Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 345 - The Old “Pervert” in the Elevator (1)

Chapter 345: The Old “Pervert” in the Elevator (1)

“No, I will protect her for the rest of my life,” Li Qingcang replied earnestly. “If she hadn’t donated blood to me at the time, perhaps I would no longer be in this world. Therefore, I will protect her at all costs, and more importantly, her dream isn’t to become a soldier. Her dream is to be a diplomat.”

Xie Xuning didn’t speak.

He himself didn’t support Qie Yiyan’s approach. As far as he was concerned, Qie Yiyan also had his own aspirations and difficulties.

“Yiyan, since Qingcang says so, don’t push it anymore.”

Without a word, Qie Yiyan picked up the glass in front of him and finished it in one go.

He was very angry and impatient.

But there was no alternative.

He really couldn’t take Ye Tianxin away again.

Moreover, if Ye Tianxin herself didn’t want to and she was taken away, then she wouldn’t cooperate with his training at all.

After drinking three glasses of wine in a row, Qie Yiyan spoke. “I have changed from a special soldier to an instructor in the military academy. Have you considered my feelings? I’m really…I’m really unhappy. But even so, I’m not willing to take off this military uniform.”

Qie Yiyan went on a drunken rage.

Li Qingcang was still indifferent.

Yes, Qie Yiyan was injured, which caused him to retreat from the front line to the National Defense Military Management Academy to become an instructor.

But so what?

Didn’t they anticipate all these things long ago?

Some people weren’t as lucky as them.

They even gave their lives.

“Qie Yiyan, you really are selfish. Sister Xingqing’s dream is very important, but what about Tianxin’s dreams? Aren’t they important? In my opinion, Tianxin’s dream is equally important, not to mention her father has already sacrificed his life. Now, I don’t want Tianxin to venture into such a high-risk field. I can risk my life, but I can’t allow Tianxin to risk hers!”

“Li Qingcang, you can’t compare those two things!”

“Why can’t I?” Li Qingcang’s eyes widened and retorted, “In my opinion, it’s all the same. I will state once again—I don’t agree. You shouldn’t try to find someone else to lobby for you. No matter what, I won’t agree! I won’t agree to it no matter who lobbies for you!”

“Li Qingcang, why do you get to decide on Tianxin’s life? Maybe Tianxin wants to be like her father?”

Qie Yiyan’s words made Li Qingcang suddenly raise his voice.

With raging eyes, he suddenly smashed the wine glass in his hand in front of Qie Yiyan.

“Qie Yiyan, don’t mention her father. You have no right to mention her father.”

Qie Yiyan’s mood today was extremely depressing. He stood up abruptly and grabbed Li Qingcang’s collar.

“Why don’t I have a right to? I’m also a soldier! My fiancée is still lying in the hospital… Tell me, why don’t I have a right to?”

“Because you’re forcing Tianxin, aren’t you?”


Qie Yiyan was angered and was about to punch Li Qingcang’s face.

Although Qie Yiyan was chubby now, he could still throw a good punch that ordinary people would find it hard to bear.

Li Qingcang calmly fought with Qie Yiyan. Both of them had experienced many battles, and they also had a sense of propriety when beating people.

Xie Xuning didn’t bother to pay any further attention to the two of them. He opened the door and walked into the elevator.


Not long after Xie Xuning entered the elevator, Ye Tianxin got dressed and trotted toward the slowly closing elevator door.

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