Second World Novel

Chapter 49 - 49. Range Sneak Attacks

"What? How is this possible?" The Fighter said. "Isn't he a fighter as well? I saw him using a sword. I also saw him using Fighter's skills."

"He is a fighter indeed," the woman called Red replied.

At that time Bigarm's team returned. "There's no one there," he said.

Scarface's expression was dark. He sent a Mana Bullet to the last remaining monster and killed it. With all the threats gone, they regrouped. Fox returned with a raging face, her health that was half-emptied had filled up to three quarters after taking a potion she brewed beforehand.

"Red, you said he is faster than you?" Scarface asked the red-haired Ranger.

Red nodded, "yes."

"How could that be? Could it be that he spent all his free attribute points to Dexterity?"

"Even if he did, it still doesn't make sense," Red said.

"Why is that?"

"Because I spent all my free attribute points to Dexterity as well."

The group went silent after hearing it.

"Okay, he might have something up his sleeve," Scarface said. "But it doesn't change the fact that he is Death Associates' enemy and thus has to be eliminated."

"We need to take a more careful approach," Red said. "He knows some martial arts. Not a top expert, but decent enough. And he managed to ambush us. Also, his armors seemed normal, but all our damages on him were less than usual. In other words, like his Dexterity, his Endurance and Wisdom are both unnatural as well. He is not an opponent that we can afford to underestimate."

"What the f*** do we worry about one cockroach?" Fox was gritting her words through her teeth with fury. "He might be a tough cockroach, but he is still only one person. Why do we waste time here instead of chasing that motherf***er and send him and his bitch to their graves already!"

Scarface looked at Fox with displeasure, he said, "I must remind you that we let you join our operation simply because you share a common enemy with us and that you have a special tool that can track them. If you are not satisfied with how we do things, then you can just go back to that coward leader of yours. If you want to stay, then shut the hell up and listen to my command!"

Fox opened her mouth about to retort back, but she stopped herself. She clammed her mouth up and stood to the side with a pout.

Scarface ignored her and said to his team. "The fact that they ambushed us meant that they had known that we are targeting them. Let's proceed with caution. Red Death and Stonecleave will act as scouting vanguard. The rest follow from behind, we will maintain a distance of ten meters. I will take on the rear. The rest of you watch our sides."

Everyone nodded and get into formation. Fox took the center of the formation as she was the only one who could track their opponent.

After Jack ran away from them, he didn't immediately return to Bowler and Flame. He instead went to the single-story shops that lined up the street and climbed onto their roofs. He had killed two people from Death Associates, but there are still nine people left, and at least three of them was an expert, especially that red-haired Ranger. He needed to whittle them down more before they reached the shopping mall where Bowler and Flame were waiting.

He stored his sword and took out his staff. Time for a guerilla strategy. Luckily, he had had a premonition and used his hard-earned iron ores to upgrade his staff yesterday night before sleeping. He had earned several additional iron ores on their travel to the City Park. He used half of his stock to level up his staff to level 5. His staff had been much lacking compared to his sword, so he decided to upgrade it. He looked at his staff's stats.

Apprentice staff, level 5/10 (normal magic weapon)

Magical damage: 20

Range: 10 meters

Attack speed: 1

Energy: 50

One thing he found out was that after the staff was upgraded, the energy reserves were restored. Just like the durability of a melee weapon. So he could freely fire the standard range attack of the staff with full ammo. He then proceeded to spent 3 out of his 7 free Magician skill points onto Energy Bolts. After witnessing the might of Scarface's Energy Bolts, he was tempted to upgrade as well.

Energy Bolts, level 8/20 (Active skill, range, require magic weapon)

Create 5 homing magic bolts that deals 108% magic damage each bolt

Range: 15 meters

Mana consumed: 27

Cooldown: 60 seconds

He now could also fire five Energy Bolts. He then used the remaining 4 free Magician skill points to upgrade his Mana Bullet which had been neglected all this time. He was in need of range prowess at the moment, so no luxury to save his free skill points for a better skill later.

Mana bullet, level 5/20 (Active skill, range, require magic weapon)

Deal 240% magic damage

Range: 10 meters

Mana consumed: 14

Cooldown: 5 seconds

After finished upgrading his two ranged skills, the Death Associate group had approached the shops where he was at. It's a good thing that they were more careful now, which slowed down their advance considerably.

He saw the two skilled melee experts at the front of the group, while Scarface was at the rear. He chose to pick on the weaker one first. Scarface, the red-haired ranger, and Bigarm were still in full health. Fox, one Fighter, and the last Magician in the group had around three-quarter health, two rangers were around half, and another Fighter had less than a quarter of health left.

That last Fighter was the one hit by Jack's Magic Bullet when fighting the monsters. The Magic Bullet had caused the Fighter to lose concentration and ended up getting battered by the Goblins. He had used his medicine but he still had lost a considerable amount of HP. Jack decided the Fighter with the less HP would be his target.

The group was alert and paying attention to the streets. They didn't expect their enemy was laying down on his stomach several meters above them. Jack waited until the target Fighter was in range. Once the Fighter moved into his spell's range, he immediately aimed at him and cast Magic Bullet. Jack proceeded to cast Energy Bolts and then fired a standard range attack on the same target. He did all three attacks in rapid succession and promptly moved back out of view.

The Mana Bullet and standard attack hit the Fighter spot on, while one of the five Energy Bolts hit the same Fighter. The other four Bolts went to the two rangers, the Magician, and the other Fighter in the middle part of the group. Since the attacks were so abrupt and came from their blind spot, they weren't able to dodge nor defend. Only Fox and Bigarm out of all the middle parts of the group were spared from damage. The Fighter that was hit by three attacks, had his remaining HP depleted rapidly, and fell to the ground lifelessly.

By the time they realize the attacks and looked up to the roof, Jack had gone to the backside of the shop and jumped down to the back street. Scarface fired off his Energy Bolts and hoping that the tracking mechanism would guide the bolts to the assailant hiding on the roof, but since Jack had left the vicinity, the Bolts expired without hitting any target.

"F***ing cowardly Magician!" Bigarm roared. "All you know is ambush then hide. Show yourself if you have the guts!"

Scarface's face was dark, they lost another member again. This operation had proven more costly than he initially imagined.

"That Magician is an expert at sneak attacking! Peel your eyes wide and be alert at all times if you don't want to lose your life!" Scarface said to the others in a composed voice, but everyone could sense the fury in his tone.

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