Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 24

Seducing Man. Is This Your Counterattack?

Why would Huo Shen come here!

An Xiaowan felt cold all over. She felt her spine becoming stiff with fear, and her nerves were taut.

How much did he hear of the things she said just now?

Though An Xiaowan did not know exactly where Huo Shen was, she could not be wrong about the profound feeling that he gave her!

She did not turn back. Instead, she quickly stood up, and her expression became cold.

“What’s the matter, An Xue? Did you need to have such a big reaction?” An Xiaowan snorted and wanted to say something as a remedy for her mistake. But before she could do so, a medical team rushed into the room.

Lying on the ground, Gong Li’s face turned pale with rage.

His palms already clenched into tight fists beside him.

The cool sensation of that woman’s soft and chilly fingertip was still lingering on his chest, where An Xiaowan had touched.

Gong Li’s brows formed a frown. He had never been in such an embarrassing state in his life!

Shit! He should have just minded his own business instead of saving that damned woman!

An Xiaowan should be the one bearing the consequences of being so unprofessional as a model. The accident during the dance was because of her failing to check the materials properly beforehand.

It had always been like this in this industry.

He should not have poked his nose into others’ business!

“Gong Li!” The manager ran in and pounced towards Gong Li to check his condition. She looked as if she was about to cry when she had seen Gong Li lying on the ground.

Gong Li was a male god in the hearts of thousands of people, and now he was injured!

Every day that he rested meant a loss of tens of millions. Now, after hurting his bones, he would need to rest for a few months to heal… Oh my god!

Gong Li let out a soft groan, and beads of sweat started falling from his face.

“Don’t move him.”

A few doctors came over carrying a stretcher. One of them waved his hands agitatedly and spoke, “Don’t gather here, move out. He needs some peace and space. We would need to bring him to the hospital for a detailed examination and to further diagnose his condition.”

Gong Li was getting impatient, and his anger was rising by the minute.

What had he gotten himself into!

The manager shouted hurriedly, “Everybody get out, now!”

Before An Xiaowan could say anything, she was already chased out along with the crowd.

It was too chaotic at the scene. She had no choice but to quietly go out for now.

An Xiaowan could still feel the cold presence in the air.

She thought for a few seconds, and her heart tightened a bit.

An Xiaowan supported herself using the wall and slowly walked along the corridor, moving away from the crowded area. She slowly slid down to sit on the ground, feeling exhausted.

She bit her lower lip with an expression of being wronged.

Finally, the cold and terrifying presence lingering in the darkness came out.

Huo Shen approached An Xiaowan and grabbed her arm to pull her up from the ground. He kicked open a door beside him and swiftly brought An Xiaowan in.

An Xiaowan feigned a surprised expression. “Mr. Huo? Why are you here?”

Before Huo Shen could toss her down, An Xiaowan quickly wrapped her arms around his neck.

An Xiaowan looked up and saw the tall-upright man surrounded by coldness. His gorgeous face was covered in a layer of frost and indifference. An Xiaowan shuddered when she saw this.

“My ankle hurts.” An Xiaowan pitifully looked at Huo Shen.

Looking at her moist eyes, Huo Shen’s brows plunged into a slight frown.

He walked over to the sofa and placed An Xiaowan down. He coldly said, “You reap what you sow.”

“…” She knew that nothing good could come out of this man’s mouth.

An Xiaowan continued to cling on his body even more limply and said woefully, “I was set up by someone. I am so pissed.”

She was observing the man’s complexion.

Huo Shen remained still as if he did not hear anything.

An Xiaowan’s entire body was holed up in his arms, soft and flexible like a water snake. “But I attacked back!” She gently rubbed her face against his chest, and her voice had a tint of tenderness and charm as she spoke, “Mr. Huo, I finally did not get bullied and embarrass you, right?”


A cold laugh sounded from Huo Shen’s throat. His big hands were holding her around her waist, and his gaze was cold and terrifying.

“So, you seduce a man as a way of your counterattack.”

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