Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 8

Pleasure Me, And I Would Give Money

Susan looked at An Xiaowan silently for a while. She didn’t continue the discussion and instead said, “I didn’t expect An Xue to come to such a show just to beat you down. But I heard of your performance, you will probably become famous.”

An Xiaowan returned to her run-down and crammed rental flat. She took out her accounts book and started doing some calculations.

Father’s medical fee was to be paid once every three months. There was one month left before the next payment.

She had already saved up more than half the required amount. If she could persevere and participate in a few more shows, she would be able to save enough money by the time of the next payment.

An Xiaowan tiredly closed her eyes as she recalled past events.

Two years ago, on an ordinary evening, when she had just entered her house she saw her father’s pale body lying in a pool of blood. Before she could react, a group of journalists and police officers swarmed into the premise.

She was suddenly sent to court, accused of her father’s murder, all alone without any support.

Her younger sister, An Xue, whom she once thought as her good sister, turned back on her and kept complaining continuously in front of the media, tearfully stating of her sister’s heinous acts. Her reputation in the fashion industry drastically fell overnight.

And her fiancé, Chen Yinian, whom she once thought loved her deeply, so much that he was a step away from marrying her, suddenly accused her as if she was a stranger. “Xiaowan, although I knew that you were always willful, I never thought that you would be so vicious as to kill your father! You should go to jail and reflect on how you became such a devil!”

She became a devil?

Chen Yinian, why did he suddenly stop loving her and turned to hold An Xue’s hand, smiling so blissfully?

An Xiaowan’s hand holding onto the accounts book slowly tightened.

“Are you really this short of money?”

A low and magnetic voice suddenly sounded from the darkness behind her.

“Who is it!” An Xiaowan’s tone was fierce. She jumped up in fear as her face became deathly pale.

A tall man surrounded by a cold aura calmly stood up from the sofa in the corner.

A cold and prideful silhouette could be seen, his body glowing faintly under the dim light.

It was Huo Shen!

“I can give you money.” The man’s eyes were cold and arrogant. He reached in front of her with just a few steps and looked down on her in an authoritative manner.

In front of him, the woman’s perfect curves were covered by her clothes, looming loosely on her. His eyes deepened slightly as he strongly gripped onto her chin. “Pleasure me, before my patience runs out.”

An Xiaowan’s complexion changed immediately after realizing that it was Huo Shen.

“How did you come in? I will sue you for trespassing into private property!”

Huo Shen leaned forward and pressed her down with force. He looked down at her with his eyes filled with mockery. “Sue me? Don’t you know your limits.”

“Mr. Huo, I don’t need your money. I have completed the show successfully and have also paid you for that night, we are now clear! I hope we do not meet again!”

Huo Shen was infuriated because of her continuous rejections.

He swiftly hid his expression and looked at her gloomily. “Money? That night? Service fee?”

A pair of big hands gave a powerful tug at her clothes, which ripped instantly under the force.


” An Xiaowan’s dress was torn open, her smooth skin shivered after getting exposed to the cool air.

“You dare to humiliate me using a mere $2,000,000 as a service fee! I can see you are great at courting death!”

Huo Shen’s eyes were burning like a flame of rage. His arms were tightly wrapped around her thin waist as if wanting to burn and melt her using his anger.

She let out a soft groan in pain.

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