Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 43 Scheming Draugr

"You must have gotten old, human!" said the lich Boss as he swung his staff forward, and hundreds of ethereal red skeletons rushed forward toward the guardian. They began dealing hundreds of damage value to the guardian who began slashing at the ghost faces

"Oh my god! The boss never used this spell before!" said Lone Arrow

"It is probably due to the nature of this fight, he is no longer bound by the skills that he will use to face against adventurers, but now the system equipped him with the skills needed to fight against the guardian." Said, Dave

Lone Arrow heard Dave's voice clearly this time. He already understood the reason behind the limitation of the boss's skills against adventurers. This was after all a fight between NPCs. And the stage would be much different than when facing against adventurers.

The dungeon guardian used an AOE skill that shot a gust of wind to sweep the ghostly faces away. Then he charged forward.

"Rise my minions!" roared the lich boss as a dozen or so skeletons rose from the ground, they were made of ice and had low levels, but still they radiated with an eerie light and charged forward without regard to their 'lives'

However, due to the vast difference in strength, they were decimated one after another.

"I can't keep this up! The spell formation in this hall is preventing me from utilizing all of my power. I need some time, buy me two minutes!" said the lich as a golden shield shone around him.

A count of two minutes appeared before Dave, he needed to last that long before the boss would finish his skill cast.

Dave sighed and looked toward the berserker guardian who was dismantling skeletons, one after another. If this keeps up, Dave would soon be alone, and when that comes his end would be nigh.

Surprisingly, he found himself able to control the minions, he then organized the twenty or so skeletons to move in a strange fashion.

The boss would always chance the closest monster, thus Dave willed the skeleton who was being chased by the boss to run away from the group of monsters. Once the skeleton was away from the group, the boss immediately caught up and killed it.

Dave looked at the boss who was now running after another skeleton and executed him with a single slash. At this rate, his twenty or so skeletons would last at most about a minute before they would all die.

Dave had to think of another plan, forcing the guardian to run after monsters is indeed the best way to stall for time, but still, that is not enough, and if Dave dared fight the boss, only death would await.

Dave's gaze fell upon a decrepit pillar that was supporting the hall. Then a sinister smile appeared on his face. Lone Arrow's gaze happened to fall on Dave's face at that moment and she looked like a cat whose back stood on end. The sight of Dave's sinister smile, added with his undead appearance, while he was stroking his beard was branded deeply in Lone Arrow's mind and heart. If an anyone could pull that look, they would undouble be thought to be a Villain in a story.

Dave then willed the skeleton who was closest to the Guardian to start running in circles around the giant pillar. Thus a game of chance commenced. The guardian relied on a lock on target mechanism to chase. When a target runs in a straight line, the Guardian would have a higher movement speed than them. This coupled with some of his lunging attacks would make it simple to close gape at any target. However, once a target start running in circles, the guardian who is a melee character would need to chase them around, and due to the fact that the pillar is round, the Skelton who is running in circles will hardly be in the line of sight of the guardian, this the lock on mechanism will not work.

This way, Dave managed to find a small loophole which with its use, he managed to make the guardian run around chasing the skeleton like an idiot. This way, not only Dave would be able to last more than two minutes, even the rest of the dozen or so skeletons would not be attacked nor would they die.

Lone Arrow couldn't hold her laughter as she saw the fearsome two sword wilding guardian running like a madman after the skeleton who couldn't help but keep running in circles. This reminded her when she used to chase her younger brother around their table. The best way to catch him would be to run the other way and catch him off-guard. However, sadly the guardian was not that 'Smart'.

And so, two minutes passed

The golden light faded from around the lich and a black aura now surrounded it.

"At last! Now let me see you survive this!" shouted the lich and he swung his staff forcing a giant black geyser to shoot forward aiming directly at the guardian.

The Guardian had his agro locked on the skeleton, thus he couldn't evade, block or even counter the spell.

[-25 000!]

A huge damage value that shaved about a third of the guardian's hp.

Immediately after that the guardian roared and changed targets, The boss was now its primary target of agro.

Dave felt content as he saw his small plan working and then began thinking of ways to ruin the guardian's momentum. He didn't need to be the one to kill it. he just needed to make sure that the Boss survives and he would be the one to provide the assistance needed.

The boss would back away every now and then, and use more spells that would rain heavy damage on the guardian. However, the guardian's damage was equally as oppressive, as every hit he lands on the boss would shave a tenth of its Hp.

Dave looked at the situation and calculated that if the fight continues the boss would undoubtedly be the winner and the guardian would lose. However, he knew the system wouldn't allow this to be that easy. Indeed, he managed to tip the balance between the two, however, the boss was inherently put in a lower position of power compared to the guardian.

Dave paid close attention to the fight and then saw the guardian moving back a bit.

The guardian's Hp reached 50%. This was the norm of any boss class monster in the game to enter the second phase!

"Your end is nigh, undead!"

The two swords on the guardian's hands glowed in a golden light as they emitted the power of undying flames. They raged as the range of his weapons almost doubled, and the oppressive aura that he was emitting doubled over.

Dave knew that from now on, the fight would probably tip back in the favor of the guardian. Thus he moved closer.

The Guardian used the same attack he used against Dave and slashed in an X manner. The attack itself was made while the guardian was more than six meters away from the boss. The attack that should have been melee range is now cast from range.

An X shape flaming cuts flew through the air and headed toward the boss. The moment the boss was struck with the flaming X shaped attack his body staggered forward. The boss almost keeled over and fell from the impact as he grabbed at his burning chest and snuffed the flames.

"Such insolence! If I had all my powers you wouldn't stand a chance at harming me!" roared the boss as the black aura around him shuddered and grew exponentially stronger.

The two fighting entered their second phases and magic of great proportions bellowed in the hall. This was something that was rarely seen for adventurers, and with every second that would pass, the glow on Lone Arrow's eyes would shine further. She looked excited to see the effects of the powerful magic and the battle between the two as it raged and shook the room. Even ice shards would fall occasionally and the pillars would tremble from the impact of the magic.

At one point in time, the two moved away from each other, the guardian smacked his swords together and they magically fused to make a great sword of a white glow.

"Time to end this!" Said the guardian as he entered a sword drawing position. A holy light shone upon him as he began speaking some incomprehensible words.

"I should start getting serious too," said the boss as he waved his hand and a black vortex of ethereal skulls shimmered into existence.

This was probably the ultimate end of the fight, whoever remains would be the victor of this fight. However, this was a risk, and Dave didn't dare take risks he wasn't sure of. If the boss ends up dead, then the guardian will surely end Dave's life.

Dave would only take risks he was sure of. Thus another of his sinister smiles appeared on his face as he remembered the time he ruined another man's chance at obtaining the Death God's legacy.

The moment the attack of the guardian was about to initiate.

"Death Grip!"

A giant skull appeared on the head of the guardian as it laughed sinisterly…

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