Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 735 - What a Slap on the Face! (2)

Chapter 735: What a Slap on the Face! (2)

Nobody from the Jing, Li, or Xie families would easily allow the organizers of this scheme to get away with it.

“That’s because Chunxue’s desires are difficult to fulfill. She already is a model person in the entertainment industry. Why does she bother giving those from the younger generation such a hard time?”

Director Jin didn’t understand what Chunxue was thinking. If she was really looking for trouble, nobody could stop her.

“I also heard that Chunxue is domineering and doesn’t like when other people steal her limelight. Still, Chunxue was such a simple girl back then. How did she change so much after she became famous?”

Director Jin chuckled, “Well, that makes sense. Why else would people call the entertainment industry a vanity fair?”

Chunxue had discreetly traveled abroad when she was supposed to record the ending soundtrack of the movie last time, which made Director Jin quite dissatisfied.

Director Jin held a certain formidable position amongst the circle of directors. Other directors would obviously listen to his orders.

They were afraid that even if this incident didn’t happen, Chunxue still wouldn’t be offered good film roles.

People were just like that sometimes. They ruined themselves by accidents.

One hour passed, then two hours passed.

Chunxue tirelessly posted on the Internet. She used to sleep at a fixed time every day, but tonight she was restless as she kept posting nonstop.

She eagerly watched the netizens who were unaware of the truth try to maliciously expose Ye Tianxin, all thanks to her starting the rumors.

There was an indescribable sense of pleasure in her heart.

How delightful!

She seemed to be able to picture the scene of Ye Tianxin being criticized by others.

“Okay, my business here is done.”

Reporter Yang stretched after sending all the posts.

He looked up and glanced at the sky outside. It was already dawn. He then checked his watch and it was already nine o’clock in the morning before he knew it.

“So what now?”

Chunxue didn’t feel tired at all.

She still wanted to see Ye Tianxin fall into despair.

“Now it’s up to the people on the Internet. Chunxue, you’d better go back and rest for a while. Look at how bad your face looks. If a reporter comes to interview you today, you won’t look good on camera.”

“All right. I’m going to sleep, too. Maybe after I wake up, I can read all the good news I want to see.”

Reporter Yang walked out of the hotel with his laptop case. He went to the bank first and transferred all the money from his bank card to his wife’s.

“Honey, didn’t you say that you always want to buy a Chanel lambskin bag? Let’s go. I’ll bring you out to buy it. ”

After Reporter Yang left, Chunxue rubbed her eyes and fell asleep.

She was so sleepy that she didn’t want to drive home.

She just fell asleep directly, expecting to see a bloodbath when she woke up.

It was ten o’clock in the morning.

When the organizing committee spotted these posts on the Internet after they came to work, they intentionally posted a public statement on the organizing committee’s official Weibo.

The official statement of the organizing committee stated that those awards were all open and transparent. There were no black-box operations or secretly buying off awards.

The organizing committee could accept the supervision of the general public on the voting results.

Meanwhile, if someone took advantage of Ye Tianxin’s award to deliberately discredit the fairness of the trophy, they would pursue all legal responsibility.

After this Weibo from the organizing committee was posted, other award-winning stars also began to repost this Weibo.

“President Jing, are we still waiting? Look at what these people are talking about.”

Jing Zhichen rubbed the lines on his palm and looked at the foul language on the Internet. He made up his mind and said, “Wait.”

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