Rise of Humanity

Chapter 1183 - Stampede!

Chapter 1183: Stampede!

Carried by the many Happiness Demonic Eaters, Heavenly King Ji Le moved forward swiftly into Blissful Heavens, looked down at Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu standing beneath him and mocked, “Such bravery, who gives you the gut to be so arrogant in my Blissful Heavens! There are swarms and swarms of Old Demon Ji Le in here, what makes you think you can act so arrogant before them?”

Hundun Yu lost his words upon the sudden change in Heavenly King Ji Le’s attitude and he mumbled, “Isn’t he a kind one just now? Why is he behaving like that right now?”

Zhong Yue smirked, “It’s nothing but a show, all Heavenly King Ji Le wants is to lure us into this place so he could harm us. Heavenly King Ji Le, is siphoning the happy memories from a living being directly much more pleasuring to you all?”

The countless Old Demon Ji Le stood up right away, surrounded Heavenly King Ji Le and with a wave, Heavenly King Ji Le had the endless Happiness Demonic Eaters trapping Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu in the middle as he continued, “Indeed. Both of you actually could use your energy here so I had to pretend a little. I warn you to stay away because you both might come from a powerful clan and it’s unwise to make an enemy out of you. You however, refused to stay away and insisted on entering my Reincarnation Burial Ground, it is you who is looking for your own death, so don’t blame me for killing you. Little ones, take them down!”

With a roar from the Old Demon Ji Le, the countless Happiness Demonic Eaters started swarming towards Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu.


Without a thought, Zbong Yue changed into his Fuxi True Form, let out a battlecry and with a rumbling in his light wheels, the Happiness Demonic Eaters were all immobilized by his seventh secret realm, the Space Secret Realm.

“Fuxi, he is a Fuxi!” screeched the Old Demon Ji Le, in a ear-piercing tone that was mixed with fear and anger. Heavenly King Ji Le too, was shocked by Zhong Yue’s transformation, he shouted, “So you are a Fuxi! That is another reason not to let you go! Children—-”

His scream sounded again, and even more Happiness Demonic Eaters swarmed towards the duo, only to be immobilized by Zhong Yue’s seventh secret realm, but there were still countless of them swarming forth.

At the front, the Happiness Demonic Eaters had stacked all the way up, forming a wall of Happiness Demonic Eaters and it was still stacking. At the back, the Happiness Demonic Eaters continue charging forward, climbing the bodies of their own kin and the insanity they shown was just as crazy as the insect races under the lead of their mother queen!

Zhong Yue started sweating coldly, he could immobilize millions of these Happiness Demonic Eaters but there were more than billions of them in this place!

Finally, with a loud noise, the wall stacked up by the Happiness Demonic Eaters crumbled as Zhong Yue’s seventh secret realm was crushed by the pressure, his Space Secret Realm rumbled and the Happiness Demonic Eaters continue swarming them!

Hundun Yu on the other hand, activated Fusang Divine Tree right away and swept the field with an ocean of chaos fire, torching these Happiness Demonic Eaters alive and the burnt bodies let out an awful stench.

But they did not fear death, the Happiness Demonic Eaters at the back stomped over the bodies of their kin, launching a suicidal charge before they slowly snowballed, turned into a gigantic ball of Happiness Demonic Eaters as they rolled towards the duo!

Hundun Yu’s expression changed right away, he pumped all his energy into the monarch weapon; lights shined from the tree’s top, swept towards the Happiness Demonic Eaters and the chaos fire turned into one after another raging sun, unleashing a massacred among the Happiness Demonic Eaters.

“Senior Martial Brother Yu, I’ll leave the safety of our surrounding to you.”

Zhong Yue took in a deep breath, his forehead shined as Dao Yi Secret Realm rumbled, the Innate Eight Trigrams Sacred Ground emitted a presence belonged only to a micro-universe and Zhong Yue started walking towards the Blissful Heavens.

With Fusang Divine Tree floated above his head, Hundun Yu did his very best to ensure their safety, giving absolutely no chance for the Happiness Demonic Eaters to get close.

Zhong Yue continued walking towards the bridge, heading straight towards the Blissful Heavens, except that it was not a pure land but a demonic land, a hell that shown utmost evil and gore. Heavenly King Ji Le on the other hand, sat high up with a ferocious and awful expression, “Fuxi, there is a Fuxi that arrived at this place once, his name is Dao Venerate Fu Min….”

Speaking of Dao Venerate Fu Min, Old Demon Ji Le couldn’t help but to shiver, his little eyes were filled with fear and hatred, “He annihilated many of us, my Blissful Heavens was destroyed by the shockwaves created by his attacks and I gotten lucky. All it took was just one wave to smite my powerful men in the tenth Heavens! Do you know how many of us died? Hehehe, there is no reason needed to kill us eh? All you need to do is just wave your hand…. Now, I’m going to kill your descendants!”

The Old Demon Ji Le beside him all flew up, these meat monsters had no legs, all they had was just flesh and with a bounce, they all flew into the skies!


These flesh monsters slammed towards Zhong Yue and in the hands of these Old Demon Ji Le was massive clubs that were being swung towards Zhong Yue!


Light flashed in Zhong Yue’s forehead, the Innate Eight Trigrams Sacred Ground flew out, landed beneath his feet and the sacred ground kept transforming. The diagrams turned into divine sabers and they all flew straight towards the clubs wielded by these Old Demon Ji Le.

He was stopped, right before the bridge as these Old Demon Ji Le posed great threat. In such a place where other Daos were unusable, these Old Demon Ji Le were like fish in the water, they surrounded Zhong Yue and their attacks rivaled the likes of Imperial Emperors!

Heavenly King Ji Le himself, was a massive meatball that dwarfed his minions, he smirked, “To existences like him, we are just puny insects that could be stomped at whenever they want. But we are no insects, so I began my retaliation after that!”

He rolled onto the bridge, pummeled at Zhong Yue and grinned, “One day, I discovered the surge of endless Fuxi spirit remnants, they died for no reason and the remaining of their spirits landed here. Hehehe, I had the Happiness Demonic Eaters devoured their happiness, leaving them with only eternal despair and sorrow! I enjoy hearing their wails and shrieks! Little Fuxi, you will meet the same fate!”

Zhong Yue went head on with the pummeling, he groaned as he was forced backwards; Heavenly King Ji Le’s strength was extraordinary, he overwhelmed Zhong Yue easily and crushed Zhong Yue’s attack!

This Heavenly King’s body was just way too huge, with him on the bridge, he left no space for the other Old Demon Ji Le. But that did not hinder the Old Demon Ji Le from making space, they crawled onto the back of this Heavenly King and instead of swinging their clubs at Zhong Yue, they hurled it towards Heavenly King Ji Le.


From his stomach came a drum beat, an enormous one that impacted Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu’s spirit. In an instant, the duo caught endless happiness surging into their memories. It was happiness beyond imagination, joy overwhelmed them and they lost their mind.


Heavenly King Ji Le burst out laughing, while he pummeled Zhong Yue and sent him flying away.


The massive meat monster flew up again, chased after Zhong Yue who was in mid-air while the Old Demon Ji Le on the back of Heavenly King Ji Le continue beating his stomach, unleashing enormous happiness and joy onto the duo’s Dao heart, shrouding them with the endless happiness. Though Zhong Yue was injured heavily by Heavenly King Ji Le’s pummelings, he felt no pain, instead, all he felt was comfort, love and joy.

And it was the same for Hundun Yu, he forgot to maintain Fusang Tree’s might, allowing the Happiness Demonic Eaters to drill into the ocean of fire while swarming towards them!

“And this is happiness!”

Heavenly King Ji Le burst out laughing and pummelled Zhong Yue again, slamming him on his head, hurling him onto the ground and Zhong Yue crashed right into the ground!

“So happy!”

Heavenly King Ji Le landed on the ground, unleashed a combo of attacks onto Zhong Yue who was stuck in the ground, one after another attack, Heavenly King Ji Le gorily turned Zhong Yue into a pile of meat, while Old Demon Ji Le continued beating Heavenly King Ji Le’s stomach.

Dong dong dong—-

The beating impacted Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu continuously, affected their memories and indulged them in immense happiness.

Heavenly King Ji Le smiled violently as he continued his barrage of attacks, only to notice a rumbling from the ground and his club was knocked back. A massive seal came flying out from the ground and landed on Heavenly King Ji Le’s head.

Hong long—-

A vigorous rumbling occurred, as Heavenly King Ji Le’s head was slammed right into his chest by the silver seal, sinking right into the flesh.

A terrifying presence swept across the field, injuring all the Old Demon Ji Le standing on Heavenly King Ji Le’s back, sending them flying away and endless saber flashed across the scene, catching onto these Old Demon Ji Le and diced them into pieces!

Flesh fell from the skies and landed onto the ground before turning into pus.

“Don’t you dare give me….”

A bloodied hand reached out from the ground and grabbed onto the ledge, and a bloodied Zhong Yue crawled out, while his other hand pulled out the countless memories from his own memory savagely.

He raised his hands up high, the 16 innate Daos in his Innate Eight Trigrams Sacred Ground slithered into the air like Jiao dragons, like 16 dragons that twined into one!

“Happiness that doesn’t belong to me!”

The innate divine saber in his hand swung down, slashed onto Heavenly King Ji Le and the massive body was cut apart. The severed flesh of Heavenly King Ji Le fell right into Blissful Heavens, crashing onto the palaces, killing the countless Old Demon Ji Le and Happiness Demonic Eaters.

The prisons rolled around and the imprisoned gods all slammed onto the bars heavily.

“Great Blissful Heavens!”

Heavenly King Ji Le was angered and surprised, his head popped out from his chest and he unleashed an intimidating presence that twisted the vast Blissful Heavens; the palaces, luxurious pillars, alluring streets slithered, turned into flesh that started flowing towards his body.

Even the Old Demon Ji Le and Happiness Demonic Eaters were all waving their arms weakly, forcibly being rolled away by the slithering flesh as they were merged into Heavenly King Ji Le’s body.

Heavenly King Ji Le’s size increased rapidly, towering everything in vicinity and he roared at Zhong Yue, “I am the Blissful Heavens! Watch this, all the living beings on my body are all in happiness! There is no pain and no sorrow!”

“Heavenly Seal!”

Zhong Yue pointed out, the Heavenly inkSeal flew out, enlarging in the process and the endless Heavenly Dao’s might slammed towards Heavenly King Ji Le.

At the same time, two black drums flew out from his secret realm, turning around as they flew forward. With his two fists clenched together, Zhong Yue punched towards these two drums and sent them flying towards Heavenly King Ji Le.

The Treasures of Heavenly Daos and [Daoless Heavens] joined together for a joined attack and slammed towards Heavenly King Ji Le!

Heavenly King Ji Le’s expression changed upon this attack, for he lost control of his body, his flesh started crumbling and rotten meat was falling off!

“You are his disciple? Impossible! You are a Fuxi, you can’t be his disciple!”

Hong long!

Heavenly Seal pressed down strongly, crushing Heavenly King Ji Le into a pile of meat that was still slithering but Zhong Yue had already descended. With a roar, Innate Eight Trigrams Sacred Ground slammed onto the ground and the seven light wheels revealed themselves!

“Great Seven Paths Reincarnation!”

Seven star rivers spread out in the skies, dragging the pile of meat into them and grind them into dust!

“I said, I would stampede over your Blissful Heavens….”

With a strong stomp, Zhong Yue landed his feet on the pile of dust, the ground trembled before his stomp and the mountains were flattened by his strength as the young man said furiously, “And now I did it!

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