Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1303 - 1303: Do You Think You Can Just Leave?

"It's not the first time I see a speaking beast, but you're certainly unique. It's the first time I see a beast who is this arrogant." the old man told the Blood Dragon Emperor who arrogantly glared at him.

"Arrogant? You should have seen me in my prime. Then you would have known that it's not arrogance but the truth. It's as the saying goes, even the King stops beating the crap out of you trashes, even beggars start thinking that they're the kings." Blood Dragon Emperor retorted. 

"Is there a saying like that? I don't think I ever heard that before," the old man let out, frowning n

"It's not something people like you can hear. To hear it, you need to go to the place where people only dream to go. A mortal like you won't understand," Blood Dragon Emperor responded, shaking his head. 

"A place where people only dream to go? Where is it?" The old man asked.. 

"The world of Immortals!" Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"So you're claiming that you came from the world of Immortals?" the old man inquired. 

"That's right. Not only do I come from there, but I'm also the ruler of the Immortal World. If you bow before me this instant, I might not kill you today. I'll leave after taking what I'm here for, and you can go back to your regular life too. So, what's going to be your decision? Think wisely!" Blood Dragon Emperor nodded. 

"You want to know my decision? It's simple. I'm taking that girl with me. And I'm going to kill every single person who tried to harm my clan, starting with you. Though I just say, your story was certainly good. Unfortunately, it's not something that can work on me." The old man sighed. 

He raised his right hand towards the sky, clenching his fist. 

As soon as his fist clenched, the young girl disappeared and appeared behind the old man. She wasn't the only one though. Obuta also appeared behind the old man. 


"So, are you going to answer me now? Or should I take your right leg too?" Long Chen asked Obuta, whose left leg was sliced. 

His screams filled the entire forest.


Obuta appeared to be saying something, but he couldn't even finish one sentence before he disappeared. 

"Huh?" Even Long Chen was confused as he saw what had happened. Obuta disappeared when he was in his grasp. 

He was sure that Obuta didn't disappear himself. If he had this ability, he could have used it before. He didn't have to wait for so long. If he could do it, he couldn't have waited until both his arms and one of his legs were sliced. 

Moreover, it wasn't the girl either, as she would've done it before. Everything was pointing toward one thing only.

"Someone else is here," Long Chen muttered, frowning. "Blood Dragon Emperor is in danger."

Without thinking twice, he started flying in the direction where Blood Dragon Emperor went to. 

He changed his trajectory occasionally to avoid trees that were in his way before he ultimately saw Blood Dragon Emperor. That wasn't all, as he also saw Obuta. 

The person who had disappeared suddenly was standing behind an old man now. The young girl was also behind him. The Blood Dragon Emperor was flying before the old man. 

"Ah, you're here as well. That's good. I was surprised when I saw Obuta here. How could you let him escape? It didn't matter. Did you find the stone?" As soon as Long Chen landed before Obuta, he fired many questions at once. 

"I still didn't get the information about the stone from the man. I was just about to get it before the man disappeared from within my grasp," Long Chen replied. 

"Is that so? That's disappointing then. It doesn't matter though. The man is right before our eyes. We only need to take the old man out, and he'll be ours," Blood Dragon Emperor let out. 

"May I ask what stones you two are talking about?" the old man asked, confused. It seemed like everything happened because these people were after some stone. As for what stone, that was the main question. 

"The stone which belonged to us in the first place. I had it tossed on this Island about a million years ago, thinking I wasn't going to need it in the future," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"But now we need it, so I came to take it back, only to find out that the island isn't what it was before. The Dark Spirits used to rule the land, but now, it's you people. Moreover, the beings who once ruled the Island were more your food source," he further added.

"But that doesn't matter to me. All we want is our stone. We don't care what happens to this Island or who rules it. Anyway, we came to know that the little girl found that stone which was used by her as a toy. And that big guy snatched it from her."

"Now, if you tell him to return that stone, you and I both can leave. Don't make the situation worse than it has to be."

The Blood Dragon Emperor not only explained the situation but also simultaneously issued a warning. 

Unfortunately, his warning fell on deaf ears as the old man didn't take him seriously. Instead, he looked at Long Chen. 

He didn't find any threat in the Blood Dragon Emperor, but he could feel that something was odd about Long Chen. He was getting a dangerous feeling from him. It was a feeling that he didn't get even when he faced all the Dark Spirits of the Island, ultimately trapping them. 

He didn't believe the Blood Dragon Emperor when he said that he was from the Immortal World, but looking at Long Chen, he could feel that there was a possibility.

A person as young as him and already at the peak of the Mortal World? And that's what was visible on the surface. The true strength of this person could even be more, as he believed. 

It made him tread carefully before attacking. 

"May I ask who you are?" the old man asked Long Chen. 

"Who I am doesn't matter. Just tell me where my stone is, and I'll leave," Long Chen answered. 

"Do you think you can leave just like that after taking two of his legs and one leg?" The old man asked, pointing towards Obuta. 

"So? I gave him a choice. He could've told me about the stone, and the situation wouldn't have come to this. If you repeat that mistake, you might be in his place too."

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