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Chapter 441 Shiva vs Human Emperor Xuan Liuxian! (1)

"If you dare to touch her... All mankind on this continent will cease to exist!"

When these words floated in the air, all those who heard them froze completely at the same time as if they turned into statues. A second or two after the shock and disbelief, the sound of gasps could be heard throughout the land that was previously a hellish battlefield.

Such cruel words!

All the people present looked at Shiva in shock. Everyone's eyes, regardless of whether it was player or NPC glittered with naked disbelief and they even seemed to be doubting whether what they had just heard had been a product of collective imagination.

What did it mean to finish off all of humanity on this continent? It meant complete annihilation! Extermination!

In extermination, it didn't matter if it was man, woman, old man, or child; all could only have the same miserable fate which was death!

Absolute obliteration regardless of gender and age!

"What audacity!"


"How dare you!"


The soldiers of the NPC army were the first to react and began to shout together, uniting to look at Xie Feng as if he was the worst enemy and the worst sinner in history.

These men who were willing to fight with their lives at risk against the Abyssal Dragon and who had already died once were more than willing to fight again and die a second time to protect their people: this was after all the main reason why they were where they were!

The sound of swords leaving their scabbards, bowstrings being drawn, and spears slicing through the air to get into battle position resounded throughout the territory that had just gained some peace not so long ago.

All the NPC soldiers were ready to fight!

However, they were not the only ones...

"You want to fight? Bring it on then! Today this father will teach you that ants can become the most terrifying if they unite!" Yang Tian shouted arrogantly as he tapped his communication tool.

The players of the King's Land guild who were revived by Xie Yao also raised their weapons and those who had been killed began to teleport back to Eternal Wind City after receiving the direct order from the leader himself.

"No choice." Nangong Lei sneered and also waved his hand as he ordered the players of his Sacred Wings guild, "Prepare for battle!"

Yao Zenyu, Mu Wuying, One Man Army, as well as all the other guild leaders present gave their orders and the living players who outnumbered the NPC soldiers at least 3:1 began to surround the fifty thousand men in a large circle while cautiously glancing at them.

In addition, the teleportation crystal of Eternal Wind City had begun to light up countless times per second. The number of players teleporting in blinks had risen to hundreds of thousands in less than twenty seconds!

These normal players didn't mind going to war, on the contrary, they found it fun and entertaining. After all, this virtual world was a game and the reason most of them played was to have fun.

Besides, being part of a huge and mighty guild, these players received a monthly sum of money equivalent to a normal salary in the real world where they had to work at least eight hours a day to earn; none of them were willing to disobey orders and risk the possibility of being expelled unless they really had no other choice.

The sound of horse hooves echoed everywhere and a huge cloud of dust rose from the ground as what seemed to be a tidal wave of cavalrymen charged towards the north gate of the city before dismounting and surrounding the NPC soldiers in a circle that became tighter and tighter.

Because the currency exchange had opened some time ago and because the guilds had formed normally, the leaders of the different major guilds had now invested huge amounts of real money to buy mounts for each member of their respective guilds. While they were just normal mounts, the amount of gold spent was simply colossal considering that each major guild possessed at least a few hundred thousand members. However, such an investment was necessary in the long run as it would make everything much easier.

Suddenly the atmosphere had become extremely oppressive and those who had fought shoulder to shoulder less than an hour ago now looked at each other with hatred, mockery, and disdain. The murderous intent had become so thick that the surrounding air seemed to have frozen.

The NPCs were undoubtedly stronger, and the players knew they could not win unless they attacked, at a minimum, at a 50:1 ratio, and even then victory was by no means guaranteed. The pressure felt by the players was immense, to say the least.

However, the NPC soldiers also didn't feel much better compared to the players. The palms of many soldiers were drenched in sweat as they realized that they might soon have to clash against an unstoppable army that did not fear death and did not know what it was like to fear never opening their eyes again.

The NPC soldiers knew that even if they won it was only a partial victory since in the next moment the enemy they had defeated would return once again with renewed strength to clash weapons with them! They would be exhausted to death if such a thing happened!

Events had unfolded at such a swift speed that neither King Hu Yi nor the Human Emperor Xuan Liuxian could react properly. In fact, the fury of the NPC soldiers after hearing Shiva's words had erupted and the players who were already prepared this time had immediately reacted to the call of their respective leaders.

Now, the whole place seemed to be about to turn into a living hell once again!

"W-Wait a minute!" King Hu Yi was dumbfounded. How had events unfolded to this point? What he feared the most was about to happen!

Although Human Emperor Xuan Liuxian might not be clear about how terrifying the players could become when they joined forces, the king was very clear about it! Even the Abyssal Dragon was forced to fall from the sky to the ground by these humans!

However, at this point the king was not the highest authority present.

"Good! Good! Good!" The emperor's body trembled, and his grip on his sword tightened hard as a sign of the anger he felt. "Since all of you, ants, are courting death... Then death is what you shall have!!!"

Saying that, the emperor ascended to the sky and raised his sword high as he said proudly and arrogantly, "Let me show you the power of a God grade powerhouse... A power that you. foreign race, should never have provoked!!!"

Following the emperor's roar, the sword in his hand was illuminated with a golden light and an oppressive aura that suppressed the now over two million and increasing players and NPC soldiers.

However, a playful and mockingly unconcerned voice responded to the emperor's words: "A power we should not have provoked? You old geezer, you sure talk big don't you think?"

Yang Li'er looked at the emperor floating in the sky with a cold smile. Her ever playful eyes were filled with hidden anger as she had been killed earlier by one of the Abyssal Dragon's magic spells.

"I, your great aunt died once to protect these damned lands but you dare to talk to me like that? Watch me bring you down from your white cloud with a single command!" Yang Li'er waved her hand and without caring about her image anymore shouted into her communication tool, "Bring that old fool in his last days of life back to the ground!"

Yang Tian was not the only proud and arrogant member of the Beijing Yang Family; Yang Li'er was even more arrogant than him! It was precisely that she was secretly called little fiend by the juniors of the families in the upper echelons of the country's capital! The fact that she acted playful and careless didn't mean that she didn't have her own explosive personality too!

She had died once, the first time she had died in this world, and it had been all to protect humanity from the devastation of the Abyssal Dragon. However, at the end of the day what did she get for it? Nothing! Forget a mere thank you of empty and meaningless words; she and everyone else were even treated like worthless trash!

Even the saints had limited patience and the emperor had already exhausted it completely!


Hundreds of thousands of earth mages raised their magic staffs at the same time and activated that skill that didn't have much use but after the appearance of the brilliant idea raised by Mu Yin had become terrifying when hundreds of thousands of mages activated it together on the same target.

[Increase Gravity]!

The emperor's face abruptly changed and he quickly canceled the skill he was about to cast that could probably end the lives of tens of thousands of players in the blink of an eye. However, before the emperor could retreat from the area of effect of the skill Increase Gravity, the pressure of a mountain enveloped him and weighed on his shoulders.

"Wha-" The emperor looked so surprised that his eyes widened as he tried to say something. However, all he could utter was a single half-finished word.

Like a comet entering the earth's atmosphere at astonishing speeds, the emperor's body fell uncontrollably and crashed to the ground noisily, raising a large cloud of dust and causing the ground to shake slightly!

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