Second World Novel

Chapter 31 - 31. Tutorial Period

Jack then took a look at his stats to see the progress he had made thus far.

Storm Wind

Class: Fighter / magician

Level 13 / Level 12


-? ? ? ? ? HP = 580

-? ? ? ? ? Stamina = 230

-? ? ? ? ? MP = 220

-? ? ? ? ? Strength = 59

-? ? ? ? ? Dexterity = 51 (+2)

-? ? ? ? ? Intelligence = 56

-? ? ? ? ? Endurance = 58

-? ? ? ? ? Reflex = 45

-? ? ? ? ? Wisdom = 57

-? ? ? ? ? Luck = 12 (+1)

-? ? ? ? ? Free attribute point = 6

-? ? ? ? ? Free skill point = 6/6


-? ? ? ? ? Right-hand weapon = Storm Breaker (level 12, one-handed sword, physical damage: 59)

-? ? ? ? ? Left-hand weapon = Apprentice staff (level 1/10 magic weapon, magical damage: 10)

-? ? ? ? ? Head = none

-? ? ? ? ? Chest = Leather armor (5/15 normal medium armor, physical defense: 9, magical defense: 7)

-? ? ? ? ? Shoulder = Leather pads (5/15 normal medium armor, physical defense: 7, magical defense: 3)

-? ? ? ? ? Arms = Leather bracers (1/10 normal light armor, physical defense: 2, magical defense: 2)

-? ? ? ? ? Belt = none

-? ? ? ? ? Pants = Leather pants (1/10 normal light armor, physical defense: 2, magical defense: 2)

-? ? ? ? ? Boots = Leather boots (10/20 normal medium armor, physical defense: 12, magical defense: 8)

-? ? ? ? ? Cloak = none

-? ? ? ? ? Necklace = none

-? ? ? ? ? Ring 1 = Ring of Luck (Accessory, Luck +1)

-? ? ? ? ? Ring 2 = none

-? ? ? ? ? Special equipment = Administrator God-Eye

Physical Defense = 32

Magical Defense = 22

There were still many empty armor slots. He wondered if he could equip a full collection before he hit level 15. After finished tidying up his equipment, he looked at the recipe. It was a recipe for an artisan job that he had never touched before.

Small Health potion (Alchemist recipe, Apprentice grade)

Create a potion that recovers 100 HP

Ingredients: 1 green leaf

He proceeded to learn the recipe. Peniel who was beside him asked, "do you plan to learn every bit of recipes that come your way? Even those from different jobs?"

"Something wrong with that?" Jack asked.

The Fairy shrugged, "well, it's up to you actually, but you have to know that you can only level up one job to the highest rank of Grandmaster, then another one to Master rank. While the remaining two jobs can only reach the Expert Rank. So, it is better to just focus on one or two artisan jobs rather than wasting your time learning all. That way, you can sell the recipes for the jobs that you don't need, or give them to a friend who will focus on said job. In this way then you can both complement each other."

"But I don't have any friend other than you, nor a shop to sell the recipe to," Jack countered.

"You will," Peniel replied with indifference.

Jack no longer bothered to ask her what she meant. She would simply ask him to wait and see.

During his grinding, he also went around scavenging for any resources he could find. He found mostly ingredients and medicine or foods. But at one time when he went into a home appliance superstore, his God-eye monocle picked up two items of interest. One was a tent and the other was a portable stove. He inspected them with his monocle.

Camping Tent (common item)

Reduce the time needed for full-recovery rest in the wilderness

Reduce the chance of being ambushed during rest in the wilderness

Apprentice Cooking Stove (common Cooking tool)

Allows cooking in the wilderness

Increase speed of cooking by 10%

He grinned with satisfaction at these findings, these two tools combined with the mobile blacksmith tools, he didn't need to worry about looking for a place to rest during his travel.

Seeing his grin, Peniel smirked and said, "the stove was a useful item, but for the tent, you probably should just throw it away."

"Why is that?" Jack asked in confusion.

"The reduction of being ambushed that common grade tent gives is very small, it might as well non-existent. Unless you already found a safe place before applying the tent, you will most likely get attacked by the creature of the night during your sleep nine times out of ten," she explained. "You should forget about sleeping in the open until you get a higher grade tent. The lowest grade you should aim for is uncommon. That grade of tent usually will have an alarm function incorporated to warn you when monsters come within range. More rare ones will have stealth function or repelling function which provides a better safety feature."

"I see," Jack was depressed, but he still stored the tent in his bag. He had plenty of space inside his storage bag. When he found a place where he could sell his stocked equipment, he could maybe sell this tent as well.

He continued on his routine of killing monsters in the next two days. He was about to hit level 13 for his Magician class when he heard a loud notification.

"One hundred players had reached level 10. Tutorial Period will come to an end. Please proceed to the designated point to transfer to the main world. You have five days to reach the designated place before noon. Failure to do so will result in a heavy penalty."

The notification voice was very loud, and it sounded as if it came from the sky itself. Jack imagined that the voice could be heard from the entire city. The notification repeated another two times before silence reclaimed the city. A beacon of light appeared in the sky with a purple beam shining down at a place a far distance away.

"Tutorial?" Jack was confounded by the notifications. "What does it mean?"

"It means as it sounded," Peniel replied with a callous expression. "Your learning time is at an end, time to move to a grander stage."

"You mean this whole time it was just a tutorial stage? What tutorial? There was no one around to tutor me!"

"Do you expect someone to hold your hand as you learn about this world? This is no place for weaklings. You either learn and survive, or fail and perish."

"Damn, that's one harsh way."

"It is what it is," Peniel said without changing her expression.

Jack shrugged, "so this end of Tutorial Period is what you have been telling me to wait for?"

"It is," she replied.

"Is that light showing us the place that the voice said we are supposed to go?" He pointed to the distant light beaming down from the sky.


"What is there at that place?"

"A doorway to the main world, didn't you pay attention to the voice?" Peniel said with annoyance.

"What main world? Is it the real world? The real world where I came from?"

Peniel looked at him coolly. During the time she spent with him, he had bothered her with questions about some kind of a place he called the real world that had no magic, no monsters. And people spent their days doing routine work and relied mostly on technology. She said, "I had no idea what real world you said you originated from. This is the real world! You better put your head in the game and stop thinking about that nonsense."

"You better wrapped up your things here and started to make way to that designated place," she added. "As the voice said, if you failed to go through the doorway once the time limit ended. This tutorial space will collapse and you will suffer a penalty."

"Penalty? This place will collapse as is this city will be destroyed? If that happened, wouldn't we die? What sort of penalty will matter anymore if we die?"

"The penalty will be the same as if you have died during this tutorial period."

"Huh?" Jack was confused. "Wait, are you saying that it is not the end if we died during this tutorial period?"

Peniel glanced at him, no longer bother to explain further she said, "just hurry with your preparation, we should depart soon. You can only travel on foot, it is better to arrive early than be late and suffer the consequences."

"And I thought we had bonded these past few days, and you still like to keep your mysteries," Jack said mockingly.

The Fairy ignored him and disappeared into thin air.

"And there she goes, doing the vanishing act again," Jack shook his head.

"Well, no point in hanging around here anyway. Better go to that said place and find out for myself."

He went back to Trigitech building to rest, since it was pretty late in the day already. He would sort out all his things and rest before he departed tomorrow. To go forward to the place that the voice in the sky had instructed.

"One hundred players, eh?" He mumbled before he went to sleep. "Didn't expect there are so many people in the city."

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