Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 46 - Meeting of Father and Dau

Chapter 46: Meeting of Father and Daughter (3)

“Thank you for the kind offer, but my grandma and I would get carsick in a car like this!”

Lu Jijun’s MPV had stopped right in front of the bus stop, and at that moment, a bus was currently approaching, but the MPV was in its way. The bus driver repeatedly sounded his horn.

Sticking his head out of the front window, the bus driver yelled, “Hey, the car in front. Are you moving or not?”

“Why are you hogging publicly-funded resources when you have a private car?”

“Get moving, and get out of our way!”

Lu Jijun looked up at the people waiting at the bus stop and smiled apologetically. “Moving right now!”

“Auntie, Tianxin, get into the car please!”

Grandma and Ye Tianxin had no other option but to get into the MPV. When Grandma saw Lu Qinxin, she cried out in surprise, “Oh, aren’t you the nice young lady who showed me to the ultrasound department at the hospital?”

Despite having done a bad thing, Lu Qinxin didn’t feel one bit guilty. Smiling sweetly at Grandma, she replied, “Oh, Granny, it’s you!”

Grandma had no idea that Lu Qinxin had deliberately led her to the wrong place!

Did the simple-minded Grandma really think that Lu Qinxin was a nice girl?

Truth be told, Lu Qinxin’s dark side was a deeply buried secret. If Ye Tianxin hadn’t seen it with her own eyes in her past life, she never would’ve known how scheming and evil Lu Qinxin really was, and how deep she kept this evil nature of hers hidden from everyone else.

“Tianxin, this is the young lady who showed me the way at the hospital.”

After helping her grandmother settle into her seat, Ye Tianxin looked at Lu Qinxin, who was seated across from her. “Grandma, although Miss Lu didn’t lead you to the ultrasound department, I should still thank Miss Lu….”

Gu Yancheng swirled around and glared at Ye Tianxin. Looking stern, he tersely remarked, “Why are you being weird about this? Since this was Qinxin’s first trip to Capital First Hospital, it’s normal that she wasn’t able to locate the ultrasound department. Do you really have to be so vicious-minded and insinuate that Qinxin didn’t mean well?”


Ye Tianxin laughed scornfully. Before she could even speak up, Lu Qinxin grabbed hold of Gu Yancheng’s hand and said, “Hush, Yancheng. Don’t say that. It was my fault. Seeing the old granny sitting there all alone, I shouldn’t have led her away. I led her away from where she was but didn’t take her to the designated department for her tests. It’s understandable that Miss Ye is upset.”

Lu Qinxin’s words infuriated Ye Tianxin, who rolled her eyes in anger up at the roof of the car.


How could Lu Qinxin have a good heart?

Would she believe it?

Only someone as stupid as Gu Yancheng would believe every word that Lu Qinxin said.

“Qinxin, you’re just too kind at heart.”

Gu Yancheng felt his heart stir with uneasiness. Qinxin was so innocent. What would she do if she was bullied in the future?

“Tianxin, apologize to Miss Lu.”

Suddenly, Grandma spoke up.

Ye Tianxin was stunned. Pouting, she protested, “But Grandma….”

“Apologize.” Grandma sounded a tad stern.

Ye Tianxin didn’t understand. It was obvious that the person who’d done something wrong was Lu Qinxin, not her, so why did she have to apologize?

“Grandma.” Ye Tianxin pleaded, reluctant to do so.

“Apologize,” Grandma said sternly.

Remembering her grandmother’s condition, Ye Tianxin didn’t have the heart to upset her further, so she said to Lu Qinxin, “Sorry, Miss Lu. I misunderstood your good intentions!”

Lu Qinxin smiled sweety and replied, “It’s all right. I’m not upset. I understand.”

Gu Yancheng looked disapprovingly at Lu Qinxin. Oh, this silly girl… was just so exasperating!

Lu Qinxin decided to let the matter slide and didn’t pursue it further. She then turned to Lu Jijun and said, “Pa, how are you acquainted with Ye Tianxin? She and I were fated to meet. Our applicant numbers were next to each other during the arts interview….”

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