Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Teaching the Entitled Little Madam a Lesson (4)

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…Had she been hiding her knowledge and talent all this time?

Ye Youran was the second person in the class to hand in her test paper. Full of confidence, she submitted the paper to the teacher.

“Sir, can you please assess my answers now too and let me know my score on the English test?”

Now, Ye Youran had always been quiet and submissive, the model student with the good traits of good grades, discipline, and manners that every teacher liked.

That was why the English teacher couldn’t possibly refuse her request.

“Of course, Ye Youran. Please wait outside in the corridor as well.”

Thanking the teacher with a sweet smile, Ye Youran walked over to Ye Tianxin’s side.

Leaning against the metal railing along the corridor, she looked condescendingly at Ye Tianxin, who was preoccupied with planning her study schedule.

“Ye Tianxin, while I was answering the test questions, I thought about what I should make you do as punishment when you lose the bet.”

Closing her notebook, Ye Tianxin raised her head and looked at Ye Youran. With her back to the light, Ye Youran’s youthful features were hidden in the darkness, except for the faint evil glint sparkling in her eyes.

“Since the winner and loser haven’t been determined yet, we don’t know who’ll end up the victor. Ye Youran, don’t be arrogant and get ahead of yourself or your tongue might get all twisted and tied up!”

Guessing that it was almost the end of class, Ye Tianxin put her stuff away in her backpack.

Ye Youran assumed that Ye Tianxin was planning to run away knowing that she would lose.

She reached out and grabbed at Ye Tianxin’s backpack.

“Ye Tianxin, planning to run away for fear of losing?”

Ye Tianxin looked at Ye Youran as though she were an idiot. Running away? Her?

She handed in her test paper long before Ye Youran and had had plenty of time to escape, so why would she wait until now to run away?

“Ye Youran, not everybody’s like you and terrified of losing! It’s just a tiny bet. Why would I even bother to run away?”

In response to Ye Tianxin’s question, the bell sounded and signaled the end of the lesson. All the students clamored to hand in their test papers.

After the English teacher collected all the papers, Ye Youran rushed forward to face him.

“Sir, can you tell me my score for the English test please?”

The English teacher was puzzled as to why Ye Youran was so eager to know her test results this time around.


All the students were stunned when they heard the English teacher’s reply.

One hundred and twenty-five points. This was most likely the highest English test score Ye Youran or even anyone in the entire class had ever achieved.

Ye Youran was elated and strutted with pride like a peacock.

Looking on, Ye Tianxin couldn’t help rubbing her forehead. She was just… too arrogant!

What could she do about it?

At the thought of Ye Youran’s impending humiliation, Ye Tianxin couldn’t suppress her excitement and began to tremble.

Walking over to Ye Tianxin, Ye Youran shoved the backpack she had grabbed from Ye Tianxin earlier in her face.

“The results are out. You have to honor our bet. As for me, I don’t have any high demands. All I want is from now until the end of the college exams for you to be responsible for cleaning the female toilets whenever someone from our class is scheduled on the duty roster.”

At Ye Youran’s suggestion, all the female students in the class quickly agreed in unison.

Cleaning the female toilets was definitely a really good proposal.

Ye Tianxin patted her chest exaggeratedly, as if she’d luckily sidestepped a sticky situation. “I thought you were planning to have me humiliated in front of all the students and teachers in the school!” she exclaimed.

“Does that mean you agree to the proposal?” Ye Youran had no idea that the matter had been settled so easily it was too good to be true by Ye Tianxin’s test results. “Okay. In a short while, all of us will be eating at the restaurant outside—”

Ye Tianxin walked purposefully toward Ye Youran, one step at a time. Extending her slender, delicate fingers, she lifted Ye Youran’s chin and earnestly studied her face, which radiated arrogance, pride, and disdain.

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