Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Auntie Zhu’s Ploy (2)

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Laughing, Grandma replied, “How much could this house of ours even be worth? And, even if she wants it, I won’t let her have it. I want to leave it to you so that, when I’m dead and gone, you’ll always have a home to come back to.”

Indeed, Grandma truly and deeply loved Tianxin. She didn’t dislike Tianxin just because she was a girl.

To her grandmother, Tianxin was her beloved and good granddaughter, regardless of how or what she turned out to be.

“Grandma, stop talking about death and dying. My wish is for you to live a long life, to live to a hundred years old. You’ve spent your entire lifetime toiling for me, and I’ve yet to pamper you with the luxuries of life!”

Listening to Ye Tianxin, her grandmother realized that she was speaking from the bottom of her heart and couldn’t help responding like a delighted child.

“Okay. Grandma will wait to be pampered!”

In her quest to gain acceptance to Capital University, Ye Tianxin would cram at the evening self-study sessions at school and then continue to study for a good few hours in her own home.

Every morning, before the sun was up, Ye Tianxin would get out of bed and, carrying her schoolbag, would run into the rising sun.

The sight of the pretty and high-spirited person inevitably invited glances from passers-by on the roads. When she saw people she recognized, Ye Tianxin would always greet them.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

Passing by a cross junction, Ye Tianxin noticed a team of surveyors with their tripod in the process of making assessments.

“We’re doing some mapping and surveying. We heard that this little town will be rebuilt soon.”

Ye Tianxin felt her insides burn. So it turned out that at this time in her past life, the scheme had already been put in motion.

Did this mean that in her past life Ye Youran’s family knew way before Ye Tianxin and her grandmother about the plan to rebuild and modernize the town Jiameng, turning it into a tourist attraction?

Ye Youran and her family used to live near them in their neighborhood.

Then, they sold their house to another party and used the money to build a two-story house outside the Jiameng bus station.

Auntie Zhu used the ground floor of the house to set up a store selling miscellaneous goods. Business was generally good since they were close to the bus station. So this meant that they must’ve learned of the plan to rebuild the town of Jiameng long before Ye Tianxin.

If that was the case, then was her grandmother’s death in her previous life an unnatural death?

Suddenly, Ye Tianxin felt a sharp pain in her heart.

She’d always assumed that her grandmother died of illness.

But now it seemed that her grandmother had been murdered as part of a scheme plotted by Ye Youran’s family.


In the face of money, Ye Tianxin knew that the human heart knows no bounds when it comes to committing evil for gain.

Ye Tianxin was deep in thought as she walked. When Auntie Zhu turned up at their house that day and offered to provide and care for her grandmother in her old age, had it all been part of their plan?

If it was, then they surely wouldn’t stop whatever they planned to do.

Ye Tianxin clenched her fists. This time, she wouldn’t let Ye Youran and her family get away with their evil scheme.

So what should she do?

Ye Tianxin arrived at the school. As she walked past the “University Wall,” she looked at the numerous rows of tightly packed brass plates hanging up there, and her gaze fell upon a brass plate that read “University of Law & Regulations.”

That was it!

They should transfer the title deed of their house to her.

That way, Ye Youran and her family wouldn’t prey on Grandma anymore.

At least, Grandma would be safe… temporarily.

“Ye Tianxin, what are you thinking about? I called you several times, but you didn’t respond and seemed so out of it…”

Di Shanshi walked up to Ye Tianxin from behind. Standing at 1.8 meters, he was very tall. Slim and bespectacled, he looked every inch the cultured scholar.

“Di Shanshi, perfect timing. I have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

“I remembered that your father works in town. Can you please find out for me what documents or information I need to prepare if I want to transfer the title deed to my grandmother’s house to me?”


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