Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 1509 - A Promise From a Long Time Ago

Chapter 1509: A Promise From a Long Time Ago

“The residents of Guanghan City, the crew of the space station, those brave enough to stand up.

“Your courage is what guards our homeland.

“Those sinful capitals and dignitaries on Earth, for their dirty interests, try to make our lives as the price of their evil experiments to earn blood money.

“For Earth, we and our fathers have sacrificed too much, and now, they have to squeeze out every last bit of value, just to fill up their expansive material desires like a black hole!

“No one will agree, no one will!

“We have had a very good life. We have been very good for a hundred years, and we will be so in the future. We don’t need controllable fusion, let alone their ridiculous sympathy and help!

“History will remember this day! Remember this great awakening!”

The fierce broadcast reverberated on the radio channel of Guanghan City.

Almost everyone heard the announcement.

Regardless of nationality or skin color, they were all residents of Guanghan City at this moment. They all stood up for the same purpose, which was to oppose the establishment of the second-generation controllable fusion experimental reactor.

Tired of dealing with the boiling public opinion, Mayor Ye tried to appease the emotions of the non-governmental organizations and representatives, but it was futile.

The cause of everything was a paper, and the fuse was the news that Guanghan City and East Asia Energy signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The top leader in the field of controllable fusion published a paper in the top journal of controllable fusion research. The paper exposing the “pulsed magnetic field” was almost regarded as truth by most people.

Even if academically, the content of that paper was open to questions, most ordinary people didn’t actually care about facts and truth.

No one wanted such a time bomb to sleep next to their bed, let alone a place that relied heavily on electronic equipment like the moon. Once a serious magnetic field overflow accident occurred, it would paralyze the air circulation system in Guanghan City and could erase this city of 100,000 people directly from the map in an instant.

In people’s minds, this was likely to happen!

At this point, Mayor Ye was overwhelmed. He did not want to miss the investment from East Asia Energy or the second-generation controllable fusion project, but it was also impossible to stand on the opposite side of all people in Guanghan City for the sake of an enterprise from Earth.

Although the angry people wouldn’t tear him to pieces, they could remove him from the position of mayor…


In the office of the chairman of East Asia Energy, the atmosphere was a bit stiff.

Lu Zhou turned off the holographic screen floating on the desktop. He read the report from beginning to end, and he looked tired as if he hadn’t slept all night. He reached out his hand to pinch his glabella.

“Even if it is a bad thing, it needs a reason, not to mention this is a good thing… This is my fault.”

“Perhaps I was in a hurry…” Lu Zhou, sitting on the office chair, stared at the portrait hanging on the wall of the chairman’s office for a long time and said, “This photo was not taken properly. Can I change it?”

Zhong Ziyu said bitterly, “Is now the time to talk about this?”

Standing next to him, Morinaga, who hadn’t spoken the whole time, coughed lightly and said, “My suggestion is that it is best to conduct a thorough investigation of the risk assessment of the second-generation controllable fusion technology. There is no need to rush to get the project launched, especially if it does pose a risk to the lives, health, and properties of all residents in Guanghan City… In order to avoid more trouble, it is better to stop the project.”

Zhong Ziyu did not speak, but the intention on his face was already obvious.

From the standpoint of the Pan-Asian people’s community with a shared future, the AIIB couldn’t risk offending all residents of Guanghan City. Besides, the sovereignty of Guanghan City belonged to China.

Lu Zhou: “The second-generation controllable fusion technology is of course risk-free. The high-strength magnetic field only appears in the center of the reactor… But I am afraid that even if I say that, it is of little use.”

Morinaga said with a wry smile, “Your words will be useless, but I think… we should find a third-party organization to do this risk assessment, right?”

“It doesn’t exist.” Lu Zhou shook his head and said, “In fact, I called Academician Qiu. His paper was published by a student, and it was during the period while he was on the moon. After he returned to Earth, he contacted the journal to express his willingness to retract the manuscript, but those who supported him are now starting to label him as ‘joining the dark side’ and ‘paid off by big energy’.”

Zhong Ziyu frowned and said, “What if… we give up on second-generation controllable fusion? The timing is really not right, so I suggest we at least stay low for a while.”


Looking out of the window, Lu Zhou’s eyes flashed a rare trace of complexity.

With a voice that only he could hear, he murmured a little, “This is the only way to go to the Tau Ceti.”

Zhong Ziyu frowned and said in confusion.

“… Did you say something?”

“Nothing, just a promise made a long time ago, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Lu Zhou gulped; the look on his face regained firm. He looked at the two people standing in front of the desk and continued to say, “I won’t back off because of this little resistance. The new generation of controllable fusion technology must be completed! I admit that I have selfish motives, but it is not just for me… The entire Pan-Asia, and even the shared future of mankind, will benefit from it!”

Morinaga said with a sad face, “But… the first generation of fusion technology is completely enough for at least another fifty years. Why do we have to complete the second-generation controllable fusion technology now?”

“Because that is the key to our journey to more distant worlds. Only the energy density of the second generation of controllable fusion can meet the energy needs of interstellar navigation!”

It’s not just a matter of interstellar navigation…

At this moment, a green icon flashed on the desktop.

After seeing the caller’s name, Lu Zhou took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

“I have to take this, could you guys please give me a second?”

The two people standing in front of the desk exchanged glances.

In the end, it was Zhong Ziyu who broke the silence and said, “I’ll contact the Pan-Asian Academy of Sciences. Whether it’s useful or not… I still have to find a way to save this.”

He continued after hesitating for a while, “Of course I believe in you, but… we have to let others believe in you too.”

Lu Zhou waved his hand.

“Go ahead then.”

When they left, Zhong Ziyu closed the door behind him.

After the office door closed, the whole room finally became quiet.

Lu Zhou reached out and pressed on the desk. A light blue holographic window quickly floated out and appeared in front of Lu Zhou.

Li Guangya appeared in the video window as Lu Zhou asked, “What’s going on?”

“Are you free any time soon?”


Li Guangya sighed and said, “Let’s talk in person.

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