Samsara Online

Chapter 448 RIP Emperor

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The constant sound of Xie Feng's bare fists smashing into the face of the emperor of mankind was the only sound that could be heard throughout the entire battlefield. The tomb-like silence had reached a historic point where if a needle fell at this moment, there was a small chance that it would be heard by practically everyone present.

After taunting and cursing Emperor Xuan Liuxian several times during the first few seconds of the beating, Xie Feng simply got bored. Since he felt it was beneath him to try to communicate with a wild dog and since he was not particularly a wild dog trainer either, Xie Feng simply stopped speaking and concentrated on carefully and meticulously beating the emperor's face.

In fact, Xie Feng was being so meticulous with his punches that if it were not for the existence of the system in this virtual world the emperor's face would have swollen so evenly and well distributed that people might have come to think that he was born with some kind of disease called "balloon head".

In addition, because Xie Feng was carefully punching and observing the emperor's face in detail to "kindly" punch him several times, every time the emperor tried to open his mouth to say something he was punched directly in the mouth, sealing his words firmly inside, Again, if it wasn't for the system, the almighty and respected emperor's teeth would have fallen to the ground long ago and the poor emperor would only be able to eat liquid food for the rest of his imperial life.

Consequently, the battlefield was deathly silent.

Xie Feng had reached the point of cruelty where when the emperor of mankind looked at him with eyes charged with rabid anger he would instantly punch both of his eyes as if to say, "Hey, don't look at me like that, you scare me and leave me no choice but to punch you further!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

When a total of fifty seconds had passed from the time Xie Feng had activated his ultimate defensive skill, namely Frozen End Overlord's Armor, and with only ten seconds remaining, he stopped his attack with his fists and kicked the emperor directly into the little fellow between his legs.

Furious as Emperor Xuan Liuxian was where his only thought was to destroy the life of the person in front of his eyes, after so many failed attempts to move away, and after his attacks failed to damage his enemy over and over again, his reaction speed and capacity to respond were simply at an all-time low since he managed to stand up on his own. Therefore, Xie Feng's kick effectively connected with its target.


The emperor's eyes had opened like two huge beacons of light to the point where they seemed to be about to burst out of the sockets, his mouth had opened into a giant "O" shape and was constantly closing and opening as if he was a fish looking for food underwater; however, no sound came from within.

The world seemed to come to a complete stop for a moment before it exploded like a bomb the next instant.

The sound of gasps and curses rang throughout the battlefield immediately.


"That guy sure is cruel! He just kicked his dong!"

"Rest in peace..."


Even Xie Yao, Gu Qianxue, Mu Wuying, Shen Xinya, and any other female players who didn't know how painful a kick in that area was couldn't help but flinch.

"This... His ring didn't have a certain chance of destroying things?" Gu Qianxue whispered to no one in particular.

Xie Yao: "..."

Mu Wuying: "..."

Shen Xinya: "..."

Yin Yue: "..."

The beauties beside Gu Qianxue fell silent and began to sweat bullets just imagining the scene of the emperor's family jewels popping.

Even Yang Tian, who was standing relatively close, couldn't help but cover his crotch with a pale face as he looked at the emperor who had now curled up on the ground as if he were a dried shrimp in full sunlight.

"That hit is too low!" he couldn't help but mutter as he vowed to himself to never say words that would displease that demon.

King Hu Yi's face had also turned deathly pale but not only because of what had just happened, but because he knew that Shiva's actions would have gigantic consequences in the long run. A mentally sane person would never do such a thing since offending the emperor was practically the same as turning all of humanity against one; however, since the system did not announce any punishment or offense, then this could only mean that Shiva was doing nothing wrong from a greater perspective.

In short, Shiva must have had valid enough reasons for the system not to punish him after hitting the representative of human beings in such a way.

And the king had little idea what that reason was.

In the end, King Hu Yi shook his head and sighed, again it seemed that his back was hunched again because of the weight of years.

"Your majesty emperor, I hope you enjoyed the welcoming greeting from us players as much as we enjoyed your warm thanks for saving the mankind of this continent from a possible disaster." Xie Feng bowed like a gentleman and said such words in a serious voice filled with respect.

Those who heard him suddenly felt the urge to want to punch him, even the players were no different although they also felt good after hearing his words as they finally felt the bad smell disperse.

That level of nerve had definitely reached the peak!

The ice armor disappeared and Xie Feng activated all his movement skills as he rushed towards the crowd.

Ling Long also seemed to be able to understand his intention as the beautiful beauty transformed into her adult dragon form, scaring all the people nearby when they saw her fifteen-plus meter body and her black scales that looked like steel plates.

For a moment everyone had forgotten that this beauty was actually a dragon, a powerful killer dragon!

"Beauties, time to go home!" Xie Feng walked over to where Xie Yao and the rest of the girls were before starting to help them climb onto Ling Long's back hurriedly.

Then, without hesitation and under everyone's dumbfounded gaze, Ling Long fiercely flapped her wings and flew away.

A second or two later, the emperor's voice thundered like lightning: "WHERE ARE YOU GOING! THIS SEAT MUST PEEL OFF YOUR SKIN OR THE WRATH OF MY HEART CAN NEVER SETTLE!!!"

Xuan Liuxian shot off into the sky, chasing after the fleeing group of people. Even feeling only 5% pain, that 5% was simply too dreadful, too horrible! He felt as if he was about to die! He was verbally humiliated, he was beaten worse than a stray dog, and he was even kicked in that precious place that represented any man's manhood... Xuan Liuxian was to kill him no matter what!

At this moment Xuan Liuxian was so enraged that he had forgotten about the battle deal and his only thought was to destroy anything that dared to block his path!

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