Sage Monarch

Chapter 1600: The Grand Finale

Chapter 1600: The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale had arrived.

War had broken out between the god world and the Sage Monarch Empire, and there was no embellishment involved. There was no time wasted on empty speeches. Yang Qi led his citizens out, singing psalms and anthems, leading an attack that immediately unleashed devastation on the Deathless Heaven Empire.

Just that first blow served as a staunch warning.

Everyone in the Deathless Heaven Empire immediately realized that their disorganized forces were like nothing. Their empire was little more than a pack of disorderly hooligans.

Yang Qi’s Empire represented true sages, true destiny, and true transcendence. There was no denying it.


Destructive power flowed through the god world.

The greyspace of the Deathless Heaven Empire began crumbling, and sagelight pierced inside, transforming anyone it touched into ash.

Even Proud Heaven was deeply shaken.

As for Hailan, she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Everyone who wasn't a half-Annulled expert felt doom and destruction about to overwhelm them.

“Damn you!” Proud Heaven growled, his face ashen. Then a mighty aura erupted from his forehead, spreading out to stabilize his empire. His aura was fused with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, which was supposed to provide an impenetrable defense. Sadly for him, it wasn’t doing anything right now.

The greyspace created by his aura and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart might as well have been made of paper.

Already, the second attack was incoming.

All of the leaders could see clearly that the Sage Monarch Empire was unleashing everything. And the next attack was going to be ten times stronger than the previous.

The singing rang in their ears, shaking them down to their souls. As for the sight that met their eyes, it was like a magnificent and majestic opera playing out right in front of them.

It was a power they couldn’t stand up to.

Unless something happened to change the flow of events, they were going to be destroyed by this attack. No one could stop it, not even the god world itself.

How could anyone have predicted that Yang Qi would grow this strong in only three years? How had the Sage Monarch Empire advanced to such a level?

The King of Godmammoths looked drained, and his eyes contained nothing but terror.

The High Priestess and Demon Master looked similarly grim and terrified. They realized now more than ever that they couldn't fight Yang Qi. The destruction he could wreak was millions upon millions of times their own level. It was something that vastly surpassed the half-Annulled level in every way.

There was only one tiny scrap of hope left.


She rose to her feet, and as she did, she grew to a size that made the god world itself look small. She was clearly the most powerful entity in existence! She waved her finger, ending with it pointing right at the flood of troops from the Sage Monarch Empire. She was unleashing her power to crush that river!

Yang Qi was at the forefront of the army, and when he saw Greensura move her arm, he knew what was coming.


All of a sudden, he grew incomparably large and mighty, such that he was on equal standing with the essence of the god world.

The essence of the Sage Monarch World was about to clash with the essence of the god world. He also waved his finger out, but without any flourish or fanfare. Instantly, a wave of brilliant light swept forth, like the light of eyes, swords, blades, and gods.


The two streams of power collided, and a massive shock wave rolled out, destroying countless things. Universes collapsed. Worlds, immortal worlds, the past, present, future, and everything else vanished. History, the myths of the gods, and time itself ceased to exist.

As the past, present, and future converged into a single eternal point, a new beginning of dazzling radiance emerged. The eternal had been converted into dust and smoke, and the deathless was changed into nothing


Yang Qi and Greensura were both shaken deeply.

They had both left their empires, and were in the middle of the world of primal-chaos, where they were unleashing their most deadly attacks. Meanwhile, the people of the two empires were fighting fiercely.

There was a lot of fighting to come.

“Operation Demon Destruction!”

The King of Godmammoths and the Demonfolk waved their arms, sending out the devil embryo! All of the Demonfolk in the god world had been converted by means of a curse into this devil embryo, which flew out toward the Sage Monarch Empire.

The devil embryo’s body was made of countless universes, and as it lunged toward the river of troops from the Sage Monarch Empire, it seemed to roil with black clouds and sinister winds, as well as the wailing of ghosts and weeping of gods.

“A mighty will, turned into a monster....”

The Invincible Dugu and Yang Immortal-Slayer charged forth, leading endless waves of sage monarch magistrates, all of them chanting curses.


Every citizen of the empire exhaled, and countless versions of the Halls of Heaven shot out, then converged, creating a stream of distorted radiance and light that shot forth to meet the devil embryo.

The rancorous energy and curses that made up the devil embryo of Operation Demon Destruction suddenly turned, smiling viciously as it looked at the Deathless Heaven Empire.

Shockingly, the power of Operation Demon Destruction was being turned on them!

“Crap!” The King of Godmammoths, Demon Master, High Priestess, and countless Demon Master God-Lords went crazy with fear and started screaming, “Get out of the way! Run!”

They knew full well how terrifying Operation Demon Destruction was.

Its power was sufficient to destroy empires. It was their trump card, and the fact that it was turning on them caused their hearts to go cold. Chaos ensued, and the only person who maintained their calm was Proud Heaven.

His expression was cold as he reached out and made a grasping gesture. As he did, the Great Necropolis appeared and its power rumbled out to absorb the essence of the god world!

As a result, the god world immediately shrank down to ten percent of its previous size.

In contrast, the Great Necropolis grew to be thousands of times as big as the Halls of Heaven. It swept forth, covering the deathless devil embryo and the river of light created by the Halls of Heaven, after which a shriek rang out. Then the Great Necropolis shrank down and entered Proud Heaven’s body again.

Devil energy and sagelight seethed inside Proud Heaven, a result of him devouring both the devil embryo and the Halls of Heaven.

The combination of power caused his cultivation base to climb, and at the same time, let him clamp down on the vital energy of the Sage Monarch Empire.

“Well done. Very well done,” he said, and his voice was so loud that it overwhelmed the sound of the fighting between Greensura and Yang Qi. Of course, while it was his power, it was also the power of the Great Necropolis.

“I finally opened the doors of the Great Necropolis, allowing me to devour both Operation Demon Destruction and the Halls of Heaven created by the citizens of the Sage Monarch Empire. My power, my psyche, my cultivation base, and my Great Necropolis are all awakening.” Already, his power was surging to incredible levels. “Everyone in the Deathless Heaven Empire, listen to me. Do you know why no true Annulled expert has ever existed in this world? It’s because the resources of the god world aren’t enough to push anyone to that level. The most it can handle is half-Annulled. But I can go beyond that. I have a way to reach the true Annulled level. And it's all because of the Great Necropolis. The Great Necropolis is designed to bury, and being buried is being Annulled. My power is such that neither the essence of the god world nor Yang Qi can match me. I'm going to truly transcend, and all of you are going to die!”


Proud Heaven's cultivation base started rising rapidly. Then, his fist rocketed out in the direction of where Greensura was fighting Yang Qi.

Both Yang Qi and Greensura had been holding nothing back, and the fighting had already become difficult between the two of them.

But then Proud Heaven flew out, summoning the Great Necropolis to attack them. Both could sense the aura of death approaching.

But what kind of person was Yang Qi? He had defied the dao of heaven to become invincible, and had anticipated a moment like this would arrive. And he knew the time had come to use his trump card.

“Sage monarch magistrates: power up! Rise to the level of God-Lords. Take your power from primal-chaos, the god world, the universe, and from fate!”

Yang Qi threw his hands up, then dropped them down.

As his hands dropped, the sage monarch magistrates began changing. They threw their heads back and let loose long howls as their power and wills erupted. In the blink of an eye, all of the primal-chaos and essence of the god world was sucked into them. At the same time, inside of them, it was possible to see the Mahātmā Jade, God Legion Seal, and Halls of Heaven.


Countless explosions could be heard from within the god world as the sage monarch magistrates became vastly stronger.


Each and every sage monarch magistrate became a God-Lord, one after another. And as they did, a chain reaction resulted, as their wills, spirits, and cultivation bases suddenly became void.

The sage monarch magistrates were all becoming God-Lords.

As a billion of them absorbed the primal-chaos, it became thinner and thinner around them. It was like a mist that was slowly fading away.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s power was growing. Clenching both hands into fists, he launched strikes at both Proud Heaven and Greensura. One of them slammed into the Great Necropolis and the other sent Greensura staggering backward.

At the same time, the King of Godmammoths and his comrades were engaged in fierce fighting with the Sage Monarch Empire, with people falling in death with every moment that passed.

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