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Chapter 257 - Preparing For An Interview

Chapter 257: Preparing For An Interview

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After finishing his duties in Jin Ling, Lu Zhou returned to his hometown by train. He reunited with his family and taught Xiao Tong some techniques to score in the exams.

After all, Lu Zhou got into the University of Jin Ling with his own abilities. Although he did not know much about liberal arts, he still knew some exam techniques.

He could not help her gain marks, but at least he could prevent her from losing marks.

The rest was up to Xiao Tong.

It was soon June 7th.

This was a happy day for some and a sad day for others.

Lu Zhou wore a raincoat and rode a bicycle. He passed through the rain and stopped in front of high school.

“We’re here, get off.”

Xiao Tong was under the raincoat. She stepped off the bicycle and carefully avoided the puddles.


“Do your best,” said Lu Zhou as he looked at his poor sister. He patted her head and said, “I’ll wait here for you.”

Xiao Tong nodded and strengthened herself mentally.

“Okay! I’ll try my best!”

She opened up the umbrella and walked toward her school in the rain.

“Remember to double check!”

Xiao Tong disappeared in the pouring rain. Lu Zhou could not help but smirk.

When he was in high school, Xiao Tong was in middle school.

There were only two bicycles in the house. One was for his father and the other one was for him.

Every day, Lu Zhou would send Xiao Tong to school. That was until he left for college, and Xiao Tong started to ride by herself.

Lu Zhou did not notice that his sister was growing up so fast.

Maybe it was a good thing that he left for college.

Xiao Tong could not always depend on her brother. She would not have matured so quickly if Lu Zhou was always by her side.

“Do your best.”

Lu Zhou stood under the bicycle tent and took out his phone.

He agreed that he would wait under this tent until Xiao Tong was done with her exams.

He looked at the time. There was still half an hour before the exam began.

Lu Zhou was yawning when he suddenly received a WeChat message.

Meng Qi: [Teacher! Please, I’m about to go inside, I’m so nervous. Can you wish me good luck? ._.]

When Lu Zhou saw this message, he smiled and typed a reply.

[Do your best! I hope your dreams come true!]

He then sent it.

Meng Qi did not respond.

Just when Lu Zhou thought she had gone into the exam room, he suddenly received a reply.

It was only one sentence.

[Thank you!!!]

The college entrance examination ended smoothly.

Xiao Tong was confident to get 590, maybe even a 600 if she got lucky. It all depended on the exam marker. After all, the liberal arts were very subjective.

After the exam, Lu Zhou and Xiao Tong did some research.

According to the 2015 University of Jin Ling entrance scores, 600 was not enough for quantitative majors, but it was enough for liberal arts majors.

Regardless, Xiao Tong first major life event was finally over.

After her exam, she completely changed her lifestyle. She would lay on the sofa playing Mobile Legends all day. She was even too lazy to hang out with her friends.

Sometimes, Lu Zhou would look at his sister and reminisce.

Being young is nice…

After she goes to university, she will find out that these two months are the happiest months in her life.

Xiao Tong turned over and saw her brother looking intently at the computer screen.

“Brother, if only I had a big brain like you…”

Lu Zhou could tell that she just lost a game.

“I’m not all brains. Many things are practiced through hard work.”

He remembered that his score was only 640 something. Although it did not rank high in the state, for a small school like Jiangling High, it was pretty nutty.

After Xiao Tong lost again, she tossed her phone and sat up from the sofa. She stood next to Lu Zhou and looked at the computer, “Brother, what are you playing?”

Lu Zhou glanced at her, “Organizing interview materials.”

Xiao Tong tilted her head and asked, “Interview?”

“Yeah,” said Lu Zhou as he nodded. He then added, “The new semester in Princeton is about to begin. I’m already a professor now, so I have to take at least one student.”

Strictly speaking, most of Princeton’s offers were sent out in March and April. It was already June, so most of the students that received an offer were already planning to move in.

However, there were exceptions. Some professors who had not found any students would post their information on the website of the Admissions Office. Therefore, there were still some students that enrolled at a different time.

When Lu Zhou posted his information on the Princeton admissions website, his email was filled with letters.

Most of the letters were from students.

They were trying to make connections with Lu Zhou.

Most of the letters had horrible CVs, and there were almost no academic achievements.

However, judging from these letters, a lot of students were interested in Lu Zhou’s research. Especially after he proved Goldbach’s conjecture and won the Crafoord Prize, the interest toward him exploded.

Some people even tried to make connections a year in advance.

Thankfully, Xiao Ai helped him. As his assistant, it identified letters that were not related to enrollment and threw them in the trash can.

Honestly speaking, Lu Zhou did not want to get the leftover students. He would rather wait until August and interview people for the spring semester.

However, his office was too empty. It was too shabby.

Lu Zhou decided that he had to find at least two students, and familiarize himself with the work of professors.

Xiao Tong tilted her head and asked, “Can you interview at home?”

Lu Zhou said, “Of course you can. Many supervisors use Skype for interviews. The busy supervisors would even interview on the phone. Unless the supervisor was stubborn, most of them didn’t need to interview face to face.”

The interview was mainly a way for supervisors to get a deeper understanding of the student. After all, many qualities could not be reflected on paper.

Xiao Tong looked the resumes with Lu Zhou. Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Oh, the girl with long hair is so pretty. I think she’s good, just pick her!”

Lu Zhou nearly spat his water out.

“You think this is Tinder?!”

Xiao Tong was confused, “Then how are you going to choose?”

“Set a lower limit for academic grades, then look at resumes. The good ones get an interview, the bad ones get deleted, simple as that. Go go go. Go and play. Don’t bother my work,” said Lu Zhou as he waved his hand.

“Oh, selfish!”

Xiao Tong made a funny face and left.

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