Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 6 Power leveled

Chapter 6

Once Dave received the equipment he noticed that most of them were too high for his current level!

Category: Weapon

Flesh cleaver

A powerful jagged blade, created for the sole purpose of cleaving flesh!

Damage 200-300

Requirements 200 Strength. 250 Agility 150 Intelligence

Level 80

Attributes 150 strength 100 Agility 50 intelligence

200 vitality

Scaling/Class A: Strength - B: Dexterity.

Class. Rare Weapon

Category: Shield

Tortoise's scale

A heavy shield with high defensive states

Requirements 200 strength.

Level 80

Bonus stats 1000 vitality

5% Immunity

500 Damage Nullification

500 Magic Absorbtion

Scaling/Class Class. Rare Shield


Those items were of no use to Dave, they were too high level for him. But then he was given an iron armor set. Which was level 20 which he could use rather soon.

Category: Armor

Heavy iron armor

A heavy armor that can reduce some damage but it is rather dull

Requirements Level 20

150 strength. 100 agility

Bonus stats 50 vitality

2% Immunity

200 Damage Nullification

50 Magic Absorption

Scaling/Class Class. Common heavy Armor


Category: Greaves

Heavy iron greaves

A heavy Iron greaves that can reduce some damage but it is rather dull

Requirements Level 20

150 strength. 100 agility

Bonus stats 25 vitality

2% Immunity

200 Damage Nullification

50 Magic Absorption

Scaling/Class Class. Common heavy Armor


Category: Gauntlets

Heavy iron Gauntletts

A heavy Iron Gauntlets that can reduce some damage but it is rather dull

Requirements Level 20

150 strength. 100 agility

Bonus stats 20 vitality

2% Immunity

200 Damage Nullification

50 Magic Absorption

Scaling/Class Class. Common heavy Gauntlets


Category: Helmet

Heavy iron helmet

A heavy Iron Helmet that can reduce some damage but it is rather dull

Requirements Level 20

150 strength. 100 agility

Bonus stats 25 vitality

2% Immunity

200 Damage Nullification

50 Magic Absorption

Scaling/Class Class. Common heavy Helmet


Thes pieces of equipment are rather good, at least he won't have to bother thinking about what he would be wearing once he is level 20. Everything is already up for him so Dave didn't think much of it and thanked them for their kind gesture.

"Alright, I accept, where are we going then?" said Dave.

"We will be heading to a tomb nearby. It has some high-level Undead, and we can both use them to level you up and to finish our quest. We need to get deeper into the Tomb once we are there we will be fighting a powerful boss. Yet we can't access the boos. There is a pedestal that needs three people to open before the fight starts." Said Bone Breaker.

"But I don't think I am strong enough to fight any bosses, especially bosses within this region, I know it's a high leveled area. Shouldn't you ask for someone else?" asked Dave trying to prove some information.

"Alright, let's just be honest here," said Stainless steel who tried to intervene.

"This is a secret quest that we initiated a long time ago we couldn't ask anyone else in fear that they might jeopardize our quest, you are low level and we only need you to stand on a small platform that is it, as for the boss we will take care of it ourselves". Said Stainless Steel

Dave then understood that the reason for their actions was rather simple. The fewer people that know about the place the better, and if that place were to become a dungeon, they might be able to put it up for sale. They will be able to get some money out of it.

Dave wasn't an idiot, though they hid many things from him he still understood the reason why hey chose him, even if there were to do something funny they can easily kill him. Right after they open the boss's area, they can simply take him out and they could finish off the boss without him bothering them.

However, he also understood that those guys were idiots!

Why didn't they think that he could just tell his friends and they would come here rushing for the boss?

They must have thought that Dave would be too greedy, having received these requirements he will just act as a docile slave and follow their every order.

Dave actually didn't have any friends for the moment in the game. So he didn't think much of exposing their little secret, but still, he didn't appreciate the idea of being used, even if he was given compensation for it. this was the same thing that happened when he was hospitalized, he was sent to the hospital with injuries that would ruin anyone's future without hope of recovery.

Still, Dave didn't have a choice, he was given free equipment, so he has to do his end of the bargain.

"When will we depart?" Asked Dave.

"The road will be a bit longer if you have something to do you should go ahead and do it now. You might need to eat something, once we start we won't stop until we defeat the final boss of the desolate tomb."

So it is the same tomb that the Bishop spoke about. They wanted to kill the last boss of that dungeon.

"Alright, I will have to log out for a couple of minutes I will need to eat something first." Said, Dave, as he logged out.

The first thing that dave did was to access the internet and see the desolate tomb. He needed to do his research first.

Then he was surprised to find out that the desolate tomb was an already cleared dungeon!

What was the reason for them asking him to join him?

Indeed it had many and several high-level mobs, but it was not that bothersome for them to slay.

This dungeon was a "Dead dungeon" Dead dungeons, are dungeons who's boss once defeated will never respawn. Therefore not many guilds want to have these places, once the boss is defeated the value of a dungeon drops heavily. The boss will never spawn and is a one time kill. It was kind of useless to grind there for high-level players.

Still, why did they speak about a boss being there? It all felt weird to Dave but he still had to go with them.

Dave ate a plentiful meal and took a shower. Once he was refreshed he logged back in the game to find the two guys logged out. He already added them to his friend list so he didn't have anything to do but to wander around.

Once he wandered a bit he found himself near an alchemist shop.

He entered and spoke to the alchemist asking to see his wears. Within them, he found something he was looking for. Something that might be helpful to him if he were to find himself in trouble.

However, he didn't have enough money to buy the item. So he had to make a sacrifice.

He went to the auction house and made a sale. He placed the tortoise shield up for sale, he wasn't going to use it anyway.

Those guys were too trustful of Dave. Not only had they given him items they didn't think he would just put them on the ignore list and leave.

Dave could only sigh at how trustful they were, but on the other hand, he too was the same case. He was trusting them by going with them so it was all the same.

The sale was almost instant as dave made the price to be lower than the least expensive shield on the market of the same category.

Dave received 300 gold, which was equivalent to 300$, that was the value of the shield. If he took into consideration the total amount of the items he received it almost amounts to 900$, that was not something anyone would be willing to give for nothing.

Dave came back to the alchemist shop and got what he needed out of him.

Better be safe than sorry, said Dave to himself.

"Ah, brother Death stroke!" said Bone breaker as he was the first to log back in "Are you ready?"

The private message system was simple to use so Dave sent a voice message saying.

"Yes, I just got something and now I am ready, let's go"

"Alright, Stainless steel will log in soon, lets head first." Said Bone breaker as he marked his position on dave's map"

The moment Dave reached the southern gate of the town, two people were already there. Namely, Bone Breaker and Stainless Steel who just logged in.

They then added Dave back to the party and ran forward.

They met with several low-level mobs, but they didn't bother to stop. All they did was launch a spell on them and they would die. Dave would then gain a small amount of experience.


Level up!

Dave began to receive notifications telling him that he was leveling up like crazy!

Those monsters were hard for Dave to fight alone. Especially if they went deeper into the wilderness stronger monsters will present themselves. Dave was in euphoria thanks to the free EXP.

"Aren't you guys going to take the loots?" Asked Dave.

"No, those are low-level monsters, their loots are nothing to us. You should see some high-level mobs, a single fang of a mythical tiered beast would be worth ten times the value of the armors we gave you. these drops are shit," said Bone breaker as he laughed.

"What are the tiers of beasts and monsters in this game? I never checked."

"Oh, but if I remember. It starts with normal, then savage, fierce, Desolate. Epic, Mythic. Etheral, holy or unholy, Demonic or angelic, Divine or Devilish, then Godlike.

"Why the split there?" asked Dave.

"There are some demonic tiered beasts that can't fall under the category of Holy, so that is why. And the rest is simple. As for godlike, demonic or divine, they are still considered a god. Its just names, but the equipment drop from unholy beasts, for example, can't benefit priest classes, but are powerful for warlocks."

Dave then understood the reason, so that classes wouldn't bother fighting monsters that are incompatible with them.

And so they delved deeper into the wilderness. Defeating monsters below level 20 were nothing more than a simple auto attack from either the paladin or the priest's [Punishment ray] which was the lowest costing spell of a priest.

Soon afterward they reached a dark forest. Normally they would have reached there faster, but due to Dave's level being low and his lack of Stamina, they had to take some small breaks for him to gain his stamina back up.

"Now things are about to get interesting. Said Bone breaker as a small party of skeletons reached forward.

They all had a small red skull over their heads. This means that they are at least 20 levels above Dave's character level. And once monsters have a 20 level difference between the character and themselves. Then a penalty occurs. The damage that the lower level one of the two deals is reduced by a percentage of levels.

If a target is 30 levels higher than a character then the character deals 10% reduced damage to the enemy and receives 10% additional damage. This is so that people won't blindly try to fight against high tier monsters. This way the game won't be broken.

If an army of players attacks a boss they would normally defeat it with sheer numbers. Now that this penalty is laid down, they won't madly try to fight bosses with higher levels.

This will also prolong the game's life expectancy. And would make the game more interesting, forcing players to slowly grind their levels up.

"let's start!" said Bone breaker as he struck first with his heavy sword. Crushing the skull of the first skeleton.

Class quest updated

Defeat 25 skeleton soldiers.


Quest difficulty A

The class quest began updating every time the skeletons were defeated.

This was a rather simple and easy way for players to level up.

"Being power leveled sure is amazing," thought, Dave.

The two mass murderers began slaughtering skeletons left and right, while Dave was leveling up and having his class quest achieved by someone else.

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