Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 2460

2460 Youyou’s Secret

When li Youyou was young, she was particularly cold and aloof. She didn’t like to talk to anyone, had a straight face, and was very guarded.

Later on, it slowly, slowly changed.

Ye Tianxin didn’t think that a woman had to get married and have children in order to be complete.

To ye Tianxin, the most important thing was for li Youyou to be happy and free.


Li Youyou pursed her lips, her eyes filled with deep emotion.

She, li Youyou, was much more blissful than others.

He was really very happy.

In her previous life, she did not have good parents, so she did not know that parents could be like this.

It was not until she met ye Tianxin and Li qingcang’s parents that she realized that parents were like this.

They were parents who could be friends with their children.

They had never forced her to do anything, and they would only become the most solid backing behind them.

Li qingcang and ye Tianxin had always told li Youyou that she could do whatever she wanted and that she didn’t have to feel burdened by it.

“Mom, I actually have someone I like.”

Li Youyou said that on purpose.

Ye Tianxin was shocked. Oh, there’s someone you like. she said, ” Aiyo, that’s great. Find a time to bring him to us. If he’s suitable, you might even be able to hold a wedding with your brother. It’ll be a very pleasant thing for you two to hold a wedding together.

“Mom, the one I like is a girl.”

Ye Tianxin’s expression remained the same, and her heart didn’t skip a beat as she replied, ” so what if you like girls? ” Your granduncles and the rest of them have been living well their entire lives.”

mom, aren’t you worried that people will talk about you? ”

“What about me? Oh, this isn’t a shameful thing. It just so happens that the person you like is of the same gender as you. What does it matter? your mother isn’t such a pedantic person.”

Li Youyou covered her face and laughed out loud. mom, why do you trust me so much? You believe everything I say.”

silly girl, you’re my daughter. Who would believe me if I didn’t like you? ” Ye Tianxin reacted quickly and asked, ” were you lying to me just now? ”

that’s right, mom. I was lying to me. How could I like a girl? ”

Ye Tianxin glared at li Youyou angrily.

Li Youyou wasn’t annoyed. She held ye Tianxin’s arm and said coquettishly, ” mom, I don’t have any romantic feelings for Tang Xiaoxiao. He’s a very good teammate, that’s all. Besides, I don’t want to be in a relationship again.

“You’ll feel lonely when you’re alone.” Ye Tianxin said.

Li Youyou inexplicably thought of her marriage with Feng Chen in her previous life.

“Mom, the loneliness of one person is better than the loneliness of two people.”

Ye Tianxin had the feeling that li Youyou had seen all the living things in the world. She asked li Youyou, ” you’re still young. What if you meet someone you like in the future? ”

mom, there’s actually something I’ve never told you.

Li Youyou recalled how she had told Tang Xiaoxiao about her experience when she was in the cabin on the sea.

She didn’t plan to hide anything from ye Tianxin anymore.

“Mom, I have the memories of my past life.”

Li Youyou blinked and admired ye Tianxin’s surprised look.

“You’ve always had it? Or did you remember it later?”

Li Youyou said softly, ” I’ve always had one.

Ye Tianxin’s heart ached as she held her daughter’s hand and patted it gently. She had always remembered that they had told her that li Youyou had suffered a lot in her previous life.

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