Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 1449 - Robot Experience Hall

Chapter 1449: Robot Experience Hall

The portrait was eventually taken down.

After such an accident happened, the museum tour obviously couldn’t continue.

The museum announced that it would be temporarily closed for three days, and all appointments would be postponed. The group of noisy middle school students followed their teacher. After thanking Curator King and the tour guide, they left Lu Zhou’s former residence.

After the people left, Curator King looked at Lu Zhou and spoke with an awkward expression.

“I’m really sorry, that portrait is our negligence… When we investigate it later, we will make a clarification statement. Do you think this is okay?”

Lu Zhou still felt a little unhappy in his heart, but he also knew that there was no better option, so he nodded.

“Yes… By the way, I don’t quite understand one thing.”

Curator King spoke immediately.

“Please speak!”

“Since you are… researching me, how come you can’t recognize that photo is my student?”

Curator King couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re giving me such a tough time. Unless your student was a very well-known scholar, most people won’t remember what she looked like. The role your fiancée played in history was just the CEO of a company. As for that photo… Maybe it was a misrepresentation, after all, the documentary did affect a lot of people.”

Unless she was a well-known scholar…

In other words, she failed to leave her name on the building of mathematics.

Thinking about this, Lu Zhou couldn’t help but feel a little unfortunate.

When he was on the light rail earlier, he clearly read that at the Jinling International Congress of Mathematicians in 2026, Han Mengqi completed the research project on the odd positive integer points of the Riemann zeta function that he left for her.

With this achievement alone, winning the 2030 Fields Medal was almost a certainty.

But then again, even if it was a certainty, it didn’t mean it was guaranteed to happen. And not every Fields Medalist could leave their name in history.

Even though he felt unfortunate for this result, it was already a thing of the past…

“If you have any other requests, please tell me. I will definitely help you to the best of my abilities!”

As Lu Zhou looked at Curator King, he couldn’t help but wonder.

This guy was obviously on guard when he first saw me, why is he suddenly so attentive now?

Although Lu Zhou didn’t know what caused this guy’s attitude to change 180 degrees, he seemed to believe in the fact that he was Academician Lu, so Lu Zhou didn’t say much.

After all, his opinion didn’t matter to Lu Zhou.

The main purpose of him coming home today was to find a key, but unfortunately, he came back empty-handed.

He went through the entire house but didn’t find anything valuable.

It seemed that he had to look elsewhere.

“No need.” Lu Zhou looked at the sun that was gradually setting from the horizon in the distance as he said, “It’s getting late, I have something to do, I have to go.”

“Take care then,” Curator King said with a smile on his face. He suddenly thought of something and quickly added, “By the way, can you leave me with your contact information? You have a virtual community account, right?”

“I just registered yesterday. If you want to, you can add me.”

Lu Zhou operated the holographic window on his wrist. His index finger dragged a holographic card the size of a business card from the screen and threw it in front of Curator King.

Curator King received the card and added Lu Zhou to his address book.

With an attentive smile on his face, he continued, “We will keep in touch in the future!

“If there is anything I don’t understand, I’ll just ask you!”

“Sure.” Lu Zhou said casually after turning off the holographic screen, “As long as it is not some boring question.”

After bidding farewell to Curator King, Lu Zhou didn’t stay here any longer. After one last stroll, he left this cultural tourism scenic spot.

To be honest, visiting his former residence felt really strange.

The landmarks on the street were full of his stories. The one on the left was Professor Lu’s favorite barbecue meat on rice, the one on the right talked about how Professor Lu often retreated here. The monument in the middle had Professor Lu’s quotes, as well as interesting anecdotes.

Even Lu Zhou himself didn’t know that his life was so rich and colorful. His footprints were everywhere…

After stepping out of the gate of the scenic spot, Lu Zhou noticed that the people next to him were looking at him. Lu Zhou, who didn’t want to be accosted by strangers, took out the necklace from his pocket and put it on his neck again.

However, when he raised his index finger and tapped twice on the necklace, there was no response.

“Is it out of battery?”

Lu Zhou tried for a while without any success, so he had to put it away.

Speaking of which, it seemed that he had yet to charge this thing. It was a miracle it lasted so long. He planned to charge it after he went back home.

When Lu Zhou was on the bus leading down the mountain, he felt that the people next to him were looking at him.

He sighed in his heart, put the AR glasses on the bridge of his nose, and opened the city map.

Headgear used by a robot… That’s kind of like a case for a phone?

In that case, I’ll go to the Robot Experience Hall.

Lu Zhou found the nearest Robot Experience Hall. He set the destination on the real-world navigation system, then closed his eyes and calmed down.

After two transfers along the way, Lu Zhou finally came to the Robot Experience Hall on the edge of the third ring road.

The Robot Experience Hall did not look very big. It looked like one or two hundred square meters from the outside. Behind the two store windows facing the street, a male and female robot stood inside.

Pedestrians who came and went from time to time stopped and cast interested looks at the shop window, but after seeing the price, most people quickly walked away.

In this era where AI technology was widely used, smart home appliances had been integrated into every corner of people’s daily life. However, a robot that belonged only to a private person was still a luxury.

Generally, the better the quality, the higher the level of intelligence, the more realistic the material, and the more expensive the price. This also included a series of expenses such as maintenance fees, repair fees, insurance, etc. The cost of a robot was no less expensive than owning a car.

“Hello, do you need any help?”

Lu Zhou, who was standing in front of the shop window, looked aside. He saw a girl wearing a baseball cap who was looking at him with a sweet smile.

“I’m just taking a look… Are you a staff in this store?”

The girl opened her mouth and was about to answer, but a voice floated from the side, interrupting her.

“A-101 general-purpose robot, priced at 100,000 credits! 10% discount on installment payments.” A rather young man smiled at Lu Zhou, then looked at the robot next to him. “I will take care of this guest.”

“Sorry, yes, sir.”

The robot girl nodded politely, then turned and walked away.

An unexpected look appeared on Lu Zhou’s face.

“I didn’t even notice that girl is a robot.”

“This is normal. We removed the tag code on her neck for appearance reasons.” The man continued with a confident smile on his face, “High fidelity is the main feature of our Hippocampus Group products. We have the most advanced AI algorithms and the most advanced hardware that can provide customers with a perfect experience.

“Mr. Lu Zhou, which one do you want? Or what role do you want it to play in your life? We even provide boutique services. You can design your type through professional modeling software, as well as the functions expected of it.”

“You know me?”

After hearing the man directly calling out his name, Lu Zhou was shocked.

Plenty of people doubted his identity, and this was the first time someone recognized him like this.

“Mr. Lu Zhou, the entire Pan-Asian Cooperation and the world know of your feat on flight N-177. Given your contribution to the world, who wouldn’t recognize you?” The man with a business smile on his face reached out his right hand and said politely, “Let me introduce myself, Wang Wenfeng, shopping guide.”

“Lu Zhou.” Lu Zhou shook his hand and continued, “In fact, I am not here to buy a robot, I want to see if there are any accessories for sale here.”

The man named Wang Wenfeng was taken aback for a second. His professional smile on his face remained unchanged as he continued to ask, “May I ask what accessories? Maybe you can tell me your needs.”

Lu Zhou: “The style of my robot is a bit… unique, so I want it to be more pleasing on the eyes, without affecting his functions.”

Lu Zhou wanted to express that his robot was too scary and wanted to see if there were any accessories that could modify the appearance of the robot.

The shopping guide looked like he understood Lu Zhou’s intention. He pulled Lu Zhou aside and asked, “Is it modified?”

Lu Zhou nodded.

“Sort of.”

“There won’t be accessories of the kind you want in the regular store, but I can introduce a store to you.”

Lu Zhou raised his eyebrows and looked at him suspiciously.

“Is it so troublesome? Actually, I just wanted to—”

“Every model has different rules. Jailbreaking is illegal, same for AI jailbreaking. However, private use is a gray area. Don’t worry.” The shopping guide patted Lu Zhou on the shoulder, grinned, and used his finger to move a holographic business card with navigation information to Lu Zhou. He said, “You can find the store by following this address. However, this kind of store generally does not accept unknown customers. Remember to tell the owner that I recommended you, or just show him this business card.”

Although Lu Zhou felt suspicious, after seeing that the location on the address was not far away, he took the business card and nodded.

“All right then… Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I wish you a pleasant day, to discover new pleasures from the minutiae of life.”

The shopping guide patted Lu Zhou on the shoulder. After leaving a mysterious smile, he turned to greet the other guests.

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