Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 753 - The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! [6]

Chapter 753: The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! [6]

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Qie Wenyang replied in a carefree tone, “There’s no need to thank me, Little Sister. Anyway, I only sent her grandmother’s case record, and she’s not certain if the surgery could be carried out either. Tianxin, let’s not give up as long as there’s still hope.”

Of course, just like Yan Ge, Qie Wenyang could not possibly tell Ye Tianxin that the Hand of God might not even exist in the world.

Qie Wenyang had asked countless people about the Hands of God, but nobody seemed to have heard about such a person.

It was as if this mysterious Hand of God did not exist at all.

“I know. I understand.”

Ye Tianxin’s phone rang as she was speaking. The person on the line was Xie Xuning..

“Tianxin, I’m going to visit the associate director who worked in the hospital at that time.”

Currently, most employees who worked in that hospital were scattered, not to mention that some of them had resigned from their positions. That was why it was difficult to contact those who were involved in that incident.

Nevertheless, as long as there was a gleam of hope, Xie Xuning would not give up no matter how difficult it was.

Hard work paid off.

In a boundless sea of people, he finally found the person who worked as the associate director in the hospital back then.

Currently, the associate director had retired and returned to his hometown.

Fortunately, his hometown was in the nearby suburbs of the Capital. It would’ve taken them one and a half hours to drive there.

As soon as she heard that there was news from the hospital, Ye Tianxin said, “I’ll go with you, Dad.”

There was nothing that she cared about more than that.

Xie Xuning said, “I’m at the hospital’s entrance already.”

Ye Tianxin quickly tidied up her stuff and ran to the hospital’s entrance.

They drove to the suburbs shortly. The Capital’s suburbs developed rapidly in recent years.

Even the villages in the suburbs had streets paved with cement, and there were cable TV and tap water in every household.

The associate director lived in a self-built courtyard located at the end of the village.

As soon as it snowed, a thin layer of snow piled up on the bricks and tiles of the courtyard.

Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin got out of the car. They walked towards the courtyard and rang the doorbell.


It was a middle-aged woman who opened the door.

She saw that it was two strangers outside and asked, “Who’re you looking for?”

“May I know if Associate Director Zhang Zhongjie lives here?”

“Yes, but who are you…?”

The middle-aged woman was on alert. She did not open the gate fully, speaking to Xie Xuning and Tianxin through a crack instead.

“We’d like to ask him something.”

“He might be unable to answer your questions, but alright.”

The middle-aged woman opened the gate and let them in. Ye Tianxin noticed that a rockery was placed in the middle of the courtyard once they were inside.

A thin blanket of snow piled on the rockery too. Beneath the rocks, fishes were swimming happily in the pond as if they could not feel the cold at all.

“I’m the nanny of this house, hired to take care of Mr. Zhang.”

Ye Tianxin and her father were led into the house by the nanny. It was warm and comfortable inside as a boiler was burning in the house.

“Please have some tea.”

The middle-aged woman served them two cups of hot tea. The overwhelming fragrance from the tea seemed to brush away the chills from their bodies.

“Mr. Zhang is here.”

The nanny came out with a wheelchair carrying a scrawny old man.

He was very skinny. It looked as if only bones were left underneath his skin.

“Mr. Zhang, can we ask you something?”

Mr. Zhang Zhongjie stared at Xie Xuning and pointed a trembling finger at his face. He mumbled, “A…ask…”

The nanny explained, “Mr. Zhang suffers from Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t remember many things now!”

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