Second World Novel

Chapter 833. Local Gangsters

Chapter 833. Local Gangsters

Their driver took them to the next famous place in the city. Since it was already night, they figured this would be the last place to sightsee. After this, they would look for an inn to retire for the night.

The last place that their driver took them to was a plaza. A very large plaza. They had to go through a cave tunnel out into another cave hall that was specially dedicated to this plaza. The floor was made of a perfectly flat black marble that reflected the lights from above. It created a dazzling feeling that the entire floors were full of stars.

At the center of this plaza was a huge black obelisk. The obelisk had four sides that were also very flat. Its surface was adorned by runes that emitted mystic light.

Jack asked the driver what's the function of the obelisk.

"Hell if I know," the driver replied. "The thing was already here before this city was built."

Jack and Grace looked around. This place seemed to only serve as a spot for tourists, similar to the lava lake they had visited before. People were walking leisurely around the plaza. The two walked towards the obelisk to study it from close up.

"Do you feel it?" Jack asked.

"Yes, the mana coursing through this obelisk is unusual," Grace said. "It seemed to extend out into this marble flooring."

Jack touched the obelisk. The rune's light flickered a bit around the surface he touched, but otherwise produced no other effect. He tried to manipulate his mana to make a connection with the obelisk but it was as if his mana wasn't compatible with the mana coursing through the obelisk. The obelisk's mana just slipped past his.

"Hm... perhaps it is truly just a decoration," Jack shrugged.

As the two continued to study the obelisk, a voice uttered from their side, "Would you look at that?!"

They turned and saw a group of dwarven men approaching. There were six of them, Jack used Inspect and found the six to be from the same guild, Casa Oggetto.

"Where does this celestial beauty come from?" The man, who seemed to be the leader of the six, said. He was clearly referring to Grace.

This lead man had the name of Vincenzu Giovanni and was a level 48 Mage Knight. Level 48 was an average player's level in Thereath, with the top players at level 49, while those who had joined the civil war and survived without dying were at level 50. So, at first glance, Vincenzu's level was nothing to look at. However, Jack had been using his Inspect occasionally as they toured around this capital. Most of the local players were around level 46 and 47. Jack assumed that probably because the transportation in this country was more well-developed, this gave players an easier means of traveling, which in turn reduced their time braving the wilderness. This instead slowed down their level progression compared to the other countries.

So, the level 48 mage knight who was leading the six could be said as one of the top players in this capital. From the way he walked and talked, the guy seemed to be awfully aware of this point.

"Miss! You must be an angel sent down from heaven to light up my life," Vincenzu uttered. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Vincenzu Giovanni, the young master of the Giovanni family. The top family within the Casa Oggetto organization. It is your honor to have me lay my eyes on you."

"Wow, you are really proud of yourself, eh? Are you the local gangsters?" Jack remarked.

"Miss, can you please chase away your servant? Wait, there is no need for you to lift your pretty fingers. You two, take him away! If he resists, it's okay to give him some beating."

Two of Vincenzu's followers came toward Jack.

Jack said to them, "You two, hurry and get a stool for your young master! He might get neck pain if not."

The two were so startled by Jack's words that they stopped and looked at Vincenzu. Vincenzu, on the other hand, just treat it nonchalantly and said, "What the hell are you mumbling about. You two, just drag him away already!"

Another of Vincenzu's followers next to him came close and whisper to his ears, "Bro, he is making fun of your height."

"Hmph, there is no need to–WHAT?!" Vincenzu yelled and then stared at Jack. "You dare talk that way to me? Are you tired of your life already?"

"Dude, I'm just concerned about your neck. Why get so upset?" Jack responded.

"What are you two waiting for? Go and drag him away. Beat him first before you drag him!" Vincenzu ordered his two followers.

The two returned advancing at Jack. Vincenzu turned his attention away and looked at Grace again. He was about to say something but stopped and turned to his follower next to him. "Go find a stool for me," he said.

His follower had a complicated expression before turning away to carry out the task.

"Miss angel!" Vincenzu uttered.

"It's Grace," Grace said.

"Ah, miss Grace! Such a beautiful name," Vincenzu attempted to grab Grace's hand for a kiss, but Grace folded her arms.

Vincenzu laughed despite the gesture. He said, "Please forgive me for that commotion just now, but you don't need to bother with your servant anymore. We can talk freely now, just the two of us."

There were some beating sounds from the side, Vincenzu assumed it was his two followers taking care of the man that had so brazenly insulted him. He continued talking to Grace, "You might see me as this short man, but I am originally tall and handsome. Well, the handsome is still here. This strange world had turned me into this size but I'm sure in time, I will be back to my normal dazzling height. By then, my handsomeness and my awesomeness should be enough as an equal pair to your heavenly beauty. Come! Let me invite you to my manor. I promise you will be greatly impressed and will agree that I'm the right man for you."

"You have a manor?" Vincenzu heard a voice from the side. He turned and saw Jack walking over. His two followers were behind Jack whimpering on the ground.

"What the... Hey! What's his level?" Vincenzu asked the follower beside him.

"I can't inspect him," The follower answered. "But this woman, she is level 50..."

"What?!" Vincenzu made an involuntary step back. He now looked at the two differently.

He looked at his two followers on the ground, he then said to Jack, "Hmph! You are truly looking for trouble. Don't think about leaving this city, we will get you once you set foot outside! But I think you won't be able to for some time, you will spend some time in jail." Vincenzu grinned as he saw two native guards coming over.

"What happened here?" The guards asked, looking at the two dwarf players on the ground.

"Good sirs, it's this human's doing! He dares lay his hands on these two Barons," Vincenzu said to the guards.

The two on the ground showed their kingdom faction badges. The guards now turned to Jack.

"They hit me first," Jack said to the guards. "I'm just defending myself."

"Is that true?" The guards asked the two on the ground.

"So, what if they hit him first? They are barons! It's not like they wound him. His HP is still full," Vincenzu uttered.

Jack also took out his Themisphere kingdom faction badge, which drew a mocking laugh from Vincenzu. "Hahaha! What a retard! Do you think you are still in the human country? You are in Palgrost now, your kingdom faction badge is useless here! You two, arrest him!"

The guards eyed Vincenzu with annoyance. Why was this outworlder acting as if he was their superior?

"What is it? Are you looking down on me?" Vincenzu said after seeing the two guards' displeased expressions. He then took out his kingdom faction badge as well. "I'm a Viscount! You should listen to my order and arrest this human!"

The guards were getting more annoyed now. "Sir Viscount," one of the guards said with a polite yet irritated tone. "You might be a noble but you don't command us. Furthermore, this human is a Marquess from Themisphere. We can't just arrest a Marquess from an allied country. It will get us into an unwanted political situation."

"Ma... Marquess...?" Vincenzu uttered with surprise. He used his Inspect on the badge in Jack's hand. It was true! How did this human get such a high-rank nobility? Even he who had the support of his guild was only a viscount.

"This can't be real!" Vincenzu exclaimed as he attempted to snatch Jack's badge from Jack's hand.

Jack moved his arm that was holding the badge forward. Vincenzu's hand ended up hitting Jack's arm.

"You guys see? He hit me first," Jack said to the two guards.

"Hit wha–" Vincenzu's words were cut short as the air in his lung was all forced out. A very strong kick struck his stomach. He was sent flying a long distance away before he fell to the ground rolling. Jack had used all his strength on that kick just now, he didn't show any mercy at all.

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