Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 24 First Death

Chapter 24

This was not a fight against time, So Dave took his time killing various monsters. However, once in a while, while his Hp drops below 75% he would take down one of the small rats he had 'saved'

The scenery in the arena changed to night time and the fire torches were lit once more.

The troll wave…

This time, however, two trolls appeared before Dave.

The first charged forward while the second thumped on his chest before steering to Dave's Right.

The first hit from the closest troll was blocked by Dave's weapon, then he struck down with his sword.

[-1512!] a beautiful critical strike landed and took more than a third of the troll's Hp.

Right after that Dave steered to the left away from the second troll, and made sure that they remained one behind the other while he kited them around.

The first troll managed to hit a close torcher and he caught fire. While the idiotic second one was too close that the fire caught him off-guard.

Two burning trolls were crying out in rage, as they began historically waving their large arms and giant clubs around.

The fire must have really made them angry but Dave didn't Halt his kiting. He drove the first Troll in circles, while he ignored the second one.

The second trial was barely able to regenerate some of its missing Hp, while the first troll as hammered down with consecutive attacks.

At one point in time, Dave managed to kill the first troll while barely losing half of his Hp.

One rat that was still alive, had been following around Dave from the beginning of the fight.

The moment Dave struck him down, he received another 5% of his Max hp which was equivalent to a 225 hp value

It might not seem to be a lot, but for a class, without any healing tools, it was more than enough.

Dave was on the verge of facepalming when he thought about how he forgot to bring any healing potions. Then he remembered that he was in the undead world and he couldn't get to any alchemist shop or get items from the world trade marketplace.

This quest was designed for the people that initiated the Death god's inheritance question. And it was mostly designed for the pioneer to have first discovered this place. As even one single death inside the undead world would ruin the chances of completing this quest.

This was probably the hardest inheritance quest that Dave had seen. Normally all other quests would have difficulty settings and would force the players to fight against strong and powerful bosses, or complete difficult quests. But to not die not even a single time? This was rather absurd!

Dave could only sigh and believe that the harder the quest, the greater the reward.

Dave aimed at the second troll and ended its misery in less than two minutes.

Nothing spawned after Dave had killed the two trolls so he waited for an announcement or anything of the sorts.

"You have defeated all enemies within your level requirement and based on the numbers of skills you currently have. The next round is a bonus round, try to survive as long as you can" said the same voice and a white glow shimmered in the middle of the arena.

This time it was a strange creature. It was a giant scorpion with two tails

Twin-tailed Scorpion

Level 65

Damage 1200-1800.

Can cause poisoned state

Hp. 4500

500 damage nullification

It was a scorpion that was much higher than Dave's level. Currently, Dave's level was still around 32. So he would automatically receive a -13% damage reduction penalty and will have a +13% damage intake. This would be really hard for Dave especially with the 500 damage nullification. At best Dave would only be able to deal 150 damage to 230. While he would receive at least 226-904 damage!

This creature is rather overpowered and has a wider range of damage compared to the earlier trolls. Thankfully it had Low Hp, but still, it had a high defense Value which the trolls lacked.

Dave walked back for a bit before the scorpion skittled forward. Its paws would make strange sounds once they hit the Arena's concrete ground but Dave didn't have the time to admire that.

The black scorpion struck down with its claws but Dave managed to use a block to nullify the damage

The moment the damage was nullified Dave struck down with his cutlass and dealt a significant amount of damage.


However, it was far from enough.

The scorpion struck this time with its tail twice in a rapid fashion.



Due to your nature as an undead. The scorpion failed to apply Poisoned State.

That was a comforting surprise for Dave as he was not damaged by DOT effect of the poison.

Dave struck down with its sword once again

Your weapon has proked


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

Even if the chance of proking the effect was low, it still managed to trigger. And it was a pleasant surprise! Dave didn't trigger this effect even while he was fighting all of the enemies from before, but it proked on the second hit.

Thankfully [Bleed] is a flat Value, so no matter the Hp or defense of an enemy it will still take the same amount of damage.

However, proking the effect is random. And Dave can't rely on it.

[-360] Dave was struck with a powerful chomp of the Scorpion's claws and it took about a tenth of his remaining Hp.

Dave struck once again and surprisingly

Your weapon has proked


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

An amazing luck indeed! The weapon proked twice and the scorpion was now bleeding and would lose a huge amount of its Hp over the fight.

The fight went on and Dave managed to defeat the scorpion while he had 200 hp remaining.

If the bleed effect didn't trigger he would have had to use one of his trump cards.

"Hoo, you managed to defeat that? Quite impressive!" said the same Voice then another ray of light appeared in the middle of the Arena.

Unchained Minotaur

Level 70.

Damage 1400-2100

Can use Stampede to knock away all enemies in a straight line.

400 Damage nullification

200 magic absorption

8000 Hp

An even stronger foe appeared before Dave, and he could only sigh as he picked something from his inventory.

Indeed after having killed the scorpion, he healed another 5% of his Max Hp, thanks to death siphon, but for the moment. That was not enough. Even a random attack from the Minautore would kill him.

The item he picked up from his inventory was an EXP Potion.

Once Dave chugged it down

Level up

Level up

Level up

Dave's Hp was restored. Once a player levels up, their Hp/mana and stamina are restored to full. And Dave used this instead of a health potion. It might be against the game design that made him unable to buy health potions, but he used his head and managed to find a small loophole to heal himself back up. This normally would not work on higher level players, as they would need a stronger potion, and the level EXP required to level up once a player reaches level 100 becomes staggering.

The minotaur attacked Dave as it charged forward with unyielding resolve.

Dave waited until the last second before he used [Block] the bull's charge was considered a melee attack so Dave thought he could block it. what happened next stunned Dave, both literally and figuratively.

He was hit with the charge's stun effect and was sent flying a few meters. He didn't take any damage but was under stun effect for 2 seconds.

The bull turned its head and went once again to fight Dave.

Its two hulking giant hands smashed down the ground knocking rubble and dirt and sending a shockwave towards Dave


"Shit!" Cried out Dave as he attacked with his sword.

The blade in his hand felt a bit of resistance as a low amount of damage appeared above the Minautore [-89]

That would take dave a lot of time before he could with the minotaur health bar.

Dave followed up with a destructive Smash


That stunned the minotaur then struck once again with his sword


He backed up, a bit and waited for the minotaur to attack.

The Minautore blew hot air from its nose and charged forward.

Dave learned from his past mistake and forced his body away from harm.

The minotaur continued on with its charge until it struck the walls of the arena. Instantly after that small stars appeared on the head of the Minotaur. It was stunned by its own attack!

Dave then understood the method to defeat the monster.

Dave got closer to a wall and waited for the minotaur to come closer. Once it was in range, it charged once again. Dave simply dodged to the right with a small move of his body and the Minotaure smacked head first in the concrete wall.

A strike of Dave' weapon followed suite

Your weapon has proked


-500 Hp over 5 seconds

Dave was delighted as luck seems to be his ally this time around.

He picked up the pace and continued leading the minotaur and helping it smack its head on the wall. However, the minotaur would not always use his stampede and would sometimes follow Dave and smack him down with both of his fists.

Once Dave's Hp was at the critical level, he had to drink his second and Last potion.

This quest was probably not meant for him to defeat every single monster, just enough would do. So he tired his best to kill the monsters he could defeat.

Once Dave drank the potion, his level only increased once.

Now Dave was level 36 and at the peak of the level. About 98% XP. Too Bad Dave can't gain any Exp from fighting other players. So it was sad that he would have to look at how close he was from leveling up and not benefit from it.

After another round of luring and attacking, Dave managed to defeat the minotaur with barely 500 hp remaining. It would have been impossible for any other player of his level to do this. No matter how skilled they were, without using the level up a loophole, they would have died to the minotaur in a matter of minutes. Especially after being unable to acquire any health potions nor gain any healing from other sources.

Another announcement resounded in the arena as the same voice sounded this time rather surprised

"You managed to break through your limit and defeat something much stronger than you! For that challenger, I give my applause! Now can you break your limit once more?" said the Voice as another beam shone in the middle of the arena.

Giant Cyclop

Level 80


Iron skin (passively increases the defense by 500)

(Brittle every attack from the Cyclope would shave 10% of the targets dfense value

Hp 15 000



Damage nullification


"Ah, crap…" Said, Dave, as he gave up hope. Sometimes it is impossible to do some things. No matter how Lucky Dave is, he will be unable to kill this thing. Mainly due to the high defense value and the level suppression gap increasing greatly.

The monster has more defense than what dave could deal in damage so no matter how hard dave could hit, it will always be 0. While he would receive immense Damage once he receives a single hit from the monster.

The giant Cyclope charged at Dave, with its only eye locked on Dave's small body.

Dave raised his shield to block the attack and was sent flying a few meters until he rolled around the ground for a bit.

Dave didn't want to go without a fight so he still struck down once the Cyclope closed the gape.


A pitiful damage value appeared before Dave. He was expecting it, but it still somehow disappointed him.

Then the cyclops's fist came crashing down

You died!


Dave's mind blanked for a moment and he noticed his body disappearing from under the cyclops's fist and reappearing in the middle of the arena while the monster dissipated into specks of light.

"It was a brave endavor Challenger. This is your current Limit, but I am surprised you managed to survive thus far. As an award of your efforts you are entiteled to the following gifts!" said the voice as numerous notifications apeared before Dave.

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