Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1570: You're free

Chapter 1570: You’re free

“If any of you can kill the Heavenly Emperor, I’ll let them be free.”

“You!” The Heavenly Emperor glared at Long Chen. “You’re not keeping your words. You promised me I’ll be free!”

“Of course you’re free. And I’m not going to kill you. Whatever these beasts do, what does it have to do with me granting you freedom?” Long Chen asked, shrugging innocently.

For far too long, Heaven has been toying with people’s lives. In the absence of Ancestral Gods, the Heavenly Emperor has been playing the god, killing mortals who he didn’t like, sending Heavenly Tribulations to remove any threat.

He even manipulated heavenly laws and did things that even Long Chen found to be overboard.

He didn’t care if the Heavenly Emperor killed people. But when he started using the Heavenly Laws for that, it crossed the limit. Long Chen never planned to let the Heavenly Emperor leave.

The show was just about to begin.

Long Chen sat back, watching the Godly Beast Kings attack the Heavenly Emperor. In an instant, the allies had turned into enemies.

Even the Demonic Emperor and his Generals were confused. What was Long Chen’s identity for him to command so many people? How was he so strong? How was the Demonic Ancestor back to his body? They had so many questions, but none cared to ask. They were just happy that they were on Long Chen’s side.

Once the battle began, it continued for days. Many Godly Beasts died, but the Heavenly Emperor was also heavily injured. Still, he held on, not dying easily.

Unfortunately, even for him, it was too much to face so many without any army.

“Does this remind you of something?” Long Chen asked as the Heavenly Emperor was surrounded from all sides, his body covered in wounds.

It was the same as when Long Chen was surrounded by multiple sides.

The Heavenly Emperor wanted to curse at Long Chen, roaring that he was going to kill him. However, he controlled his anger. First, he had to survive this ordeal.

After an entire week-long battle, it finally came to an end. The Heavenly Emperor, against all odds, had survived, killing all Godly Beast Kings and their armies.

He came out as the winner of this battle, but not unharmed. He had lost his left arm and his entire body was covered in wounds.

“I’ve survived!” He told Long Chen. “Now let me leave.”

He wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, without Long Chen’s permission, it was impossible.

Long Chen didn’t answer. He turned to the Demonic Emperor.

“You have also committed numerous sins in this lifetime. I will offer you a choice. The first option is to accept your death at my hands, or you may choose to face the Heavenly Emperor. Should you survive the battle, I will grant you forgiveness.”

The Demonic Emperor stood frozen in disbelief, fully aware of the gravity of the situation. Long Chen had merely been toying with the Heavenly Emperor.

The Demonic Emperor had always regarded himself as a being of darkness, but now he realized that Long Chen possessed a brutality even more intense than his own.

Even the Demonic Ancestor regarded Long Chen with a perplexed expression. He knew the Ancestral God to be someone who detested battles and death, unless there were personal reasons involved.

The Ancestral God had sealed the Heaven and demonic realms due to their previous conflicts. However, it seemed that Long Chen was now reveling in his demonic tendencies and the mortal desire for revenge after being corrupted by the emotions of his mortal life.

The Demonic Ancestor had a nagging suspicion that the person standing before him was no longer the Ancestral God, but rather Long Chen himself, armed with the memories and power of the Ancestral God.

Long Chen noticed the Demonic Ancestor’s scrutinizing gaze and easily deduced his thoughts. He didn’t say anything.

He had once suffered due to his lack of power, constantly pursuing strength. Now that he possessed it, he had no intention of allowing moral virtues to hinder him, at least until he fulfilled the promise he made to himself before regaining his memories.

The Demonic Emperor joined the battle, launching an attack on the weakened Heavenly Emperor. He felt no remorse for attacking an already weakened opponent; his sole focus was on killing the wretch who dared to attack them. Pity had no place in his heart.

The Heavenly Emperor, already drained of all his strength, knew that his end was near when the Demonic Emperor joined the fight. Within a mere ten minutes, the Demonic Emperor’s sword pierced his chest, slicing through his body.

Even in his final moments, the Heavenly Emperor’s eyes brimmed with hatred as he gazed upon Long Chen. Unfortunately for him, there was nothing he could do. With his last breath, the world plunged into darkness for him.

The Demonic Emperor stood over the fallen Heavenly Emperor, the battle concluded. Raising his sword high, he let out a resounding battle cry, declaring the Demons’ victory.

God Beasts had died, and Heavenly Warriors had been annihilated. Only the Demons remained as the supreme power. However, they were well aware that there was still someone capable of effortlessly wiping them out.

All the Demons turned their gazes towards Long Chen and the Demonic Ancestor, expressing their deep gratitude. They knew they would have perished if it weren’t for Long Chen.

Long Chen, however, remained silent. Instructing the Demonic Ancestor to handle matters from there, he returned to the Demonic Realm to reunite with his family.

The Demonic Ancestor stayed behind, revealing Long Chen’s true identity to the Demonic Emperor. However, they decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the Demons.

The Demonic Ancestor also urged the Demonic Emperor and his subjects to change their ways and cease meddling in mortal affairs now that Heaven was no more.

From that day forward, numerous powers disappeared from the world, and even the Demonic Realm secluded itself from the rest of existence.

Meanwhile, Long Chen reunited with his family in the Demon Realm, choosing to keep his true past hidden from them. In their eyes, he remained a mortal, and that was how Long Chen wished it to be. He was the same man for them.

After a brief stay in the Demonic Realm, Long Chen made the decision to return to the mortal world, accompanied by his devoted wives and loyal Contracted Beasts.

The Demons themselves were left perplexed, unaware of Long Chen’s new whereabouts but they were forever grateful to him. They didn’t try to find where he went.

However, Long Chen’s name would forever be etched in the annals of history, as the mortal who single-handedly reshaped the delicate balance of power. His actions would not fade from memory.

As the years rolled on, numerous accounts emerged from different corners of the universe, speaking of awe-inspiring spectacles witnessed in the heavens.

It was said that the universe hosted a grand battle, where a majestic Phoenix clashed with a titanic Celestial Wolf. The veracity of these reports remained a mystery, captivating the imaginations of countless souls.

Many people reported seeing shadows of a Phoenix and a Giant Celestial Wolf fighting in the sky in various parts of the universe. However most found them to be exaggerated, the truth forever to be buried…


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