Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 1507 - I Will Change My Ways!

Chapter 1507: I Will Change My Ways!

Not worthy of being a scholar…

This sentence was like a baseball bat, knocking on Qiu Mingrui’s head and also in his heart.

The expression on his face gradually changed from embarrassment to shame.

“You seem to have just asked a question. If you have any questions, continue to ask.”

“I…” After being silent for a long time, Academician Qiu whispered, “I have finished asking all the questions I wanted to ask.”

Lu Zhou didn’t comment on anything. He just nodded slightly.

“If there are new questions, please feel free to discuss them.”

Although he knew little about the dispute between the two, Ye He felt relieved when he saw Academician Qiu admit defeat. He then said with a smile, “Everyone, let’s calm down. I can understand the concerns of Academician Qiu. In fact, after hearing the magnetic field of 10,000 Tesla, I am also very worried. However, I believe in the academic level of Academician Lu.

“I trust him!”

Having said that, Mayor Ye then looked at Lu Zhou, and he suddenly continued, “In view of the importance of this matter, the Guanghan Special Economic Zone will set up a special supervision team to implement the assessment of the safety risks of controllable fusion and regularly report on the construction progress and experimental arrangements.

“I hope Academician Lu understands our concerns. After all, we are also responsible for the safety of the lives and properties of 100,000 residents in Guanghan City.”

Lu Zhou nodded.

“That was our suggestion too.”

Academician Qiu Mingrui was gone.

When he left, he didn’t even say goodbye. Even Mayor Ye’s lunch invitation was tactfully turned down by him.

That deafening remark made him feel ashamed, but it also woke him up fiercely.

People who dare not make mistakes…

Is that me?

Since becoming an academician, his academic progress had come to a halt, he hadn’t made any progress, and he had not made any outstanding research results.

He could be invincible if he didn’t make arguments. This was the experience he had summed up from his decades of academic career and way of doing things. Although he had been distressed that his academic level had not improved a little over the years, he never doubted that there was anything wrong with his attitude.

Because of what happened, he was finally awake…

He did not stay on the moon for even a day. He arrived in Guanghan that morning and boarded a flight back to Earth that afternoon.

After two days of traveling, he finally returned to the Pan-Asia Academy of Engineering. Sitting in the office, his eyes fell unconsciously on the hanging paintings on the wall, and he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of emotion.

“Master, I will change my ways!”

As his student looked at his professor, who had changed his attitude, he was stunned for a while before saying in confusion, “Sir?”

“It’s nothing, just feeling sentimental.” After a pause, Qiu Mingrui sighed softly and said in full praise, “No wonder he’s the first scholar of the 21st century! I didn’t think anything of him when I saw him in the movie before. I didn’t expect him to come in this era and teach me a lesson.”

Looking at the stunned student, Qiu Mingrui suddenly remembered something and continued, “By the way, don’t publish that paper.”

The student did not speak. He looked at the tutor tremblingly, not daring to say anything.

Seeing the expression on the student’s face, Qiu Mingrui was slightly stunned.

He had guessed something vaguely, but he wasn’t sure, so he asked in a hesitant tone, “You… already published it?”

Nodding nervously, the student whispered, “The day you ordered me to submit the paper, I sorted out the paper and sent it to ‘Progress in Controllable Fusion Research’. I received an email from the editorial office over there yesterday, and the paper has been approved by peer review, ready to be published…”

The moment he heard these words, Qiu Mingrui was shocked. His eyeballs were popping out of his head.

“F*ck, when I ask you to do homework, you procrastinate for half a month, but this time you’re faster than a rabbit!”

Progress in Controllable Fusion Research was a top journal!

As one of the birthplaces of controllable fusion technology, the influence of this journal on the research of second-generation controllable fusion technology was obvious!

Thinking that the paper could be published soon, Qiu Mingrui suddenly felt his a*s on fire. He began to sweat.

“Call the editorial department right away! Ask them to remove the paper for me! Contact them now, hurry up!”

Although the student didn’t know what happened on the moon that made his professor this anxious, he still nodded vigorously and said in a panic, “Okay, okay! I’ll get in touch now!”

After the cooperation between East Asia Energy and the Guanghan Special Economic Zone was reached, Lu Zhou and Mayor Ye signed the memorandum of talks and related cooperation documents respectively. They then bid each other farewell.

When Lu Zhou returned to the Yangtze River Delta city group, the scientific research team to the moon had already set off.

As well as a professional construction team.

Although the electromagnet for the moon-based reactor had not been designed yet, they could build a research institute first.

Taking into account that the environment on Earth was completely different from that on the moon, in order to avoid any mistakes, Lu Zhou made a decision and divided the second-generation controllable fusion project into two large teams. They were dispatched to the moon and Earth respectively.

The team on Earth was mainly responsible for theoretical analysis and design work, while the team on the moon was responsible for experimental analysis and rapid verification of the design results.

Considering that there were a lot of experiments that needed to be done, and East Asia Energy had almost no business on the moon, Lu Zhou approved a budget of 100 million credit points to build an experimental base there.

Perhaps because of the electromagnet research laboratory reform, the major research units under East Asia Energy seemed to have streamlined themselves. No one dared to compromise. Without exception, they strictly implemented Lu Zhou’s orders.

The aging machine of East Asia Energy, as if it was rejuvenated, started to move.

Every gear was working desperately…

After work hours, downstairs of a building.

Lu Zhou, who wanted to get drunk but wasn’t able to contact Director Li, ran into Director Tang, who was also getting off work. So he took him to a nearby skewers restaurant.

Ling was responsible for skewers.

Although as a bodyguard, his job was to protect Lu Zhou, it did not prevent Lu Zhou from using him for other activities.

After drinking for a few rounds, Lu Zhou, who was talking about the things on the moon, tilted his head slightly, and a sentence suddenly popped out of his mouth.

“Actually, I really want to lose once.”

Tang Yunge, who was drinking beer, heard these words and almost choked on the beer. After a dry cough, he put down the beer bottle and looked at Lu Zhou.

“Can you… not say this at this time. I want to win, I don’t want to lose.”

Lu Zhou grinned and said, “I’m just talking casually, don’t take it to heart.”

Dangling the beer glass in his hand, he continued to say.

“Isn’t there a saying? A life without failure is incomplete, at least in the academic area… I always feel that my academic career is not complete.”

Tang Yunge: “…”

Not complete…

I don’t even know how to respond to this humble bragging.

Tang Yunge, who was drinking silently, decided to treat it as if he hadn’t heard anything.

What do I say?

Forget it, I’ll keep quiet.

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