Sage Monarch

Chapter 1541: Fateless Seal

Chapter 1541: Fateless Seal

Yang Voidprime had been keeping some reserve power ready to go.

He had a Fateless Seal filled with power that he had originally intended for use reaching the half-Annulled level. But sadly for him, Yang Qi had forced his hand, and he had to undo the seal to even the odds. Obviously, his hatred for Yang Qi had reached an even higher level.

He was now going all out to strike a blow.

As of this moment, Star Swordlife had become secondary in importance.

Yang Voidprime was an incarnation of fateless energy, just like Yang Qi, and now he was the top figure among those who were ganging up. Even Hailan sensed that she should follow his lead.

Unexpectedly, she also seemed taken aback that Yang Voidprime had been keeping power sealed within himself.

“I’m going to kill you, Yang Qi, and take your fateless power!” Yang Voidprime shouted.

“I don’t think so,” Yang Qi replied. “You fell right into my trap.” The attack he had sent toward Yang Voidprime suddenly veered to the side and headed toward the three old-timers from the Central Dynasty, the grand generalissimo, prime minister, and imperial preceptor.

The imperial preceptor wore a daoist robe and pulsed with a sensation of yin and yang. The grand generalissimo wore a battle garment and held a dual-crescent-bladed halberd. As for the prime minister, he was a wise confucian who manipulated national destiny according to righteousness and orthodoxy.

However, they had just been blasted back by the power of Yang Voidprime’s powerup, and now they were subject to an attack from Yang Qi.

It was all part of his plan. His first move had been using the Nation-Fate Godfist on Yang Voidprime.

Yang Voidprime didn’t trust anyone, therefore, he was forced to draw on his secret weapon to make sure he came out alive. That was the second step.

Immediately, the alliance of nine enemies was thrown into chaos, which was when Yang Qi seized the moment. That was step three.

Not even Star Swordlife could do anything to react. Even he had been blasted aside, thanks to Yang Voidprime.

“Eternal Peace and Security for the Living! Nation-Fate Godfist!”

Yang Qi became like an ancient divine mountain rumbling toward the three leaders from the Central Dynasty, moving with unthinkable speed.

The move was called Eternal Peace and Security for the Living, and it was filled with an aura of security and peace. The three experts weren’t even able to think about how to fight back, as their minds were filled with peacefulness, a state in which all weapons were put into storage and no one wanted to do battle.


The grand generalissimo was hit first, and blood sprayed out of his mouth as he was flung backward, his energy draining rapidly.

Crack! Snap!

Then, Yang Qi sent a golden stream of light into his soul, which wrapped around him like golden chains.

“One Energy, Three Vitalities!” Yang Qi suddenly split into three parts, with the other two heading toward the imperial preceptor and the prime minister.

Within moments, all three had been defeated and sealed. He moved with such exquisite speed that no one could possibly have guessed what he was planning.

“Preheaven Mystery and Wonder; Devil-God Seal; Mahātmā Jade; Unspoiled Body; God Legion Seal; Drastic Subjugation!”

In the blink of an eye, the three experts were wrapped up like cocoons.

Crack. Crunch!

The imperial preceptor and the generalissimo were subjugated, but the prime minister was still fighting.

He was the only confucian in the group, and he possessed a staunch will that made him difficult to subjugate.

Yang Qi wasn’t worried. He unfurled his Tribulation Wings and unleashed a maelstrom of destiny onto the prime minister.

Cracking sounds could be heard as the prime minister was subjugated.

Three major figures from the Central Dynasty had been turned into government officials of the Sage Monarch Empire.

“Proud Nineheavens, grand generalissimo of the armed forces in the Central Dynasty, offers respects, Your Majesty!”

“Proud Ancestor, prime minister of the Central Dynasty, offers respects, Your Majesty!”

“Proud Cultidao, imperial preceptor of the Central Dynasty, offers respects, Your Majesty!”

Everyone stared with wide eyes as the three leaders took a knee and swore, “We hereby leave the Central Dynasty and join the Sage Monarch Empire to help unify the god world and conquer everything under heaven!”


The moment they swore their oaths, destiny shifted, and everyone in the Sage Monarch Empire cheered wildly.

Then, the destiny shot toward that of the alliance of three dynasties.

The people from the Central Dynasty couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Those three officials were extremely important, and most people in the dynasty would follow their orders to the death.

But now they were on their knees, a massive humiliation to their former dynasty.

Everyone knew that this would likely be the death knell for the Central Dynasty. After all, the grand generalissimo was the leader of all their armies, and was nearly as important as Proud Heaven.

The prime minister was the leader of all the confucians, in other words, all of the countless government officials.

The imperial preceptor was similarly important. He was similar to the leader of the destinors in the Invincible Dynasty.

The three of them were also important leaders in the alliance of three dynasties. But they had surrendered. It was obviously a major blow to the Central Dynasty.

Then, the three newly-defected experts raised their voices and said, “All disciples of the Central Dynasty will immediately join the Sage Monarch Empire. The Central Dynasty is ending. Henceforth, nothing can stand in the way of the Sage Monarch Empire. Its destiny will grow, and all living beings in it will transcend, forming a civilization that exists beyond the god world.”

All of the subordinates of the three experts were thrown into complete chaos. And it was going to be hard for the rest of the leaders to recover from this.

Proud Heaven had obviously suffered a big blow because of this, but he was an invincible expert. When he saw the damage being done to his destiny, he shouted, “Those three have been subjugated by the God Legion Seal. They're puppets. Don't believe anything they say! Remember how terrifying the God Legion Seal is. Anyone who falls under its control becomes like the walking dead, completely unable to have freedom of thought. Join forces and resist the urge to panic, otherwise you’ll be trapped by the God Legion Seal as well!”

His words managed to stabilize his destiny for the moment, but the damage had already been done.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi laughed heartily and said, “Many thanks, Yang Voidprime. Unsealing yourself was just the opportunity I needed to get three experts from the Central Dynasty on my side. Well, what do you think? Still interested in fighting me and my empire? Your dynasties are losing so much destiny you’ll never be able to stand against me.”

“Damn you!” Yang Voidprime howled. He wanted to charge forth and fight, but didn't dare. He knew that if he did, he would likely be trapped and killed.

“We have to kill him, Proud Heaven! Destroy his empire right now! With those three experts he captured, our destiny is dropping like a rock. If we don’t do something now to kill him and his experts, the Central Dynasty will fall completely. We can’t afford to delay! Attack now!”

“He's right. We can't wait!” The nine Dugu patriarchs all knew how grave the situation was.

And even though Yang Qi wasn’t going to bring his entire army onto the battlefield, retreat wasn't a viable option for the alliance of dynasties. They had suffered a grievous loss, and would definitely suffer from infighting. Yang Qi’s empire continued growing in strength, and everyone could see that it was gaining dominance in the god world.

If things kept going like this, the three dynasties would reach a point where they couldn't even fight back.

A very grim expression could be seen on Proud Heaven’s face. He knew that retreat wasn't a good option, which meant the only thing they could do was go all out. Morale was already horrible, so if they didn't win some sort of victory, they were done for.

It didn’t matter if they suddenly got an ally like the Sovereign Lord, there would be no coming back from this position.

If you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off. They were indeed trapped in an impossible situation.

Retreat, and they would end up dead.

Advance, and they would die even quicker.

Of course, it was still possible that they could somehow win, although the hope was faint. And it would probably result in something along the lines of eighty percent casualties, which would be hard to deal with. Afterward, the other groups like the Demonfolk or the buddhist schools would surely pounce on them.

“I know what you're thinking, Proud Heaven,” Hailan said. “That we’re trapped in an impossible situation. We have no options here. We have to break the cauldrons and sink the boats. Don’t even consider going back. I can reach out to the High Priestess and awaken her true body. I highly doubt that Yang Qi could deal with an attack from her.”

“What? Wake up the High Priestess?” Proud Heaven said. “If you can do that, we might actually have a chance here.”

Even as they were talking about this, the sound of shocking war bugles echoed out.

“What? The Sage Monarch Empire is advancing?!” Everyone was shocked as they saw troops pouring out from the depths of the Sage Monarch Empire.

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