Rise of The Undead Legion

Chapter 13 Main Quest!

Chapter 13

Dave was mouth agape as he was looking at the abyssal Knight. The moment he struck at Bone Breaker, a notification appeared before him. But he didn't even have the time to react as the sword of the abyssal Knight was coming down toward his head. He knew that the moment the sword lands, he will instantly be killed.

However, an inch before the sword would strike at Dave the last tick of the curse activated.

[-99 999]

the abyssal knight crashed down to the ground. He knelt down and heaved a heavy breath! Even his nametag turned from dark red to green!

This means that he became friendly? How the hell did this happen?

An exclamation mark appeared before the Abyssal Knight's head!

the boss ha only 1hp left! And with the addition of the green tag name and the question mark! A quest!

Dave drew a heavy breath as he steadied himself. That was too much! He never had to think this hard during his whole life! He was calculating from the moment the first attack of the boss until this very moment, he never stopped calculating and making plans.

Dave was never a dull person, he always shined when he was young in class. But due to unforeseen circumstances, he never managed to achieve his true potential. However, during this brief moment, he managed to breakthrough and fully concentrate on one single task! Calculating the risks.

He noticed that the boss's damage was very high, with the addition of the high value of Bone Breaker's defense, and having a good grasp over the game's abilities and class's skills he managed to deduce how the fight would proceed. He was surprised at first when Bone Breaker managed to kill off his friend. What Dave feared the most that even if he was to achieve his plan he will still have to face the other player. However with one of them taken out. That was the best chance for Dave to complete his plan.

He knew that Bone Breaker was going to use warrior's will to remove the stun effect from the Abyssal Knight's attack then use Block to negate the last hit from the boss. He only needed to interfere, he knew that attacking Bone Breaker would result in him landing a measly 0 damage value. But what he wanted was the 1-second stun effect. If it lands, then the Block would not activate and Bone Breaker would be struck down by the boss. That was the plan, and it was executed beautifully!

Dave was never a gentleman when he sees a chance he will take it. though he would help others, he would not mistreat himself.

He was thankful for the two for giving him such a chance to get powerful equipment, and now even a quest was given to him!

However, not only that, the moment Dave looked at the notification he was stunned!

You have Taken over a main questline.

All the rewards for this quest shall be handed to you once it is over.

You have killed a player with an inheritance fragment.

You have taken over the inheritance quest.

An inheritance fragment! Dave was stunned! However, he in his inventory and found nothing but the items he was given by the two "Bullies".

"Where is that fragment?" said Dave to himself. Then he proceeded at initiating the dialogue with the fallen Abyssal Knight.

There was a stream of dark gas exuding from the fallen Abyssal knight. It was dying.

The moment he tried to speak the Abyssal Knight spoke first.

"Warrior…" he said "You have defeated me. Though not in my full power, you still managed to survive my attacks, for this you earned my respect" he said

Dave didn't do anything about what the abyssal Knight had said but he understood that this was scripted so he didn't say anything.

"Would you spare this dying knight a moment of your time?" said the Knight as he used his

sword to lean on.

"yes, speak your mind," said Dave.

The abyssal Knight nodded towards Dave then began speaking

"We are servants of the Undead King. You must have seen his aura that resided in the statue before… that creature was once one of the strongest creatures in this land. However, he grew too complacent. He betrayed the teachings of the god of death. He chose to remain hidden within the Undead Kingdom, fully ignoring our reason for leading this cursed life… we are undead, we are the source of all evil! Yet he chose not to follow our way, he decided to remain safe while he could conquer the world. Our only objective in life is to conquer the living and lead everyone to the embrace of death. This I know is not something yo mortal would wish to see. However, it is ingrained in our way of 'life'" said the abyssal Knight.

Dave squinted his eyebrows. Why was this guy telling him this?

"The Death God has given me a task long ago. It was for me to take down the current Undead King, however, my revolt was soon destroyed. I was powerless against the Undead King, though I gained enormous strength, I couldn't defeat him and was exiled by him. Would you mind completing my task?" asked the abyssal Knight.

You have been offered to continue the quest of an old Knight.

you have two choices before you.

refuse and kill the Abyssal Knight. You will be awarded several high tiered types of equipment and a huge amount of experience. (Refusing will stop the main questline the inheritance fragment will also be destroyed)

accept and you will be able to continue the main questline.

finishing the questline will award you with luxurious rewards

You may also continue the Inheritance questline.

(Your choices are irreversible and might have huge impact on the game)


Dave then was instantly shocked! A main questline related to an Inheritance quest! This was a treasure trove! However. If he were to continue he would lose the loot from an ethereal Tiered boss!

difficult! Too difficult to choose!

Dave began to weigh his options. Accepting the quest will probably lead him on a huge adventure where he might find treasures or get awesome findings but that is in the far future. However, refusing will award him with the knight's equipment while he could gain immediate benefits if he were to sell them in the market.

Dave was really tempted by this prospect, this way an Etheral Tiered weapon will make the world vie for it. if he was to sell it he might get a lot of money… however, that money will be fleeting, it will end one day, Dave might get other opportunities to get more rewards but refusing this quest will torment him.

"Sigh. Alright, I will accept your request. However, if even you died to the this Undead King, how will I defeat him? I am far too weak at the moment, your task might take a long time for me to accomplish." Said, Dave,

"Indeed. I know that, which is why I will be leaving you with something to help you along your quest. The living cannot traverse the undead kingdom. While the dead cannot go against the Undead King. Only you human who has the ability to remain unaffected by the power of the undead King can do this task." Said the Abyssal Knight as he removed the ring that Bone Breaker placed in its hand.

"This ring… has the last of my power in it. it will grant you the ability to blend in with both the living and the dead at your whims. However to cost of wearing it is heavy…" said the abyssal knight

Dave took the ring and inspected it.

Category: Ring Ring of the Death God.

{S class Inheritance item}

{Player Bound to Death Stroke}

Requirements Level 0

Cannot be removed!

Bonus stats Has the ability Changes appearance from human to undead.





Scaling/Class Scaling accessory

Class. Divine.

{Consumes some of the player's XP to level up}

Currently Ring Level 1

Dave's mouth was opened wide! He was truly shocked! A god damned inheritance item!

Dave's mind went blank for a moment. He was unable to understand his current feeling. The two guys must have been at the last step to get this item then they could start the final inheritance questline! This was the inheritance fragment that Bone Breaker had, and now after some 'requirements' have been achieved (thankfully by the two guys) Dave managed to reap the benefits without doing any work!

He was in ecstasy!

inheritance quest items were player bound! They are not like inheritance fragments, the moment a player picks them up they will be his forever. However, there was a heavy price he had to pay to get them… once worn he cannot remove it!

This means that of his two rings slot. One will be permanently sealed.

the ring had a level requirement of 0. Which meant that anyone could get it, however, it seems that some of its abilities were sealed… it seems that once Dave reaches certain levels or meet certain criteria he will be able to unlock the seals on the ring, making it more powerful.

It was truly an amazing item so Dave placed it in his inventory without question. He didn't dare wear it right now, but still, there was no problem with him placing it in his inventory at least until he levels up high enough to try and kill the Undead King. This quest was really blissful, Even without being able to receive the Abyssal Knight's armors or drops, he was satisfied with the S class inheritance item!

"My powers are fading. You are not strong enough, and training in the world of the living will not enable you to defeat the Undead King. You must start from the Undead Kingdom, start from the bottom then rise to prominence, only then can you have the right to challenge the Undead King." Said the Abyssal knight.

Dave then squinted his eyes, what was this guy talking about?

The undead abyssal Knight then stood up. Barely maintaining his foothold.

"These are my prided weapon and shield," said the Abyssal Knight. "However, you are too weak to use them. Once you reach a high enough rank within the undead legion. They will be available for you to use" said the abyssal knight.

Dave was still unable to understand what the guy was saying. But the giant sword and overly large shield disappeared from the abyssal Knight and appeared on Dave's Inventory.

More loot! This was a windfall!


You have not met the requirements to wield/inspect these items

missing requirements

[Undead State/ Race undead]

[Title: Undead knight]

[Level 450]

Dave's face paled once he saw the requirements. Too difficult! Even the highest level Guy is just level 422! And he has been playing for 3 years! While being undead could easily be accomplished once he wears the ring and activates its ability… the title Undead Knight how would he achieve it?

Dave could only sigh… these items will require a lot of time to achieve…

yet before Dave could 'lament' over his items the abyssal knight's body started dissapearing. It slowly turned to ash but on his last breath he swiped down with his hand and a cutscene apeared before Dave.

He was unable to mvoe his body while a vortex oepend up. Dave's body was thrown in the vortex while the Abyssal knight dissapeared…

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