Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 13

Playing Golf With Chen Yinian

The Edinburgh Golf Course was a gathering place for the rich.

Before her father met with an accident, he often brought her and An Xue here to play golf together. Hence, she was very familiar with this place.

Not only did playing Golf with guests guarantees a high pay, but one would usually receive a huge tip also. It was definitely a lucrative job.

Assistant Luo looked at An Xiaowan, who seemed vivacious and energetic. He asked curiously, “Ms. An, what is this place you are going, for which you are so happy?”

An Xiaowan smiled, her eyes filled with beautiful and dazzling colors.

“When Huo Shen is not here, I have my freedom. I don’t have the obligation to tell you where I will be going.”

She turned elegantly, and her long and wavy hair formed a charming arc.

After her work of ushering the guests, there was not enough time for her to rest. She massaged her legs that were sore and painful after standing for three hours straight. Then she took her Golf club and walked over to Court No. 6.

Over there, a few young men and women had already started their game.

At the front of the formation, a couple was intimately hugging each other.

The woman was tall and beautiful. She wore a baseball cap and was leaning gently in the arms of the man behind her. The man was tall and good-looking. His hands were wrapped around the woman as if gently correcting her actions. Their posture was very intimate and ambiguous.

Hearing An Xiaowan’s footsteps, they subconsciously turned to look back in her direction.

The couple was An Xiaowan’s ex-fiancé, Chen Yinian, and her younger sister by law, An Xue.

An Xiaowan carried the ball bucket and gave an eerie smile.

Then she stepped forward and spoke in a clear voice, “It’s been a long time, everyone.”

These people were all her childhood playmates. They belonged to the same social circle in the Capital, and since they were young, they were always attending banquets and spending time together.

If it was in the past, she would have been invited to such gatherings.

However, after those things happened to her, they have never contacted her again.

“Wan… Why are you…” The man let go of the woman in his arms and looked at An Xiaowan dazedly.

An Xue, who was released by Chen Yinian, stood still, and a flash of displeasure flashed across her eyes.

Yet An Xiaowan continued speaking as if nothing happened. “I am your Golf Partner No. 7.”

Everyone looked at each other awkwardly. “Eh, No. 7… that is Young Master Yinian.”

Chen Yinian looked at An Xue.

An Xue gave a sweet smile and reached out to hold his hand as she said, “It’s okay, just let her join us. After all, Big Sister was the best among us.”

“Who knows how long has it been since An Xiaowan last entered a Golf field. Her skills may not be the best among us now.” A cold snort sounded. It was from one of the women in the group who was previously An Xiaowan’s good friend, Wen Biyu. Now, she was like best-friends with An Xue.

“Then, how about a competition?” An Xue suggested.

An Xiaowan’s gaze chilled, and her smile faded slightly. “It’s all right, I am just a Golf partner.”

An Xue ignored her and looked at Chen Yinian with a smile. “Brother Yinian, she is your Golf partner, what do you say?”

Chen Yinian was silent for a few seconds, and a strange expression appeared on his handsome face. He nodded slowly. “Just join us, it’s just a game, winning or losing doesn’t matter.”

An Xiaowan’s eyes narrowed, her expression turning colder when she heard Chen Yinian, who took An Xue’s side.

Huh… What a disgusting couple.

They looked like such a sweet couple now.

She remembered her days as a young girl when Chen Yinian would hold her hand and gently talk to her with a faint smile on his lips, “Don’t be scared, Wan. I will forever be by your side.”


Ridiculous. How ridiculous.

An Xiaowan laughed to herself.

Then she dropped the bucket, casually took a Golf putter, and briskly walked to the front.

She looked confident in her movements as her steps were light and graceful. Her long and wavy hair was tied together, and it slowly swayed as she moved, making her look valiant and heroic.

“Fine, let’s compete then.”

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