Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 4 Recommendation Letter

"For a basic skill, it sure is costly and has a huge cooldown." Said Dave.

"Indeed, however that is because you are just starting, once you train this skill to perfection, you will be able to use it more often and will be able to reduce its cost. However, this is a skill with a low tier, even if you reach a grandmaster level with it, it will still deal low damage compared to mythical tiered skills"

"Could you tell me about the tiers of skills and the tiers of mastership of a skill?"

"Oh, there are five tiers of mastership of every skill. It starts with amateur, to beginner, expert, master, and grandmaster. One must reach 10 levels of each tier to reach another realm of the skill. So in total, to become a true grandmaster in this skill you will need to train it for 50 levels, but make sure that the higher the level of the skill the harder it is to train it. But it is also awarded with reduced costs of usage, and might sometime give higher damage."

Said the instructor.

"Then for the rarity of the skill. It starts with common, rare, unique, epic, desolate, mythic, and legendary. Going from lowest to highest in rarity. As for the legendary skills, the only way to obtain them is by having access to an S class inheritance. Anything below the legendary rank can either be obtained via learning under an accomplished master, or finding rare skill books."

Dave then was surprised to have learned about the rank of the skills in inheritance carrying characters. This would mean that to have a legendary skill he will be needing to have an S class inheritance… so far there are only 6 verified S class inheritances… they are all related to the major classes of the game.

Thieves/assassins/rogues are under the same category, they have the shadow dancer inheritance, which is obtained by some mysterious girl who seldom shows up in raids or fights. Someone was lucky enough to have caught a tape of her using her inheritance's skills and posted it online.

The other one was the god of war inheritance which falls under the warrior type class which is composed of Bruisers/Berserks/Tanks. It was obtained by the leader of the heaven's dawn guild; Zhang Shi. He used it many times to clear impossible dungeons and to fight for supremacy.

Another inheritance was the Summoner class inheritance.

Summoner falls into the category of. Summoners /druids/Warlocks. However, warlocks are a type of wizards they summon demons to fight for them so they are categorized as Summoners class with a high aptitude for destructive magic.

Their inheritance was the tree of life's light. A druid that is working under the heaven's dawn guild owned it.

The only guild to have two S class was the heaven's dawn and that was proof of their strength.

As for the priest/healers inheritance, it was called the dawn of light, it was owned by the leader of the southern kingdom Wan Yi. He is a powerful priest that was said to be able to bring back the dead. He is a calculative and mastermind and was able to hold his head up high using his inheritance. Although not powerful in combat as the god of war's inheritance, it is strong enough to support allies and to conquer dungeons which were the reason why the southern kingdom's leader is one of the richest guild owners in Conquest.

There is two remaining S class inheritance that is owned by solo players.

The hunter/archer class, Divine bow inheritance is owned by a powerful hunter guy, he is the very personification of a wandering adventurer. The hunter class is unlike the archer class, while the hunter class is weak in PVP combat compared to the archer class, it can tame beasts to help if fight enemies.

The divine Bow inheritance is unlike the others, it is an equipment, a golden bow that he obtained at the end of some dangerous quest and with its high damage output and unique skills he managed to outshine even the most powerful archers. While he also has a Dragon pet! An actual dragon as a pet…

The last inheritance is the world bender's inheritance. It is a magic type inheritance that reduces mana costs, cooldowns and empowers all the class's skills by a huge amount. Not only that it changes the graphics of normal skills and their power.

The owner was a girl who managed to obtain it via luck, and that was the only statement she had said not mentioning the way she obtained the inheritance.

Dave saw a video where she was displaying the power of the inheritance. A simple Fireball could be the size of a miniature sun! quite powerful and with devastating effects.

Normally the players with inheritance should be powerful beings, not only could they "transform" into their class's main Deity, they can also gain impressive amounts of defense, Hp, Increased damage output and some even gain a massive size. Like the god of war inheritance owner, he can grow massively in size. Even a stomp of his feet can crush another person.

Yet this inheritance would have been a game breaker if not for their limit. The user can only stay in their "transformed" state for 2 hours after activating their inheritance, after that, the inheritance activation goes on a 72 hours cooldown (game time)

"Alright, you should start by practicing your skill." Said the instructor as he pointed at a dummy.

Once Dave reached a dummy that was in the middle of the courtyard, he started first with a basic attack.


"Oh crap! That is a lot!" said Dave as he looked at his basic attack damage.

Looking at the log he understood that the system took into account his already overpowered stats. The weapon deals damage based on Agility and strength, if another player without his bonus stats were to hit this dummy they would have dealt a measly amount of damage from 60 to 80 at max.

"That is impressive!" said the instructor, "You have some power in you. And that was not even a critical strike!"

"Indeed, I feel that this is overpowered…" said Dave.

"No, not really, that dummy has 0 defense it is for practice purposes… here try attacking me!" said The instructor.

"Are you sure?" asked Dave.

"Yes, yes just give it a shot, don't hold back!" he said with a smirk.

The NPC's name was still greed, attacking NPC's would make them hostile in some cases but the system gave the players a 3 strike limit towards attacking NPC. The first strike will be ignored by the NPC. The second will turn your relationship with the NPC from friendly to unfriendly. The third strike will make him hostile and he will attack you on sight. Dave fully understood this and didn't hesitate to attack the instructor.

The instructor didn't doge and received the attack head-on.


"What?" Dave said with Shock.

"Look at your battle log," said the instructor as he saw the battle log.

[Basic damage( -320 physical damage) - 40% immunity =128 - 20 000 damage nullification = -19872. Damage dealt 0.]

"Wow! You have that much damage nullification! I would need to hit you a hundred and fifty times stronger for you to even take some damage!"

"Indeed, but worry not, once you get some more powerful equipment you will be able to deal damage. But be warry, I am not the strongest person in this world, you have a long way to go to reach the top!"

"Thank you for your guidance!" said Dave.

"Well keep on practicing your skill." Said the instructor.

"Oh, by the way, where can I start the Paladin class quest?" asked Dave.

"Paladin? Oh, paladins are powerful entities, they are a mixture of warrior and priest class. You can get the class quest by going to the Church nearby. I will give you a recommendation letter once you finish your training, I can see that you have a bright future ahead of you. Paladin serves the kingdom against all vile and foul things, that is a noble cause!" said the instructor as he left the courtyard leaving Dave to do his thing. Which is to grind his skill!

The skills that a character learns, are based on a percentage of their weapon damage. As he saw that his basic damage was between 300 to 320. He would at most deal 150-160 damage with the skill, however, he can also stun a target. Probably once the skill levels up its damage will increase slowly and the cooldown of it will become less for him to use it more often.

What was amazing was that a character can deal as much damage as their bodies can manage.

This is crucial, for that if he wishes to deal damage, he will both need to be able to attack rapidly with his weapons and be strong enough, dexterous enough and agile enough to dodge and attack at the same time.

Dave used to do morning practice and jogs every morning, however with his current disability, he was unable to do so anymore. But now, in this game, he is only limited by his mindset, not his body. If he can force his mind to think faster! Act faster! Then he might be able to attack faster and dodge faster. A person is not limited within the game by their bodies, even fat people in real life can be as agile as a cat within the game, only their mindset needs to be able to adapt to their new 'body'.

And thus Dave began attacking the dummy with a flurry of strikes and an amazing vigor.

Soon enough, his stamina was depleted.

It seems that even regular attacks are limited to a person's mindset and their character's stamina… every attack consumes a portion of stamina, and without stamina, a player cannot move or dodge… therefore one must be able to micromanage their stamina, to be able to attack and defend themselves. Going berserk is idiotic, a person might be able to deal a lot of damage but without sufficient stamina to sustain themselves they will end up dead.

Another thing is. The rage bar it is fixed at 100, and cannot be increased, at least not normally. There are some weapons that add a small portion of rage points. And they are really rare.

Rage cans steadily increase with each attack or damage taken. And it increases over time if one enters combat state. A warrior class needs not mana to cast their skills, but they need rage points and stamina.

Even if their skills are not on cooldown without sufficient rage points they can't cast any warrior skills. Which is quite inconvenient. Unlike mages and priests, as long as they have enough mana and their skills are off cooldown, they can attack without regard.

And thus, Dave began his practice trying to level up his skill. It seems that once his skill reaches level 2 beginner, he will be able to go to the church to get his paladin class. Now with a clear objective, Dave began hammering on the poor practice dummy!

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