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Chapter 531 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (6)

Chapter 531 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (6)



Boom, boom, boom. Each time the ancient dragon Kalatus opened his mouth, he released a wave of intense heat that swept away the incarnations targeting the Monkey King’s exuviae before they could even touch a single hair on his body. Thanks to this, the Monkey King’s exuviae could quickly slide towards the source of light. It was the core of the Crawling Chaos’ consciousness which he had created to control his unconscious. Unfortunately, it was too far.



Even though the Monkey King’s exuviae tried to use Shukuchi, cracks kept appearing in space, making it difficult to close the distance. The source of light’s heat was also so intense that it could sweep him away. He tried to use Seventy-Two Bian to protect himself while forcing a path open with Heaven Bracket, but that was easier in theory than reality. More cracks continued to appear.



Time was becoming an urgent issue. The Monkey King’s exuviae thought he could force a path open if necessary. However, it would be impossible to reach the source of light, destroy it, and prevent the impact from spreading in less than thirty seconds. It would have been better if Kalatus had awakened earlier, but it wasn’t the time to nitpick. He needed to find another way.



No one can approach our god! In the meantime, the Great Warrior’s soul rapidly swung his weapon to protect Yeon-woo. The weapon he had used at first was gone and replaced by a bloodied incarnation. He’d grabbed whatever was nearby to use. He fatigued from the endless stream of incarnations, and he was having difficulty catching his breath.

However, his eyes were brighter than ever. Even if he used all his soul power and vanished for good, he was determined to protect Yeon-woo no matter what. His eyes were filled with hope and faith that things would work out somehow. So, he prevented even a single incarnation from approaching Yeon-woo. It was a miraculous feat.


It was the same situation for Kalatus. It seemed he had gone into hibernation in order to stockpile his energy because he spewed Breath without stopping, likely using up what little soul power he had. However, he didn’t seem to mind.


‘I…should get my act together as well.’ The Monkey King’s exuviae grinned.


The giant king and dragon king were staking their lives on this fight, so how embarrassing would it be if he didn’t accomplish anything? And even if he were only a shadow of his true self, he was still the Monkey King. His pride wouldn’t allow him to be humiliated.


The Monkey King thought of a plan and looked down at the Ruyi Bang in his hand. This item could provide a way out surely.


The Ruyi Bang was a holy artifact he’d had all his life, although it was now in pieces. The young Heavenly Demon had used it often even before the damned Tower had been erected. An item like this surely had some kind of solution.

Something else occurred to him, and he scoffed at himself. Although he’d been using the Ruyi Bang all this time, he’d still thought of it as a copy. However, in a world of unconscious like this, any item would have the same properties as the real version with the right imagination. ‘That means amplification is possible.’ The Monkey King’s exuviae recalled the greatest feature of the Ruyi Bang: divine iron.


He quickly began to move.


Running forward, he prepared to hurl the Ruyi Bang. Using all of his soul power, he condensed the trademark techniques of Heaven Bracket, Five Elements, and Extreme Energy at the Ruyi Bang’s tip.


Urrrrng. When the Ruyi Bang began to groan, unable to accept any more soul power, he threw it forward. “Enlarge, Ruyi Bang!”


Rumble! The Ruyi Bang glided through the air, transformed into a ray of light.


The strong winds weren’t enough to stop the small but powerful Ruyi Bang, and it split apart the center of the source of light.


The source of light was already in a fragile condition, and it couldn’t bear the assault. It exploded, completely destroyed. The heat and wind grew even more intense. The explosion released an energy that reduced everything to atoms. The result that the Monkey King’s exuviae was aiming for followed after.


The Ruyi Bang hadn’t only pierced through the source of light, it also pinned down the explosion, which continued to expand until it seemed to reach the edges of the world of unconscious.

The Monkey King’s exuviae heard the sound he’d been waiting for. Boom!


He stretched for the source of light and closed his fist—a gesture that strengthened spells. Then, he shouted in a voice filled with soul power, Seal!

The shaking and cracking world of the Crawling Chaos’ unconscious stopped.


What was more…




They were being given more time.

Crack. The exploding light and heat returned to their origin. Crash! Crash! The Ruyi Bang, which stood like a giant pillar, began to absorb everything. As the Ruyi Bang’s properties were activated, the process began. It was attempting to seal the entire world of unconscious, achievements, and legends of the Crawling Chaos!

Dudududu. As the light and heat reversed course, and the cracks that covered the walls filled up, space itself was ripped away and sucked into the Ruyi Bang.

Kiaaaa! Kikikee, kikeekeekee! The 10,000 incarnations connected to the source light were also swept into the Ruyi Bang.


This is…possible? As expected of the Heavenly Demon’s teacher and other face. He’s beyond imagination. The Great Warrior’s soul looked stunned as the incarnations he was just barely holding back suddenly floated in the air. Kalatus’ eyes widened at the unexpected sight and quickly analyzed what was happening. Even in death, he couldn’t repress his curiosity and thirst for more knowledge.

They all thought that the Monkey King’s exuviae was amazing. He’d not only blocked the Crawling Chaos’ interference but had gotten rid of him completely. They had an inkling of why their ancestors and the gods and demons had been afraid of him. Boom!


You. Can’t.

The Crawling Chaos attempted to resist, but it wasn’t easy. Divine iron could bind even the Black King. No matter how strong he was, there was no way he could fight it since the beings of darkness were simply helpless against divine iron.

See. The. End.

The Ruyi Bang didn’t just seal his world of unconscious, it began to suck in his consciousness, identity, and even his body. Meanwhile, Yeon-woo finished collecting and assembling the letters.

[The letters have all been assembled.]

[You do not have sufficient letters.]

[The creation of the ‘Book of the Black King’ has been suspended. Currently, its progress is 19.2%.]

[Find more letters to finish the book.]


Yeon-woo closed the Book of the Black King. His face was drenched in sweat. His Dragon Heart and Sin Stone were nearly empty of magic power, and his mind was fatigued. However, despite being on the brink of collapse, there was a smile on his face. He’d experienced another growth spurt with his soul just by completing a part of the revelations.

He was also in awe of the Monkey King’s exuviae, who had turned around their desperate situation. He felt like he just learned more ways of using Ruyi Bang. It was impressive to see its true owner use it. Would Yeon-woo also have that much strength if he had the real Ruyi Bang?

Stop grinning and open the door if you’re done! Can’t you see it’s dangerous right now? Normally, the Monkey King’s exuviae would have been swaggering from his achievement, but it seemed like the attack had taken a lot out of him.

Yeon-woo nodded and used Vigrid to tear through space. When he returned to his own unconscious, he could see the Crawling Chaos’ spirit body being sucked into the Ruyi Bang now that the otherworld god’s unconscious had been destroyed.

Within his abyss, he could also see the Crawling Chaos’ true body, which had also entered Yeon-woo’s abyss. It had been flung out of the darkness by the Monkey King’s exuviae seal.

Krrrr. After it swallowed the Crawling Chaos, the Ruyi Bang shrank and turned until a black ball was rolling in the Monkey King’s palm. Suddenly, pockets of emptiness opened in the air. Chains fell out to tighten around the black ball.

The Crawling Chaos had been sealed thanks to the imagination of the Monkey King’s exuviae. Since the exuviae hadn’t used the real Ruyi Bang, once he stopped imagining it, the Crawling Chaos would be unsealed. However, if the Crawling Chaos were bound by chains like this, he wouldn’t be able to escape even after the Monkey King’s exuviae stopped imagining.

Brrrr! The black ball trembled as the chains wrapped around it. The Crawling Chaos was frustrated—no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t get out.


Just. A. Little.


The Crawling Chaos released uncontrolled vestiges as he thrashed around. He seemed impatient for some reason, although he’d previously been indifferent towards death. What had he seen in the abyss?

However, Yeon-woo, the Monkey King’s exuviae, the Great Warrior’s soul, and Kalatus didn’t care. The eyes of the Great Warrior’s soul and Kalatus were cold. Even though they’d had their revenge, they still despised him. Their hate for the Crawling Chaos wouldn’t disappear easily.

‘I need to separate his holy power and consciousness.’ Yeon-woo knew he needed to take greater care in absorbing the Crawling Chaos. They couldn’t struggle over who would absorb whom like this again.

He thought it would be best to suck in all the Crawling Chaos’ holy power and stick his ego inside emptiness. Then, Yeon-woo could torture the Crawling Chaos’ ego for information later. The Great Warrior’s soul and Kalatus probably wouldn’t want Yeon-woo to let him off easily either.

However, they needed to get out of this place first. To finish the sealing, Yeon-woo put the black ball inside emptiness.


No. Please.

The Crawling Chaos pleaded once more, but the chains clanged coldly as they pulled him inside emptiness, whose mouth was wide open, waiting to swallow him up.

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