan’s symptoms during pregnancy is a bit serious. Her morning sickness was so bad that she couldn’t even eat anything. Those days, he pestered me all day, asked if Yun Yan’s life will be in danger. If so, he intends to not have that child. I see that he has it hard too. He obviously likes her very much but he’s too embarrassed to show it in front of Yun Yan, always keeping a straight face and acting indifferently.”

“Isn’t that the same as little four? He obviously likes Yuqing but has to always tease her and quarrel with her all day long!” Shu Huan laughed out loud and looked over the door to only see Gu Xihe smiling foolishly.

Gu Xiran shook his head and said, “There’s still a difference. Yun Yan has a calm temperament and Du Qiu doesn’t like to talk. These two together, I’m afraid they won’t quarrel in this lifetime at all.”

In the midst of chatting and laughing, the bride had entered the residence. They followed the crowd and walked through the main door. Upon reaching the main hall, they saw old madam with her face full of joy and sat down with the help of others. Sitting next to her was Lin shi who was also dressed in a new red dress, displaying a joyous smile which had hardly ever been seen since Gu Da’s death. There was even a bright gleam in her eyes, which was an irrepressible tear of excitement.

Poor parents who always have to worry about their children!

No matter how dislikable Lin shi was, she was still very good to Gu Xihe.

Shu Huan watched Gu Xihe using a red satin to lead Jiang Yuqing to the hall, to perform the wedding ritual of bowing to Heaven and Earth. She couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

As soon as she had finished sighing, she felt Gu Xiran’s grip on her hand tighten. She looked at him and saw him smiling gently at her. He even leaned over and whispered in her ear, “What’s the matter? Are you envious seeing the wedding being so lively? If you’re envious, we can have one again!”

Shu Huan laughed shockingly, pinched him lightly and said, “What did you say?! How many times do you want to be married? Saying this when we have children already!”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you want a grand wedding, I’ll give it to you!” Gu Xiran’s eyes were crystal clear and even suppressed his voice and said wickedly, “I will give you whatever you want.”

Shu Huan blushed because his teasing. She lowered her eyes and said, “Don’t speak anymore, there are so many people here.”

But Gu Xiran ignored that. Even if there were more people here, it had nothing to do with him. He only asked Shu Huan again, “So, do you want such a wedding or not?”

Shu Huan raised her eyes and saw that the whole hall was full of happy laughter of the crowd as Gu Xihe and Jiang Yuqing were bowing to each other as a married couple in the midst of congratulations. She couldn’t help but think of the scene when she and Gu Xiran were married five years ago. Although there was no such a liveliness and joyousness, her heart was filled with the same happiness and joy.

It was enough! It was really enough!

Although the wedding at that time was really simple, she was already satisfied with it!

As long as she and Gu Xiran love each other and could hold hands for a lifetime, then this kind of stuff wasn’t important at all!

Shu Huan looked at Gu Xiran. Her eyes turned gentle and she said, “No need!”

Gu Xiran smiled and raised his eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” As Shu Huan replied, she put her other hand into his too and leaned slightly to him. “Our wedding is more special, isn’t it?”

Of course, it was! A wedding night without consummation, wasn’t it special enough?!

Gu Xiran was a bit dejected but after reaching for her waist quietly, his heart was filled with happiness. He couldn’t help but lower his eyes and looked gently at her with a smile, his eyes full of affection.

All right! Whatever wifey said is right!

No one noticed them so he hugged her more tightly and gently kissed her hair. Afterwards, they heard the crowd’s roar of laughter and there was a constant overflow of festive words. Outside, the noise of firecrackers sounded for a long time.

As the crowd went out and the bride was led to the bridal chamber, Shu Huan looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the night had fallen, the sky was deep and boundless; only to see at the end of the sky, a new moon was climbing up.

It was an auspicious day! Really nice weather!

Shu Huan was blown by the night breeze and felt a bit cold, so she leaned closer to Gu Xiran. Immediately, she saw the night blooming with gorgeous fireworks. It was dazzling with brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

The cheers in the crowd grew louder but Shu Huan could hear someone calling, “Second young master! Second young mistress!”

She turned around and saw the wet nurse and Liangchen holding the children. The children had never seen the fireworks but were also not afraid. They both opened their bright and clear eyes and looked at the sky with joy and curiosity.

Liangchen even laughed, “They couldn’t stay in the room when they heard the noise outside. They kept crying and we couldn’t calm them down, so we had to carry them out. We were afraid that the sound of firecrackers would scare them, so we didn’t dare to go far. Unexpectedly, they both weren’t afraid at all, so we carried them out to look for second young master and second young mistress.”

Just after she had finished speaking, Gu Yuan and Gu Nian’s attention shifted from the fireworks in the night sky to Shu Huan. Both of them turned slightly and tried to spring to Shu Huan.

Shu Huan reached out and took Gu Yuan who was just the nearest, and Gu Nian was held by Gu Xiran. Gu Nian was smart. As soon as she saw that the one who was carrying her wasn’t mother, she immediately became angry and pursed her lips and spit bubbles. The spitting was splashed everywhere, it splashed into Gu Xiran’s face, causing people to laugh.

In the end, in order to coax the children, Shu Huan taught people to put candy into their mouth. As soon as the sweet stuff entered their mouth, the children immediately quieted down, smacking their little mouth to taste this delicacy.

When Shu Huan turned around, Gu Xiran stuffed a candy into her mouth too.

“Wedding candies are to be eaten.” As Gu Xiran said that, he also ate a piece of candy. Afterwards, he held one child in one hand and the other hand was around Shu Huan. The four of them looked up at the fireworks which were still gorgeous in the night sky.

It was just that fireworks were easy to fade away but people were long-lasting. Year after year, no more separation.

TLNote: Thank you for supporting me till the end. It had been a fun year. This book was quite easy to translate and my most proud work to date. There are not many things that I don’t like about this book, but after translating it, I felt like the story didn’t have much substance. It is pretty forgettable. Even the ending felt so sudden. The characters also didn’t develop much. Shu Huan did grow, but there was a few chapters of that for me to remember. Gu Xiran had been like himself since the beginning.

What I liked about this book is that it was simple and easy to understand. There was no need for me to rack my brains about what a character was saying behind the lines. The story was also not too dragging.

See you again in my next work.

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