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Epilogue – Because I am Jiang Yu Nan

On a rare weekend, Mr. Jiang and Mrs Jiang were sitting in the renovated home theater, watching a European art film. Mrs. Jiang was engrossed in the film, but Mr. Jiang, whose legs were being treated as a pillow by his wife, was bored. He thought for a while and said, “Cut an apple for me. “

Yan Liang did not lift her head, reached out her hand to grab an apple from the fruit basket on the table and threw an apple at him. She refused to cut the apple.

“Peel a grape for me.”

“Sir, is this your office ?”

Mrs Jiang reached out to the fruit basket and realised there were not enough grapes, so she simply withdrew her hand and pretended she did not hear him while continuing to watch the movie.

Mr Jiang really regretted his decision to build a home theatre at home. This was perhaps the most egregious mistake in his life.

An old film was playing, he couldn’t even use the remote control to switch off this boring movie.

Mrs Jiang’s chin was suddenly pulled upwards.

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her, his face was just above her.“ I am a patient and you are bullying me ?”

Yan Liang shook her head and found that she couldn’t move her chin away from his hand. But she was indifferent to this.”First, you were discharged from the hospital nearly half a year before. Secondly, I saw your reports and there is no indication of a recurrence. Mr Jiang, how do you still have the nerve to call yourself a patient ?”

As if to cover up his guilty conscience, Jiang Yu Nan frowned. The film’s heroine’s excited voice reminded Yan Liang that something wonderful was going to happen soon. Without any explanation, she pulled his hand down and turned sideways to watch the movie.

“Don’t bother me while I am watching the movie. This is wonderful.”

Just when Yan Liang’s eyes rested on the actress’s face, he held her chin again. This time his grip was tighter, she couldn’t get rid of his hand so easily.

“ I finally turned down all my work to stay at home, not to watch this horribly boring movie.”

His eyes gazed down her neck, almost as if he wanted to look into her collar. At his obvious hints, she pulled up the neckline of her dress.

“ Come on , you are the manager I hired, if the boss is not tired, you work for me, how can the manager be tired ?”

She looked at his face with an annoyed expression and Jiang Yu Nan pinched her nose, “ As you wanted, I put other professional managers to look after Unique. You rush to set up a small shoe shop but even in one year, you were unable to sell more than a few pairs of shoes. Then you expect that since you are my wife, I will start selling high heels as your manager? Not only do you not give me additional manpower, but even Secretary Lee has been transferred to Unique to work for you. This is why I am so busy these days.”

Mrs. Chiang shrugged indifferently: “The shoe shop is just to satisfy my hobby of designing shoes, I do not expect it to make money for me. Besides, if not for Lee Secretary, we would have never been with each other today. You have the nerve to keep him as your secretary ? I will give him a promotion and make him equal to you.”

As she spoke, she forgot to secure her collar. This time Mr Jiang was not satisfied just by looking, his hand crept into the collar.

But in the next second, his hand was mercilessly pushed off.

“ You don’t let me do that, I won’t let you do this.” Mrs Jiang left no room for a discussion.

Ordinary people would not understand what she meant, but it took Jiang Yu Nan just a second to understand.

He helplessly said, “ I don’t want a baby because I am worried that the disease may be inherited. But you can’t ask me to suppress my normal physiological needs because of this reason.”

“By the time the baby reaches your age, science and technology will be much more advanced,” Yan Liang could not stand his clichéd agreement, and raised her hand to tweak his nose, “old, ancient, Director!”

Jiang Yu Nan caught her fingertips, with his other hand he raised her face and pecked her lips, “ You really want a child?”

This movie was destined to remain unwatched. Yan Liang sighed and hugged his neck.

“ From childhood to adulthood, you and I have never felt the warmth of a family, don’t you want a real sense of a family of three?

Think about it, we can meet other parents, we can join the school’s parent child activities. If it’s a girl, we will buy cute little skirts, if it’s a boy , we can take him around the world. He will grow up, and eventually have his own family while we grow old quietly. “

What a beautiful blueprint …

He looked sad, his eyebrows drawn together. He seemed to be imagining what she said, but then he laughed and shook his head, “ I don’t dare think of too much happiness.”

Yan Liang teased him,” When did you become so timid ?”

Jiang Yu Nan picked up the apple and tapped her head with it. “ Now that I have you, this is the ultimate happiness that I have ever dreamed of. This is not timidity, this is called contentment.”

Yan Liang was really disappointed with him. His cautious and careful approach was not to her liking. Feeling bad for him was one thing, but sticking to her guns was another matter. “ Doesn’t matter. If you do not want children, don’t touch me.”

Jiang Yu Nan recovered from the negative emotions he had sunk in. He admired the solemn and beautiful woman in front of him,his mood improved. “ What will happen if I touch you ?”

“ If you touch me, I will..”

Before Mrs Jiang could complete her intimidating comment, Mr Jiang kissed her

He removed her clothes faster and faster, but she put them back on with greater speed. When Mr Jiang finally pressed her to the ground in front of the big screen, she had just put on her clothes again.

The light from the big screen created mottled shadows on their face. Jiang Yu Nan was completely defeated. Caressing her forehead, in a soft voice, he said, “ Wife..”

Yan Liang was panting. It was a hard battle, he had almost succeeded in removing her clothes. Fortunately, even when he kissed her, she remembered to maintain her line of defence. At this moment, although her body was under his, she was clearly the winner. Arrogantly, she said, “Don’t bargain with me, all my ancestors will call me useless.You don’t let me do that, I won’t let you do this.”

Mrs Jiang said the same phrase more than 365 times before a small lion quietly began to grow in her body.

Mr Jiang was very worried when he heard Mrs Jiang was pregnant.

“ You are a very persistent woman.”

Yan Liang understood that he was actually praising her.

“ If you hadn’t really loved me, I believe that with your personality I would have definitely died in your hands, and a very miserable death at that.”

Yan Liang frowned, “ Don’t talk about death, we don’t want the baby to hear all that.”

Mrs Jiang was looking at him. Now she looked down at her abdomen , and in a softer voice said, “ Baby, don’t listen to your father, he’s spouting nonsense.”

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her in amazement, and then remarked sincerely, “The baby is only two months, how can it hear us ?” But despite his remark, he couldn’t help but reach out to cover his wife’s abdomen. Although it was still very flat, he thought he could feel that there was already a small life growing inside.

Mr. Jiang’s so-called “misdeeds” became part of the baby’s pre school education once he was born. Although Mr Jiang protested, his protests unfortunately never took effect.

“ Son, if your mother had not fought for one whole year, your father was not going to allow us to have you now.” She said these words several times in his presence.

When Jiang Yu Nan came back from work,he entered the nursery to see Yan Liang narrating the same story to the baby. He stood in the door, listening for a while, tiptoed close and picked her up with one hand under her knees and one hand supporting her back. She screamed in fright.

“ Let me down”, she whispered in his ears. Although she was annoyed, she deliberately lowered the volume. Fortunately, the child had not woken up, or else, it would be difficult to put him back to sleep again.

“ Why are you indoctrinating our child with anti- father thoughts ?” Jiang Yu Nan smiled and pecked at her nose .

In fact he knew for a fact that she would only enumerate his shortcomings in front of the child when he was present. He always found her amusing, such as her reaction now, when he surprised her.

“ You are aware of your son’s temper. He is like a little lion. No nanny will take him. The other day when Aunt Liang came back from New Zealand to see him, he was so noisy. My old heart can’t take it . Mr Jiang, please can you do me a favour and not wake him up?”

Her soft gaze at Jiang Yu Nan was very useful, he immediately put her down. He came to the crib and kissed his son’s forehead gently. Although his son was sleeping, the little one was immediately defensive, and his little hand grabbed one of his father’s fingers. Jiang Yu Nan looked at him and silently laughed. He was indeed a powerful little lion.

Yan Liang , standing beside Jiang Yu Nan also saw this and she used her fingertips to gently tease his fist. But just as he released his father’s finger, she was again lifted up by his father. This time Yan Liang did not scream. Obediently , she put her hands around his father’s neck.

Holding her , Jiang Yu Nan walked out of the nursery

The nanny and aunt were busy in the first and second floors. Jiang Yu Nan carried her all the way to the master bedroom in the third floor. Before he had even closed the door, he buried his face in her neck, sniffing, “ Is this a new shower gel?”

It had a very refreshing fragrance.

“ I tried it before giving this new brand to our son.”

“ I have to try it again.”

“ It’s a yellow bottle in the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom.”

As she said this , she struggled to be released from his arms. As a result, he brought his face closer to her and kissed her on the lips.

“ Have a bath with me”, Jiang Yu Nan didn’t even wait for her answer before he strode toward the bathroom with her in his arms.

“Mr Jiang, Jiang boss, I am really tired”. She must have been really tired, or else she wouldn’t be resting her forehead against his shoulder.

He put her on the bed and had a shower alone in the bathroom. He rushed out after his bath to see Mrs Jiang sleeping. Jiang Yu Nan sat on the bed, and looked at her,

Like his son, she had a temper. Even while asleep, she was frowning. Jiang Yu Nan smiled and kissed her lips and his hands inadvertently caressed her skin along her calves.

His wife had very good skin, fair and soft. But, in her abdomen, the Caesarean section had left scars. Her body was like before. But this scar was like a medal to him, for him, this woman had been so brave.

At the beginning , his life was full of lies, now that he had so much happiness…

Jiang Yu Nan gave up the idea of awakening her, tucked in the corners of the quilt and stood up and left.

He went to the nursery to see his son. He did not want to wake him up, but he saw that his eyes were already wide open. With rounded eyes, he was looking at him. He was not crying or causing any trouble.

His son had his eyebrows, his nose and lips were like Yan Liang. He had inherited the best genetic traits from the two of the . Suddenly Jiang Yu Nan thought, every time Yan Liang was with their son, the child would cry. Whenever he came to see him, he would be quiet. At such a young age, the child had realised that Yan Liang would coddle and coax him. But his father already had his hands full coaxing his own wife, so he had no energy to coddle another person. Because of this, the child treated him differently…

He laughed at his own thoughts when the household help knocked on the door, “ Sir, dinner has been served.”

“ Has madam eaten?”

“ Madam was busy with the baby and then she went to sleep.”

“ Then I’ll wait for her to wake up and have my dinner with her.”

The servant already knew that he would not wake her up. He would wait for her to naturally wake up , the food would be cold by then.

“ Sir , please have your dinner first.”

“No, I need to work on some documents.” Once the servant left, Jiang Yu Nan bent towards his son , “ Little lion, don’t wake up your mother, ok?”

His son winked, Jiang Yu Nan figured that he agreed.

Yan Liang slept till twelve o’clock at night. The corridor lights were dimmed. Only the gap under the door of the study room leaked out bright lights. Yan Liang pushed the door and entered to see Jiang Yu Nan was really reading documents .

“ What are you reading ?”

Jiang Yu Nan looked up when he heard her. She was standing at the door, gesturing at the documents.

Yan Liang came to the table and sat on the handle of his chair. Jiang Yu Nan naturally put his pen down, and embraced her waist, pulling her down from the armrest into his lap.

Yan Liang turned over the documents on the table. Then she looked up at him with surprise.

“Why are you so surprised ?”

Unique’s annual income was good, and this was definitely as per Yan Liang’s expectations. But the performance of the shoe company was also good. Yan Liang was overjoyed, “ Didn’t you say that the business performance was poor?”

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her with an expression of surprise, “ You were so convinced of what I said?”

Yan Liang wrinkled her nose, and continued to look at the documents. Jiang Yu Nan wanted to take credit, “ Didn’t you get a great bargain when you hired me on as a manager?”

Yan Liang looked at the zero annual salary of the manager. In her heart she thought, how was this a bargain ? It was such a high price that there was practically no profit.

Before tonight, Yan Liang always thought that the company was just a hobby for her , and Jiang Yu Nan was simply helping her manage this small set up named Elaine because of his natural disposition to help her. But evidently, this was not the case. What had she missed ?

Shock was written all over her face as she looked at him, “ How did you do that ?”

“ It seems you are now completely awake ?”

He asked the question lightly as he stroked her cheek.

Yan Liang looked at him, then bent to look at the file again. Now Jiang Yu Nan suddenly covered the file.

“Then how about a deal ?”

“ What ?”

Jiang Yu Nan placed her on the table, with his fingers he slightly lifted her nightgown . “ You let me satisfy myself, I’ll tell you the answer.”

Yan Liang looked at him as he unclasped his belt and dropped it to the floor.

“Can I not agree ?”

With her hands around his neck, she looked up at his eyes. But there was no ambiguity in her eyes.

Jiang Yu Nan responded to the desire in her eyes. He gently took off her night gown, clearly the answer to her question was , “ No way..”

It was almost two in the morning and the study was silent.

Fully sated, Jiang Yu Nan hugged his wife, lifted her from the table, and put her down. He picked up the nightgown from the floor and gave it to her. As she put it on, he whispered in her ears, “ The answer is very simple. Because I am Jiang Yu Nan.”

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