Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Meeting People from the Past (3)

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“Lu, to a professional actor, the nationwide popularity that an actor like Chunxue has enjoyed is extremely rare. For a long period of time after first starting out in this profession, a majority of actors have to be extras in scenes or take on roles like the maidservant, the baddie, or an insignificant scene filler. For someone like you, who plays the violin at such a high level, you could very well pursue the path of a professional violinist.”

A trace of confusion flashed in Lu Qingxin’s eyes. She’d assumed that her violin performance would most definitely seal the deal for her and get her accepted into the film academy.


“Inspectors, how about this? Let me put on another performance for you.”

The three inspectors looked at one another, communicating with their eyes, and ultimately agreed to her suggestion.

However, because the inspectors had just experienced Ye Tianxin’s excellent acting skills, which were reminiscent of the actors’ teaching manual, Lu Qingxin’s acting skills appeared stiff and paled in comparison.

Ye Tianxin had set the bar high, so Lu Qingxin’s performance naturally didn’t live up to the inspector’s expectations.


“That’s it, then. No. 99 and No. 100, you’ve completed the preliminary interview. In three days, please check the notice board at the main gate for the applicants short-listed for the second interview.”

Ye Tianxin and Lu Qingxin left the classroom together. Lu Qingxin looked at Ye Tianxin, who had walked ahead of her, her eyes flashing with a faint gleam of hatred.


When they went down the stairs, Lu Qingxin pushed Ye Tianxin down the steps.


Ye Tianxin, who’d been mentally prepared for this, simply nimbly flitted down the stairs.

On the other hand, Lu Qingxin, who’d wanted to harm her, missed a step and fell down the stairs.


Fortunately, with only three steps, the stairs weren’t that high, so a tumble down the steps wouldn’t cause any serious injury.


Lu Qingxin tumbled down past the last step.

Standing to the side, Ye Tianxin looked concerned as she asked, “No. 100, what happened?”

“I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. Can you help me up, please?”

Lu Qingxin looked up at Ye Tianxin with tears in her eyes. Without hesitating, Ye Tianxin reached out and helped Lu Qingxin to her feet.

“Thank you.”

Ye Tianxin supported Lu Qingxin as they walked toward the main gate of the film academy.

In the distance, not far from the main gate, Ye Tianxin noted that Gu Yancheng was waiting and watching by the gate.

When he saw Lu Qingxin, he had wanted to rush into the grounds toward her.

However, since the security guards refused to let him through, Gu Yancheng had to wait until Ye Tianxin helped Lu Qingxin to the gate before he could take over and help Lu Qingxin.

“Qingxin, what happened? Are you hurt?”

As evidenced by the look in his eyes, Gu Yancheng was genuinely worried about Lu Qingxin and didn’t even glance at Ye Tianxin.


When Lu Qingxin saw Gu Yancheng, tears started spilling down her cheeks as she cried, “Yancheng, my leg hurts…”

Concerned, Gu Yancheng stooped to inspect Lu Qingxin’s injured ankle.

“Qingxin, I think you’ve injured your leg. I’ll take you to the hospital!”

“Okay.” Lu Qingxin leaned against Gu Yancheng and said, “Yancheng, what about her…”

When she heard her name mentioned, Ye Tianxin’s defense mechanisms kicked in, and she looked suspiciously at Lu Qingxin. What was she scheming now? Was she planning to frame her?

“Was it you who caused her injury? Let me tell you. You’d better pray that Qingxin will be all right. Otherwise, I’ll sue you and take you to the cleaners!”

Gu Yancheng had immediately picked up on the insinuation in Lu Qingxin’s unfinished sentence.

In that instant, Ye Tianxin suddenly understood the relationship between Lu Qingxin and Gu Yancheng.

“Look, Mister. Your girlfriend took a tumble because she was careless. Since she wasn’t able to walk, I, out of the goodness of my heart, helped her to the gate. Despite that, you want to sue me and take me to the cleaners? Do you think just because I come from a small town I don’t know the law?”


Tears streaming down her pretty face, Lu Qingxin tugged at Gu Yancheng’s clothes and whined, “Yancheng, you’re mistaken!”

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